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S.M.A.R.T Goals for the New Year

Are you wondering how to make a New Year’s resolution stick? Bonnie and Lily discuss the common reasons we don’t followthrough on our plans and how creating a S.M.A.R.T goal can turn your resolution into a reality. If you’ve fallen off the organising bandwagon in the past or struggled to follow through on your grand plans, this episode will help set you up for success. Sign up for our course: The Essentials Guide Download our free Organising Cheat Sheet Did you know we now have a YouTube Channel? We’d love you to check it out!

Episode Transcript

BONNIE: Hello and welcome! I am Bonnie.

LILY: and I am Lily, and this is Little Home Organised the Podcast dedicated to helping you declutter, get organised and reclaim time for the things you love. 


BONNIE: Hello and welcome this week we are talking about SMART goals and how they can help you achieve your New Years resolutions.  We will discuss the common reasons we fall off the band wagon and what we can do to make our goals stick. 

LILY: Oh bring on the New Year

BONNIE: I mean 2020 could almost not get worse really, like lets just start afresh

LILY: I am so excited, I am really looking forward to the summer storms, I am looking forward to the intensive humidity.

BONNIE: You’re not painting a very nice picture there I have to admit

LILY: I am pretty pumped for 2021, 2020 was a bit of a year and I am really excited for what 2021 has instore

BONNIE: Yeah look I have to admit I think there are so many people who are really excited to see the back of 2020 and hoping that 2021 brings some relief and some hope and just a bit more normality, like

LILY: And you know it wouldn’t be January if it wasn’t the time where everybody is feeling super motivated and pumped to make you know the year to come their year and everybody is discussing what their new years resolutions are

BONNIE: Yes so today we are going to talk about how to make a New Years Resolution that is actually a smart goal because lets face it we have all made those New Years Resolutions

LILY: like what are some of the ones you think you have made Bon

BONNIE: I will lose weight this year, and it is kind of like oh yeah how are you going to do that and what is it that you are going to do to achieve that and when do you want to achieve that by, so it is just like this kind of pipe dream that floats up in the air, I will lose weight

LILY: Have you heard if any of your friends have made some that are like ridiculous.

BONNIE: No I don’t think so, um especially now that we are in our 30’s, people tend to be a bit more realistic these days

LILY: And a little unbothered. 

BONNIE: Yeah you know what there, I probably don’t know a whole lot of my friends anymore who bother making New Years resolutions because they are just so time poor and they are so in the thick of raising children that it is like oh yeah that was New Years Eve

LILY: I mean I also think about New Years Eve and you know do you even stay up until midnight anymore

BONNIE: No, no I haven’t done that for at least 7 years, it is a bit depressing isn’t it, you know you are such a party animal as a kid, and I remember having really awesome New Years Eves with a group of our like youth group friends from church and they would stay up all night and we would play tennis and volleyball and swim in the pool and watch silly movies and like some of the best memories of New Years Eve were just great you know fun and now days it is like if I can make it to 10 o’clock that is pretty exciting. 

LILY: Oh how our lives have changed

BONNIE: I know, I know but it is still not a reason to completely forget about why we are here today.  

LILY: Well the idea of a New Years resolution of course is that idea of this year is going to be different, I am going to be intentional about not getting absorbed into the business of life and forgetting about the things that are important to me and the things that I want to achieve and so for some of us that might be hey I want you know the classic we always go to, is a lot of people talk about wanting to change their physical appearance, um people want to achieve more things be it study, be it up skilling, changing a job, I want to make more time for myself to unwind, you know

BONNIE: That’s a thing

LILY: Yeah, filling my jug, filling my cup you know all different kinds of things and so it definitely doesn’t have to be about you know I am going to become a gym junkie or anything like that but what often happens and we see this trend, and gyms see this trend, where January the numbers are up

BONNIE: Oh yes everybody is really raring to go

LILY: Yeah February is still reasonably good


LILY: March, April the numbers really drop off

BONNIE: It really peters off, I think it is because Easter comes and there is a lot of chocolate

LILY: Oh that’s true and then it is game over from there. 

BONNIE: It is totally game over, I love Easter egg chocolate, there is just nothing like it. 

LILY: I don’t know what they do to the taste, if it is just the, maybe it is the foil imprinting on the chocolate but it just tastes so gosh darn good.  So today we are going to talk about New Years resolutions and how to actually counteract that trend, we don’t want to keep um being ambition and setting these goals and having them fall to the wayside and going how did that happen and again so today’s episode is going to be all about how you can create a goal, smart goal and set yourself up for success. 

