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Assisting Loved Ones in Home Decluttering: Tips from a Professional Organiser

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the clutter in your loved one’s home? You’re not alone. Many people find themselves in a similar situation, wondering how to help without causing tension or resentment. That’s where home organisation tips and the expertise of a professional organiser can come in handy. 

In this article, we will explore some practical strategies for assisting your loved ones in decluttering their home, whether they’re hoarders or simply in need of some guidance.

Addressing a Cluttered Home With Compassion

Living in a cluttered home can be overwhelming for everyone involved. Whether it’s your spouse, child, or another family member, addressing the issue with empathy is key. Before pointing fingers, take a moment to reflect on your own contributions to the clutter. 

Often, we underestimate our own belongings’ impact on the overall mess. By starting with your own clutter, you set a positive example for your loved ones and create a supportive environment for change.

Next, initiate the conversation:

Approaching the topic of decluttering with your loved one requires sensitivity and empathy. Schedule a time to sit down and have an open conversation about how the clutter is impacting you personally. 

Again, focus on expressing your feelings rather than placing blame or judgement. Share your concerns about stress, anxiety, or feelings of being out of control due to the excess stuff in the cluttered home.

However, keep in mind that there may be underlying issues contributing to the clutter, such as shopping addiction or financial struggles. Be prepared to listen actively and offer support without passing judgement. 

But if the conversation proves challenging, consider enlisting the help of a third party, such as a therapist or professional organiser, to facilitate communication and provide additional guidance.

Understanding Your Child’s Collecting Habits

Assisting Loved Ones in Home Decluttering: Tips from a Professional Organiser

When it comes to children, collecting is a natural part of their development. From rocks to seashells to artwork, children often gather items as they explore the world around them. While this behaviour is normal, it’s essential to ensure that the items they collect are safe and properly stored. 

Therefore, engage your child in a conversation about the importance of moderation and home organisation, emphasising the need to let go of items in order to make room for new discoveries.

Once more, approach the discussion with your loved ones with empathy and understanding, refraining from judgement or criticism. By involving your child in the decluttering process, you empower them to make informed decisions about their belongings while instilling valuable organisational skills for the future.

Home Organisation Tips for Decluttering With Your Loved Ones

Assisting Loved Ones in Home Decluttering: Tips from a Professional Organiser

Once you’ve laid the groundwork for open communication, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and tackle the clutter together. 

  • Start small and focus on one area at a time to avoid overwhelming your loved one. 
  • Encourage them to let go of items that are old, stained, duplicate, or broken, highlighting the benefits of a lighter, more organised space.
  • Make decluttering fun by turning it into a game or challenge.
  • Set daily goals for decluttering items and offer rewards or incentives for meeting milestones. 
  • Play upbeat music and involve the whole family in the process to create a sense of unity and shared responsibility.

When should you call a professional organiser?

If you find that progress is slow or challenging to maintain, consider enlisting the help of a professional organiser or cleaning services near me. A professional organiser offers practical tips, personalised strategies, and hands-on assistance tailored to your loved one’s needs. Hence, with their guidance, decluttering becomes less daunting and more achievable.

Professional organisers are invaluable allies in the quest for a clutter-free home. They bring expertise, experience, and a fresh perspective to the table, helping your loved one achieve their decluttering goals.

How do you benefit from home organising services?

Sometimes, decluttering requires more than just DIY efforts. If your loved ones are resistant to change or overwhelmed by the task at hand, you should call professional home organising services. By working with home organising services, your loved ones can gain valuable insights into effective decluttering techniques and learn how to maintain an organised home long-term.

For more expert insights on how to assist your loved ones in organising their home, continue reading or listen to this audio snippet.



Welcome to “Organise for Life”, your simple guide to living a more fulfilling life. When I meet someone new, they’ll often mention a family member or friend who has a heavily cluttered home. They’re afraid their loved one is sliding down a slippery slope, but they’re not sure how to broach the topic. The first step is to meet in a neutral space with no agenda in mind. Ask them how they feel in their home. Let the conversation flow around your love and concern for them. Don’t focus on the stuff. If they’re willing to open up and talk about it, great, you’ve started the conversation. If they don’t see a problem, consider your next steps carefully. It might be wise to put a pin in the conversation so the relationship can be preserved. But if theirs or a child’s safety is at imminent risk, it might be time to reach out for help. I’m Little Miss Organised.


Assisting loved ones in home decluttering requires patience, empathy, and practical strategies. By starting with open communication, understanding the reason for the clutter, and implementing messy home organisation tips, you can support your loved one in creating a more organised and harmonious living environment.

Remember, if you’re struggling to deal with the clutter in your household, consider reaching out to a professional organiser for assistance. With their expertise and guidance, you can transform your cluttered home into a space that feels calm, functional, and inviting for everyone.

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