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Decision-Making is One of the
#1 Barriers in Decluttering


We frequently hear from people who tried to declutter in the past and got stuck.


My weight has gone up and down over the years. What if I need these clothes again?

My grandmother gave it to me and I’ve never used it. I love her but it takes up so much space!

I felt motivated to tackle my spare bedroom but quickly became overwhelmed by ALL the choices to be made.

Not knowing the RIGHT questions to ask is one of the biggest roadblocks to decluttering.

We’ve created this decision-making tree to help you tackle the tough stuff.

Avoid decision-fatigue so you can focus on what’s important!


My house is now a pleasure to come home to. Even the kids are able to keep it clean because everything has a place. I know it seems crazy but I feel like I have a new lease on life!

Little Home Organised

Mandy, Brisbane

I feel like the kitchen organising and ‘Go Zone’ has changed my life. Bags get unpacked and put away as soon as we get home and my cooking is more peaceful and methodical. Operating ‘shop from home’ is progressing well and the planning for fridge/freezer is in process!

Little Home Organised

Lee, Brisbane

Our household is much more organised and it feels easier to clean (even with kids) as everything has a spot. It has helped other areas of my life, like our business, which was the goal. Thank you again for everything.
Little Home Organised

Sharleen, Sunshine Coast

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