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Category: Podcasts

Little Home Organized

Helping Seniors Downsize

How can I help a senior downsize? Join Bonnie and Lily as they chat about how to help a loved one downsize from a large home to retirement living or aged care. They’ll chat about where to start, who to get involved, and what not to do. If you’ve got a pa…

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S.M.A.R.T Goals

S.M.A.R.T Goals for the New Year

Are you wondering how to make a New Year’s resolution stick? Bonnie and Lily discuss the common reasons we don’t followthrough on our plans and how creating a S.M.A.R.T goal…

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Daily Dollop

The Daily Dollop with Kate Freeman

We’d love to introduce you to another podcast called The Daily Dollop hosted by Australian Nutritionist, Kate Freeman. The Daily Dollop is a 15 minute daily podcast that aims to…

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2020 Highlights + Bloopers

Join Bonnie and Lily as they reminisce on the 2020 highlights of the Little Home Organised Podcast. Hear snippets from some of their favourite episodes

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little home organised organising

The Go Zone

This episode is about the Go Zone. Join Bonnie and Lily to define what a Go Zone is, how to set one up in your home, and why every home needs one. If getting out the door on time…

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Little Home Organised

School Memorabilia

This episode delves into the minefield of school memorabilia. Join Lily + Bonnie as they chat about what school memorabilia to keep, how to organise school memorabilia, and ways we can…

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Getting Ready for Christmas

Getting Ready For Christmas

This episode is all about getting ready for Christmas. Join Bonnie + Lily as they chat about how to get your family to work as a team to make this season merry…

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This episode is all about minimalism. Join Bonnie + Lily to bust the minimalism myths and discover what minimalism REALLY is, and how you can apply these principles to your life…

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