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Meet The Team

Team - Little Miss Organised


Owner & Professional Organiser

Known as ‘Little Home Organised’ from childhood, Bonnie left classroom teaching in 2011 to pursue her dream of creating a more organised world.

Bonnie is passionate about delivering workshops that encourage participants to rethink their attachment to stuff and offers practical tips that can be implemented straight away. With no fear of public speaking, Bonnie is raw and real as she shares her experiences in an engaging and inspiring way.

Having renovated her home for 5 years whilst having 3 kids under 4 and a shift-working husband, Bonnie knows just how important it is to create work/life balance and thrive.

Bonnie, alongside her sister, created Little Home Organised in 2020 to help people get on top of their clutter, no matter where they live. LHO offers a variety of online courses and a weekly podcast to teach you the skills needed to declutter your home from head to toe. 

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Professional Organiser

Leah was born in Canada and moved to Australia in 1995 where she and her husband raised 3 beautiful children. Moving countries as well as several moves within Australia, and renovating 5 homes whilst raising her children, Leah’s strong organisational and time management skills were put to very good use. Renovating the homes they lived in allowed Leah to express her creative passion as well as her desire to improve functionality and design within the home.

Coming from an Allied Health background, Leah has a passion for helping people to improve their lives and assist them in reaching their goals. Organisation has been a big part of her life since she was a child, as her Mum instilled the importance of living in an organised space from a young age. In her spare time she loves spending time helping family and friends, doing projects around her house and garden, going for walks on the beach, sewing and lunching with friends.

Leah - Little Home Organised
Melanie - Little Home Organised


Melanie grew up in regional south east Queensland and moved to Brisbane in 2004 where she met her husband and now have a 14yr old daughter and two cats. 

Melanie has always enjoyed renovating and making things ‘look better’, and in later years has been researching the health benefits of having a clean and organised space. People have described her own house as calming and homey. Melanie enjoys creating functional spaces for others to help improve their overall sense of well being and enable them to pursue their passions without the overwhelm of clutter getting in the way.

Melanie’s other interest include music, nutrition/health, psychology, D&M conversations, and would one day like to have a permaculture garden.


Sally has always had a  passion for all things planning and organising. While working retail for over 16 years she has continually progressed through different roles, developing skills and organising different aspects of the workplace, including refiling and labelling over seven years worth of payroll and personnel files.

Every year Sally enjoys spending her spare time researching, planning and executing elaborate themed parties for her two sons’ birthdays. The theme will extend from the invitation to the decorations, food, games, prizes and party favours. Party planning brings together all aspects of creativity that she enjoys: scrapbooking, baking, sewing, and of course

Sally enjoys setting up new organising systems and understands that they’re not one size fits all so will encourage and support you to find what works in your home for you and your family.

Sally - Little Home Organised
Ellen - Little Home Organised



Mary-Ellen is our Executive Assistant and will likely be the first person that you speak to when you call us. Mary-Ellen takes care of all our business management tasks, answering your enquiries, making your appointments with your Professional Organisers, and doing her best to make your time with us a smooth and memorable experience!

Mary-Ellen worked within Government for 25 years in the Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors before joining the LMO team. Mary-Ellen is passionate about helping people, ensuring everyone is treated with kindness and empathy. Through her calm and caring nature, she strives to ensure everyone has a chance to seek the help they need.

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Tired of feeling stressed and overwhelmed and simply would like to reclaim your time?

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