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About Little Home Organised (LHO):

Our mission is to help clients reclaim time for the things they love.

We love working alongside our clients, not just for them, so the end result is a teach, not just a “do”. We love working together so we can craft a space that is beautifully organised and easy to maintain.

Little Home Organised has been happily servicing clients in South-East Queensland since 2011. We are people-centred and highly value integrity, excellence, fun, passion, respect, punctuality, and recycling/repurposing.

Our Professional Organisers offer practical assistance as well as expert advice, so clients not only get organised, but know how to stay organised. 

Our Commitment to You:


Passion is the heartbeat of everything we do. Whether it's helping families, individuals, or organisations, working with children, seniors, or workplaces, we are deeply passionate about all facets of organising. Our zeal propels us to go the extra mile in bringing order and serenity to your surroundings.


Excellence is a foundational value that underscores each project we undertake. When you choose Little Home Organised, you can rest assured that we will execute our work to the highest standards, continuously striving to exceed your expectations. Your satisfaction and happiness serve as the guiding force behind our endeavours.


Integrity is the bedrock of our enterprise. We cherish the trust you bestow upon us, and we are unwavering in upholding the most stringent principles of ethics and confidentiality. Your privacy and security are of paramount importance, and you can rely on us to treat your space and possessions with the utmost care and respect.


At Little Home Organised, we are unwavering in our commitment to prioritising your needs. We recognise that decluttering and parting with certain items can be an emotional journey. Be assured, we approach each project with empathy and understanding, ensuring that you feel supported throughout your decluttering voyage.


When you engage Little Home Organised, you contribute to a greater cause. Our Organisers are dedicated to ensuring that your unwanted items find new homes through charitable donations, playing a vital role in reducing waste in landfills. We're not solely about decluttering; we are also dedicated to making a positive impact on our planet.


We know that some of your possessions have a special place in your heart, and we'll treat them just like our own, without passing any judgement. Your emotional connection to your belongings matters to us, and we'll take extra care to make sure your feelings are always at the forefront of our approach.

Role And Responsibilities:

Little Home Organised

The Professional Organiser is responsible for delivering all organising-related services, including practical sessions, consultations, offsite-organising and donation drop off.

Drawer Storage - Little Miss Organised

About You

You Are:

Little Home Organised

Are you prepared to join our team?

Must Have:

Driver's License

own suitable transport

Blue Card

or application in process

Current Police Check

within 12 months

Technology Skills

intermediate requirement

Other Important Information

Previous Experience

Professional organising experience is not compulsory but experience decluttering and organising for friends and family is essential.

Mental First Aid Course

You commit to investing in a Mental Health First Aid Course during your trial period. This course is invaluable for personal and professional development.


Extensive training is provided to upskill you to work with chronic disorganisation, hoarding and squalor. Throughout your training you will also learn industry standards to assist you in successfully decluttering and organising a space for form and function.

Trial Period

There is a three-month trial period. Successful completion of your trial will see further opportunities offered, like Part-Time hours and a wage increase.

Hours of Work/Wages:

LMO is passionate about creating healthy work/life balance for team members whilst meeting client needs. A minimum 4-5 days availability is essential, with flexibility offered for personal events and some school holidays. This position is covered by the SCHADS Award (Home Care Worker Level 2 plus applicable allowances) which is paid at award rate during the trial period and a percentage above award rate after that.

Are you prepared to join our team?