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“Dedicated to helping you declutter, get organised and reclaim time for the things you love”


Wrapping Up A Deceased Estate

How do I wrap up a deceased estate? When a loved one passes and you’re left with the task of wrapping up their estate it can be a very difficult time...

Chronic Disorganisation

What is chronic disorganisation? Join Bonnie + Lily to discover the difference between being chronically disorganised and temporarily disorganised, and how being chronically disorganised...

Help! I Have Too Many Clothes

How can you declutter when you have lots of clothes? Bonnie and Lily talk about why we often have an excessive amount of clothing and several strategies you can use to...

What Is Holding You Back?

Are you stuck in an endless cycle of attempting to ‘get your life together’ but you just can’t seem to land on your feet? Bonnie and Lily discuss some of the common reasons people struggle...

Our Top 10 Tips

Bonnie and Lily discuss the essential, top ten tips you need to know to organise your home. Learn how to organise your home like a professional organiser with this super-charged episode!

Getting Your Affairs In Order

In the event of your death, are your affairs in order? Join Bonnie and Lily as they chat to Monique Dalais, a Wills & Estate Lawyer, about what documents and processes...

The Magic Number

What is your magic number? How many towels does a person really need? Should you keep those mugs, shoes, and bags just in case? Bonnie and Lily will teach you how...

Pinterest Perfect Pantries

Are you being bombarded on social media by pictures of Pinterest Perfect Pantries? You’ll see woven baskets, colour-coordinated cans and beautiful scripted labels. But are these images realistic and practical...

Too Many Toys

Have your kids got too many toys? Bonnie and Lily dive into the common toy-related issues in the home and how you can keep your toy area clutter free. Also, discover what....

Are You Buried in Treasures?

Are you buried in treasures? Is your home overflowing with nick nacks, ‘just in case’ items and sentimental pieces you can’t seem to let go of? Join Bonnie and Lily as they chat...
Let it Go Challenge Little Home Organised

The Let It Go Challenge

What are the questions you should ask when decluttering an item from your home? Bonnie and Lily discuss the key questions you need to know to help making the decision-making process a breeze...
What We Learnt From ‘Less is Now’ – Episode 34

What We Learnt From ‘Less is Now’

The Minimalists are back with a new Netflix Documentary: Less is Now. This documentary is about why now is the time for less and how you can take the steps towards a simpler but more fulfilling life.
Back to School – Episode 33

Back To School

Want to get organised for back to school? Join Bonnie and Lily to chat about uniforms, booklists, and how to keep your school lunches fresh and exciting. Find out how to help your child transition smoothly...
Helping Seniors Downsize

Helping Seniors Downsize

How can I help a senior downsize? Join Bonnie and Lily as they chat about how to help a loved one downsize from a large home to retirement living or aged care. They’ll chat about where to start, who to get involved, and what not to do. If you’ve got a pa...
Smart Goals for the New Year

S.M.A.R.T Goals for the New Year

Are you wondering how to make a New Year’s resolution stick? Bonnie and Lily discuss the common reasons we don’t followthrough on our plans and how creating a S.M.A.R.T goal...
The Daily Dollop with Kate Freeman

The Daily Dollop with Kate Freeman

We'd love to introduce you to another podcast called The Daily Dollop hosted by Australian Nutritionist, Kate Freeman. The Daily Dollop is a 15 minute daily podcast that aims to...

2020 Highlights + Bloopers

Join Bonnie and Lily as they reminisce on the 2020 highlights of the Little Home Organised Podcast. Hear snippets from some of their favourite episodes…
Getting Your Affairs In Order

28: 2020 Highlights + Bloopers

Join Bonnie Lily as they reminisce on the 2020 highlights of the Little Home Organised Podcast. Hear snippets from some of their favourite episodes as well as some memorable clutter confessions. You’ll also hear some behind-the-scenes bloopers! That’s ri...
Getting Your Affairs In Order

27: Hoarding Q&A With Dr Randy Frost

This episode is a Q&A with Dr Randy Frost about Hoarding Disorder. Dr Frost answers listener questions like why our loved ones hoard garbage; why clutter makes us feel safe, and do hoarders actually recover? If you or someone you know is struggling with ...

