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About Us

The Faces Behind
Little Home Organised

Hi there! We are Bonnie and Lily, two sisters passionate about helping others transform their lives through decluttering and home organisation. We co-host the Little Home Organised podcast and deliver online courses to help you get on top of your clutter. Connect with us by joining our community on Facebook, listening to the podcast or get in touch here.


Bonnie has a Bachelor of Education, is a mother of three and is married to a shift worker. Having a knack for all things organisation, she was nicknamed ‘Little Miss Organised’ as a child and embraced this name when she became a Professional Organiser in 2011. Bonnie and her team of Professional Organisers at Little Miss Organised have now been serving the Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast region for nearly 10 years. You can find Bonnie working one-on-one with families, delivering workshops to the community and sharing her expertise on local radio.


Lily has a Bachelor of Psychology, is a mother of one, and has recently returned home to Australia after spending 6 years working and travelling with her husband in Canada, The U.S. and New Zealand. Even though she had a ‘floor-drobe’ as a teenager, she now leans into her strong organising DNA, finding ways to make her family’s life more stress-free through decluttering and organisation.

When we’re not podcasting and delivering amazing courses, we are singing along to musicals, swimming in nearby bodies of water and swooning over anything teal.

Little Home Organised is lovingly crafted by the team at Little Miss Organised.

From the Hearts of Professional Organisers

Based in Brisbane, Australia, Little Miss Organised has been happily organising home and lives since 2011. Founder Bonnie Black and her team of Professional Organisers are passionate about transforming homes and lives and alleviating the “stuffocation” society is facing. After many years of providing organising services locally, Little Miss Organised saw the need to expand their services globally to transform as many lives as possible. And so, Little Home organised was born.


My house is now a pleasure to come home to. Even the kids are able to keep it clean because everything has a place. I know it seems crazy but I feel like I have a new lease on life!

Mandy, Brisbane

I feel like the kitchen organising and ‘Go Zone’ has changed my life. Bags get unpacked and put away as soon as we get home and my cooking is more peaceful and methodical. Operating ‘shop from home’ is progressing well and the planning for fridge/freezer is in process!

Lee, Brisbane

Our household is much more organised and it feels easier to clean (even with kids) as everything has a spot. It has helped other areas of my life, like our business, which was the goal. Thank you again for everything.

Sharleen, Sunshine Coast