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Join Our Team

We are always on the lookout for team members to join us in helping to create a more organised world.

Here at Little Home Organised, we truly believe in our mission, which is to help people reclaim time for the things that they love. This is something that we have been doing since 2011, and we have no plans of quitting any time soon.

We have seen more and more homes and families desire to organise their homes and create an ideal space where they can live and be happy. Thus, we want more people on our team to help make this dream happen for them.

We are looking for Organisers who:

are caring, friendly and love helping others live a more organised and simplified life

are organised, efficient and show attention to detail

proactive; able to work both independently and in a team

are reliable, love to learn, and have a teachable attitude

What would you be doing for the team?

Our organising assistants will use various skills in order to communicate with our clients. The people who come to us for help all have a vision of what they want to see in their homes. And we will assist them in overcoming the hurdles that are stopping that.

We are looking for people who know how to show concern to individuals, couples, or families who may be struggling with how to let go of their possessions or keep a clutter-free life. We want people who are compassionate and who will tackle the client’s disorganisation issues with judgement.

Little Home Organised works with many types of clients, and we may encounter homes or spaces that will only require

We are searching for organisation assistants who possess the following qualities:

Experienced and knowledgeable on how to live with less

Can handle different types of disorganisation in the home

Pleasing personality and good interpersonal, social, and communication skills

Eager to learn and always add to their skills

What are the responsibilities you will have as an organisation assistant?

Serve as coach for clients, listen to their problems and offer support

Help with cleaning, decluttering, organising, and managing the clients' space and storage

Assist clients choose the best storage solutions and furniture for their space

Help clients manage all the items they will be getting rid of

What are the other qualifications that we require?

We want our team members to be fully equipped for the responsibilities that they have. That being said, it is important that they are qualified for First Aid level II, which includes CPR and also Mental Health First Aid. If you do not have these qualifications yet, you can still apply for a spot on the team, as long as there is a promise on your part to get certified within three months. Other certifications that will come in handy with this position include courses and certificates in home organisation, interior design, and life coaching.

As we are dealing with people from all walks of life, we also want all members of our team to embody the following values that we uphold:

Little Home Organised


We are truly passionate about organising...

We are truly passionate about organising and decluttering because we believe that it can change someone's life. We want someone who will have the same drive.

Little Home Organised


We are very strict when it comes to our client's privacy...

We are very strict when it comes to our client's privacy and want all members of our team to have the highest standard for privacy.

Little Home Organised


Our client deserves the best, and we will give nothing short...

Our client deserves the best, and we will give nothing short of excellence in our services, making sure that they are always satisfied with what we have done. Respectful - For some of our clients, letting go of some of their things may be very

Little Home Organised


For some of our clients, letting go of some of their things...

For some of our clients, letting go of some of their things may be very difficult for them. It is a must that we approach the process of decluttering their homes with respect and without bias and judgement.

Little Home Organised


We did not build this company to make money...

We did not build this company to make money. Our desire is to help people, and that is our focus.

Aside from the skills and values listed above, we are looking for team members who are professional and very focused on work. They should also be patient and without bias, and of course, must have good communication skills to be able to properly liaise with clients.

Does this sound like the perfect job for you? Then fill up our job application form, and we will contact you soon after. We can’t wait to welcome you to our team!