BONNIE: I love it and you know what, the best thing about this whole smart goal thing is that we can get really hung up on the, right I want to loose weight and I want to lose 10 kgs in one month and like for a lot of us that is actually not realistic

LILY: That is really not healthy

BONNIE: It is really not healthy long term either but it is not realistic and I love that fact that using the smart goal acronym means that it is not so much about that sprint of like quick lets get it all done and dusted in a month, it is like okay lets actually talk about the year as a whole and what is the kind of overarching theme for us for the year.  So I love this smart goal thing because it really just helps us to slow down and realise that it is not about getting it all done in the first month.  

LILY: So we will explain exactly what the acronym means a little later on but first lets talk about some of the real common reasons that things do kind of fall apart when I comes to setting a New Years Resolution or setting a goal when it come to home organising.  

BONNIE: Well I think the first one is definitely a lot of people start too big and we see this in decluttering all the time, people want to declutter and where do they start? The garage or the room of doom and it is like no no no

LILY: That big overwhelming project

BONNIE: Yeah it is completely overwhelming, you get half way through and you just give up or you shove everything back

LILY: Yet you go in there and you bite off more than you can chew

BONNIE: Yes so decluttering is a bit like going back to the gym and regaining your health, you need to practice, you need to flex your muscles, you need to get your strength up

LILY: Just because you use to be able to lift you know 100kg weights doesn’t mean after many months of not doing it you know


LILY: You go back in there, you can’t start where you were, whenever we have a break from things in life, or we are not practiced at it at all we don’t have the skill set, we need to take the time

BONNIE:  Yeah just because I could run a full game of hockey when I was 15 does not mean I could do that now.   

LILY: Getting sweaty just thinking about it. 


LILY: So I think like similarly to what you were saying before, and this is one of I think the most common things is we get so excited by the idea of the goal, so lets say I am so pumped I am going get in there and I am going to clean my office and we are like running on this mentality that like I am going to get in there and I am going to get it all done in one day or one weekend and it just becomes this, the mentality that we are using is just like this fast paced sprint as opposed to going with a marathon perspective of what is realistic with my time doing it over a couple of months and then having an end goal there. 

BONNIE: Yeah and that is a really good idea especially for decluttering and for loosing weight because then it means that you are more likely to actually maintain the goal that you reach rather than it being such a quick slippery slope that you get to the bottom and those habits haven’t had enough time to kind of stick

LILY: Yeah and like going back to the marathon analogy if you sprint at the start of a marathon and you run out of your puff, you are not going to be able to get all the way to the end right

BONNIE: Well that’s right, the ambulance will be picking you up a quarter of the way through  

LILY: Yeah and trying to rehydrate you, so I think another big reason that people fall off the bandwagon when it comes to organising and decluttering their homes is that the goal that they have chosen is kind of airy fairy, it is really vague

BONNIE: Yep, yep like the I want to lose weight

LILY: Yeah like what does that even mean, it is not even tangible it is so conceptual that it is not something that you can think realistically how is this going to be implemented to reach this idealistic version of my home, so if my ideal version of my home is that oh my bedroom, I want it to be a sanctuary, you know we talk about picking a word for your room, when you walk in and what you want it to feel like and B: okay sweet you have picked the word well now what? 


LILY: You know, it is not enough to just do that, you then need to make the plan

BONNIE: I think that is where the fairy godmother thing comes into it for a lot of people, they can honestly, people can call us sometimes and be like, yes I would like to organise this space and we get there and it is kind of like they turn around and look at us and they almost expect us to produce a magic wand and when we don’t they kind of like oh what, you mean this is actually hard work and I actually have to go through that and we have actually got to make some decisions, yep it is uncomfortable, you are probably going to cry and we have to get down and dirty, it is not a glamorous job, decluttering

LILY: No it absolutely is hard work and that leads me into my next point which is that often with our goals we can get really discouraged, so we go into that garage, we go into that spare room, that bedroom and as we start going through things we realise that we don’t necessarily have the skill set to tackle the problem


LILY: We did think it was going to be a little bit easier, we hoped the momentum would keep us going and so we get into these spaces and we are confronted with these difficult decisions that sentimental item, that thing that has always being homeless that we have never been able to place somewhere and we are just feeling a little bit stuck with it all and it can be really disheartening

BONNIE: You know that is a really good point, and something I love about the essentials guide that we just released last year is that the very first module in it is actually all about goal setting and we talk about the SMART goals and how to make them more realistic and specific and I think we have actually identified what our goals are and also the road blocks which is also part of the course then that kind of sets you up to be able to overcome when those road blocks actually come up because chances are we are all going to get to a point where we feel discouraged, out of our comfort zone, overwhelmed and maybe we are feeling a bit like why did I even start this in the first place and so it is really good to be able to know that you can actually overcome those roadblocks and keep going. 

