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LHO Podcast

The Podcast

The Little Home Organised Podcast is dedicated to helping you declutter, get organised and reclaim time for the things you love.

Have you ever been embarrassed to have an unexpected visitor drop by? Do you feel like a bigger house is the only way to fit all your stuff? Have you ever started to get organised but got lost along the way? If you’ve ever had drawers bursting at the seams; benches covered in stuff or simply wished to start afresh, this podcast is for you.

Brought to you by two sisters passionate about organising; Bonnie and Lily discuss everything you need to know to say goodbye to clutter, turn your house into a home and find more time in every day. With combined backgrounds in Education and Psychology, Lily and Bonnie (AKA ‘Little Miss Organised) will help you untangle the overwhelming prospect of decluttering and organising your home. Drawing from their own experiences juggling motherhood & striving to find a work/life balance, Bonnie & Lily will help you realise that progress, not perfection, is the goal.

little home organized


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Each episode will cover a topic from the psychology behind our habits, letting go, and making difficult decisions; to the nitty-gritty, practical steps you can follow to transform specific spaces in your home. Whether you’re downsizing, overwhelmed by children’s memorabilia, or finally tackling the Junk Drawer, Little Home Organised has your back. You’ll also hear interviews with other experts on topics like Hoarding Disorder, Chronic Disorganisation, and minimalism.

Your home can be the functional, beautiful retreat you’ve longed for. Let’s begin this journey together – we’ll be with you every step of the way!

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And remember, progress not perfection!

little home organised organising

It’s truly satisfying when you think
“I need this item and I know
exactly where to find it”.

Lily, Little Home Organised


If you’re feeling overwhelmed with clutter and stressed in your daily life, this podcast will be that relief you’ve been looking for!
Little Home Organized


Podcast Listener
The Little Home Organised gals have the perfect balance of encouraging you to do better without making you feel inadequate!!
Little Home Organized


Podcast Listener
I’ve enjoyed it so much that I’ve changed my settings to play the episodes back to back from now on. You offer a great perspective.
LIttle Home Organised


Podcast Listener

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