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Keep Your Kitchen Drawer Organisation Simple and Effective

Is your kitchen starting to feel like a battleground of clutter, where finding that one utensil or spice is a daily treasure hunt? You’re not alone. “While the kitchen is the heart of the home, its disorganization can create chaos that ripples through your daily routine. In this article, you’ll discover how to keep your kitchen drawer organisation simple and effective. Say goodbye to the frustration of messy drawers and hello to a more streamlined cooking experience!

Causes of Messy, Cluttered Drawers

Little Miss Organised

Firstly, before we tackle the solutions to cluttered drawers, let’s understand why our kitchen drawers often become disorganized:

Homeless Items: Some items lack a designated home in the house, so they end up in the kitchen drawers.

Lack of System: Without a clear system in place, items accumulate without rhyme or reason.

Lack of Time: Busy lives can lead to neglected clutter, with no time set aside to put things away.

Now that we’ve explored these challenges, let’s dive into the process of creating functional and organized drawers.

Kitchen Drawer Organisation Tips

Little Miss Organised

1. Assess and Categorise

The first step to kitchen drawer organisation is to take inventory of its contents. Empty your drawer and lay everything out. Then, categorise items into groups with similar functions. For example, keep utensils together, separate your cooking tools, and group your baking supplies. This step will give you a clear picture of what you have and what you need.

2. Purge and Consolidate

Now that you’ve categorised your items, it’s time to declutter. Be ruthless. Toss expired spices, utensils you never use, and any duplicates. Consolidate multiples of the same item to free up space. You’ll be amazed at how much you can eliminate.

3. Use Drawer Organisers

Drawer organisers are your secret weapon for maintaining order. Invest in drawer trays, dividers, and cutlery trays to keep everything in its place. Drawer trays are perfect for utensils and small kitchen tools, while dividers can help you create specific sections for items like baking supplies or food storage containers. Don’t forget vertical dividers for pots, pans, and baking sheets. They make grabbing what you need a breeze.

4. Label Drawers

Labels are a game-changer for quick and easy access to your kitchen essentials. Whether you prefer text labels or photos, clear identification ensures you and your family know where everything belongs. No more guessing or searching through drawers.

5. Maintain the System

Maintaining an organised kitchen storage is an ongoing process. Make it a habit to put items back in their designated spots after use. A quick tidy session as needed can prevent organised drawers from descending into chaos again.

Benefits of Kitchen Drawer Organisation

Imagine a kitchen where every drawer opens smoothly, revealing neatly arranged utensils, gadgets, and ingredients. That’s the beauty of organised drawers. Here are some benefits:

Time Savings: No more searching for lost items. You can quickly grab what you need and get back to cooking.

Reduced Stress: Kitchen organisation promotes a sense of calm and order, making meal preparation more enjoyable.

Maximised Space: Make the most of your drawer space with smart kitchen organisation, especially in smaller kitchens.

Read on or listen to our Radio Podcast for more in-depth tips and expert insights on kitchen drawer organisation.



Faith, Family & Culture, it’s Luke and Susie with you. A message through to the show has got us thinking about the cleaning, Luke, and the organisation of our home.


Don’t I love people prompting me to think about cleaning?


If only we knew someone who could help us get organised. Oh, wait, we know Little Miss Organised.


We’re going to get spring cleaning, even though it’s not even spring, Susie. We’ll answer this question next.


Bonnie Black is a Little Miss Organised. How are you, Bonnie?

Bonnie Black:

I’m good, thanks. How are you guys?


Terrific, thank you. Now, we had a message through to the show asking, we asked people what they’d like us to talk about, and one person simply said, Helpful kitchen tips. So, what can you do with that, Bonnie?

Bonnie Black:

Look, the kitchen can be a place that really can create quite a bit of chaos for us because we’re in there several times a day trying to make lunches and dinners and kids’ go-ons and all those kinds of things. So, when the kitchen is not really functioning well, it really sets the tone for the rest of the house for us. So, if your kitchen is feeling a bit crowded, I can totally understand how this listener is not feeling like they’re really operating at their best capacity.

Probably one of the biggest hotpots that we find in the kitchen is the kitchen bench. And this is often because it’s a horizontal space and we call them our magnetic spaces. So, just automatically, we’ll come home and we will just dump things on the kitchen bench or the dining table because we just need someone to put things down. 



The disadvantage of keeping your kitchen bench clean is that it’s a nice open space to put things down on.

Bonnie Black:
Well, look, even if it’s not very clean, we just tend to pile things up and you can really peel away the layers and see what’s been going on in your life in the last few weeks by just all the stuff that’s on the bench. But often the causes of the clutter on our kitchen bench are because items are homeless, we don’t know where they live in the house, or we don’t have a system, maybe it’s a paperwork, we don’t know where we should be putting all those notices from school, or maybe it’s a lack of follow-through. We just don’t get the time or make the time to actually put things away where they need to go.

So things just tend to pile up. And it means that when it comes time to cook, it becomes really difficult because we’ve got all this stuff in the way that we’re trying to move. And instead of creating the time to actually deal with that stuff and put things away where they need to go and make decisions, we just shove it off to the side or we put it in a box because people are coming over and hiding the box in the spare room.




Who would do I’m trying to do? 


No, find that- 


I can’t find that. Shocking. 






How many of our hires ever just quickly shoved things in the cupboard?

Bonnie Black:

I thought it’s a cupboard at your place, is it? 


Yeah, it’s a… We got lots of covered space. That’s right. 

There was a whole box I pulled out the other day and I went, What’s in here? I opened it up and went, Oh, that was one of those emergency cleaning days. Close it back up and put it back in. 

Bonnie Black:

I don’t want to do that one right now. 


Oh, does that give you the shakes when he says that, Bonnie?

Bonnie Black:
Look, it’s so common. We get really overwhelmed because we look at that box of stuff and think, Oh, it’s so overwhelming and I don’t have time to deal with it. But when you actually get into it, you find that a lot of it’s junk mail, a lot of it’s stuff that can go out of the house really easily. And it’s just about taking 10 minutes to go through that box and actually make some decisions and stick with it. 


You’re underestimating the size of our box, I think. We do have a Little Miss Organised here, Sue, and we are talking about this whole keeping the kitchen. 


Helpful kitchen tips. 


And we’ve gone through, let’s just say, some conversations of late Susie. I’m going to put it in that terms, but I think everyone could extrapolate what those conversations were about. And we’ve made some changes. We’re going to talk about this more next with Luke and Susie.

Share Your kitchen Organisation Success

Achieving and maintaining kitchen drawer organisation is a rewarding endeavour. Assess and categorise your items, purge and consolidate what you don’t need, use drawer trays to keep things in order, and label your drawers for easy access. Remember, the key is consistency—maintain the system for an organised kitchen that simplifies your life.

Ready to experience the joy of kitchen organisation? Start today and transform your kitchen into an efficient cooking space. And don’t forget to share your kitchen organisation success stories or tips in the comments below.  




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