LILY: Another think that can really help you along those lines of when you are feeling discouraged is of course having a you know what’s the 2020 word of this tribe, having a tribe of people around you, or having a support system, so be it people you live with, your family, maybe you are in a share house situation, maybe your kids still live with you, you know if you don’t have a support system or you don’t have people who are on-board with what ever your goal is that can be really tough, so you know we did a webinar last year and I recall one of the people in the group was saying what they found so challenging is they would get really motivated to get in there and tackle a space in their house and they would get it looking orderly and then not soon after their children and partner would come through that space and I would like they had never been in there. 

BONNIE: Yes you do need to get your family on board because if they haven’t got buy in they have got no sense of responsibly about keeping it way that you as a family have decided to keep it, it is just you fighting an uphill battle against the rest of your family, so it is that really important step of getting everybody on-board.

LILY: Another reason I think that plays a big role when it comes to having a goal and we are struggling to achieve it, is of course time management, so life gets busy and especially even with January now about to head into back to school, you know everyone is one school holidays as soon as we get back into school it is kind of like things just hit the ground running and before you know it we are off to the end of the year right

BONNIE: It goes so fast, like I have only just done one year now of school and I tell you what I blinked and it was gone

LILY: Yeah and so like if we have a goal of I am going to up skill myself in this way or I am going clean this room, or I am going to loose weight, but we don’t have a sense of time and how that goal fits into a time scheme we are kind of not setting ourselves up for success there, it does need to be time bound and of course I think the big one is if your just not ready

BONNIE: Yes and I think part of the maturity of growing older is actually recognising when it is not actually a priority for you because we will have heaps of people that will come into our lives and say I really want to declutter, I really want to simplify, I really want to get rid of the stuff that is no longer serving me but they just can’t make the time to do it, they cant make the decisions to do it and you know what that is okay

LILY: It is okay

BONNIE: If it is not your number one priority right now, if you are dealing with an extra child or some special needs or some health problems or you know a parent or a grandparent who is starting to decline in their older years. Like it is okay that you don’t

LILY: You don’t have to do it all

BONNIE: You don’t have to do it all, we don’t have to be these super mums and dads who can you know do everything all at once and not break a sweat, like it is actually okay to put the decluttering side off um until next year or until 6 months down the track, like if this is you and you are feeling like you just needed someone to tell you it is okay to have a breather, it is okay to have a breather

LILY: I think everyone deserves a breather coming in to 2021.  I can also relate to this from a slightly different perspective, my personality type I remember doing a personality quiz and you know they are questionable but it was you know supposedly reputable and one of the core traits it pointed out in me was that I was an activator


LILY: and so basically long and short of it is it means when I see something that needs to be done, I don’t want to sit back and think a real thorough plan through, I just want to get in there and do it. 

BONNIE: Oh that is so describes you to a tee

LILY: Doesn’t it


LILY: Yeah so

BONNIE: And not in a good way

LILY: Yeah and so like I really was like oh that is really true about me, like if I walk into a space and I am like this needs to be organised cleaned whatever, I am so driven to fix, to solve to change it that I don’t necessarily take the time to set up the goal and the system

BONNIE: The plan

LILY: The plan and then I can end up being the person who is overwhelmed, who looses the momentum and then is like

BONNIE: Or you can end up overwhelming your sister who is not an activator and is a massive planner and this whole time we have been doing the podcast I am like just slow down we just need to plan a bit more and you are like no no we have got to get this done now, now, now

LILY: Lets keep it moving


LILY: Yeah so there you go

BONNIE: That makes so much sense

LILY: Oh you’re welcome. 

BONNIE: I understand you

LILY: Maybe some people out there can related to that as well but I think before we jump into the ways that we can resolve these common problems with our SMART goal lets take a quick break for a clutter confession


WACKY CONFESSIONS ANONYMOUS CALLER 1: Hey Bon and Lil I have got a clutter confession, I collect gnomes for the garden, I have been starting it ever since I got my first house and thought the gardens could be a little quirkier, I started off with some pretty standard gnomes with the tall hat and the snow white kind of décor and then moved onto some more quirky things like a harry potter meerkat, and a gnome pooping on a toilet, yep

LILY: Did you hear him say décor

BONNIE: Yes he is obviously watching the edit, the home edit

LILY: The plot thickens

BONNIE: He is totally Americanised it is so funny because we were actually just talking a team wine time this week about décor and décor, one of the girls was saying she has actually being saying décor because she is watching so many American shows especially like the home edit and um yeah it is really interesting that this caller has done the same thing

LILY: And what is even more interesting about that call is the variety of gnomes that his collection has now expanded into

BONNIE: Yes and you know what next to our parents house, the neighbours have got this gnome that they inherited from the previous owners where

LILY: He is doing number twos

BONNIE: No he is not doing number twos

LILY: Isn’t he,

BONNIE: No no he has got his pants down and he is doing a Moonie, it is so awesome

LILY: A Moonie

BONNIE: It is a Moonie, I am like

LILY: A Moonie, I have never heard it called a Moonie

BONNIE: Really

LILY: It is mooning

BONNIE: Yeah haven’t you ever like seen in Grease the musical you know the movie where they go to the blue moon bit and then flashes out

LILY: Blue moon….