The Go Zone

This episode is about the Go Zone. Join Bonnie and Lily to define what a Go Zone is, how to set one up in your home, and why every home needs one. If getting out the door on time...
School Memorabilia

School Memorabilia

This episode delves into the minefield of school memorabilia. Join Lily + Bonnie as they chat about what school memorabilia to keep, how to organise school memorabilia, and ways we can...
Getting Ready for Christmas

Getting Ready For Christmas

This episode is all about getting ready for Christmas. Join Bonnie + Lily as they chat about how to get your family to work as a team to make this season merry...


This episode is all about minimalism. Join Bonnie + Lily to bust the minimalism myths and discover what minimalism REALLY is, and how you can apply these principles to your life...
Tips for Moving House

Tips For Moving House

In this episode Bonnie and Lily talk about moving house; how to make it simple and easy and stress - free! Learn how to move interstate without too much fuss, how to pack your home...
Working From Home

Working from Home

In this week’s episode we’re talking about setting up a workspace at home. Whether you’re in isolation, under house arrest or starting a side hustle from home, join Lily and Bonnie as they share their tips...
Turn Your Clutter Into Cash

Turn Your Clutter Into Cash

This episode is all about turning your clutter into cash. Learn how to decide which decluttered items are worth selling, the five common mistakes...
Storing Other People’s Stuff

Storing Other People’s Stuff

This episode we talk about storing other people’s stuff. We discuss the reasons why you might store things for others and how you can claim your space back...
Organising Children with ASD

Organising Children with ASD

This episode is about organising your home to make it Austism-Friendly with psychologist Jenny Rice. Learn why being organised is important for a child with ASD, what not to say...
The Family Calendar

The Family Calendar

This episode we talk about the family calendar. We chat about the pros and cons of digital versus paper, why having a family calendar is important and how to set up your own digital family...
The Art of Letting Go

The Art of Letting Go

This episode we talk about the art of letting go. We discuss the reasons we struggle to let go, what letting go of items means on a deeper level, and some questions you can ask yourself...
Time Sucking Technology

Time Sucking Technology

Do you find yourself habitually picking up your phone when you are watching T.V? Do you struggle to stop scrolling on social media? Do you feel like you are losing minutes...
Episode 8 – Help, my loved one is hoarding

Help My Loved One Is Hoarding

This guest episode features Lee Shuer, a self-confessed ‘Finder Keeper’, and his wife Bec, who shares her experience living with a loved one with hoarding behaviours...
The 5 Types of Clutter

Five types of clutter

This episode is all about clutter; what it is, how it affects us and how we can deal with it. Learn about the five types of clutter and what questions you can ask yourself to let go of the things...
Paper Flow

Paper Flow

This episode is all about paperwork! Join Bonnie and Lily as they discuss the bills that need to be paid, the forms that need completing and how and where we should...
Rhythms and Routines

Rhythms + Routines

Do you feel like there’s never enough time? Are you collapsing at the end of each day in exhaustion from racing from task to task? This episode organising your day with...
Wardrobe Woes

Wardrobe Woes

This episode covers the causes of wardrobe clutter and some simple solutions to make getting dressed easier. Bonnie and Lily chat about maternity...

Little Home Organised Trailer

The Little Home Organised Podcast is dedicated to helping you declutter, get organised and reclaim time for the things you love.Have you ever started to get organised but got lost along the way? If you’ve ever had surfaces covered in stuff or simply wis...


  • If you’re feeling overwhelmed with clutter and stressed in your daily life, this podcast will be that relief you’ve been looking for!


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  • The Little Home Organised gals have the perfect balance of encouraging you to do better without making you feel inadequate!!


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  • I’ve enjoyed it so much that I’ve changed my settings to play the episodes back to back from now on. You offer a great perspective.


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