BONNIE: The 3 boys with their bare bottoms

LILY: I have never made that connection

BONNIE:  Oh my goodness

LILY: Can we watch that, I love that show

BONNIE: We can totally watch that, okay

LILY: We digress, we love getting these clutter confessions, they are great so if you have just got something in your house that is like a bit unique, maybe it is a collection, maybe it is just something quirky we would love to hear about it, let us know and head to the Facebook page. There are instructions on how you can send us an audio message on the page and don’t worry we keep it anonymous.   


BONNIE: Ok back to our New Years resolutions and the SMART goals, can we talk about this acronym, what does it actually mean, what is a SMART goal?

LILY: So a SMART goal is a way that we break down a goal to make it actually achievable and so the acronym stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time bound and so what we do is we think of a goal that we want to create and we apply the acronym to the goal and make sure that it is a SMART goal and if it is a SMART goal we should be able to achieve it. 

BONNIE: Oh I like that, okay so can we talk examples

LILY: Yes so lets start in a decluttering perspective, lets focus on a room in the house, lets say we are going to go with the garage


LILY: The imperious garage

BONNIE: And what is my goal for the garage

LILY: Lets say your goal for the garage is you want to organise it

BONNIE: Right well that is a bit vague, what does that look like?

LILY: Oh my goodness what does that look like, exactly the point, so if we apply the SMART goal acronym we will start with the S which is Specific, so when we are talking about keeping things specific that is exactly it, we want it to be so refined that it is really clear what does organising the garage mean, so we know it is going to be the garage but what are we specifically want to achieve in this space

BONNIE: I see so it might be something like I want to be able to park my car in the garage again

LILY: Yes and then that is something that you know it is like a marker for getting things organised I will create this certain dimension of space

BONNIE: It is like a way to measure our success, the other thing when we are talking about specificity, that is such a cool word, is quite often that airy fairy goal is I want to declutter and when we are actually talking about I want to declutter the garage that is about making it a little bit more specific I think, but what I love the most about this SMART goal acronym is actually the M, the measurable side of things, because I am really big on making sure that we can actually look back and measure have we achieve success, so for me that airy fairy goal of I want to declutter becomes more specific when we say I want to declutter the garage and I want to be able to get the car back in because that is something that we can measure but then also I am a big fan of the percentages, so when you look around the garage, what is the percentage that you want to get down to, or the percentage that you want to get rid of because that is a really good specifier to be able to look around and go yep I have decluttered 50% of the stuff in my garage

LILY: So the whole idea of measurable is that you want to be able to track your progress right so how will I know that this accomplished as Bonnie was just saying, like I am going to look in here and I am going to know that 50% of my stuff has been decluttered I am going to be able to park my car in there, maybe for you in your goal you want to have shelving set up, and you want to have two rows of your belongings now that are on the floor on those shelves, so making it measurable once those shelves are up that is a tick towards my goal, once the storage boxes are on the shelves and the items are in the storage boxes on the shelves that is a tick towards my goal as well

BONNIE: Yes and our next letter in the acronym is A which is achievable, or you could say attainable and what we need to do when we are taking about a SMART goal with the A is we need to make sure that the goal we have actually set is achievable or attainable, so for example you maybe you have a goal of I want to declutter but you actually don’t have the time or the physical capacity or you maybe want to declutter a space that is actually not yours and that is not something that is achievable or attainable unless you get that other person on board so that is where the A needs to come into it, is this actually something that is actually achievable or attainable with what the resources are that you have got

LILY: Maybe you are a pinterest perfect fan and you love the pinterest perfect pantry and you want to get all the pretty containers inside your panty, but you do not have the budget for it, that goal is not attainable then it is not achievable.


LILY: SO we are trying to keep things realistic is the goal that you are setting actually something you are going to be able to achieve, so think about your circumstances and think about whether it is going to be realistic.

BONNIE: Yeah I like that idea of is this goal in your control alone because often we have these goals of like I would like to get my whole family healthy and it is like you cant actually change anybody else except for yourself, it is like when we are in a relationship that maybe is a little bit toxic and we want to fix the other person rather than fixing ourselves.

LILY: You can only control yourself

BONNIE:  That is exactly right you have got to work on what you can control not about what is out of your control

LILY: The other thing I would say there about it being achievable as well is if you don’t have the skill set you know we always talk about upskilling by practicing with the easier areas but if you really get to the point you think I really need extra support then maybe it is not achievable for you to do it on your own without the upskilling so maybe you bring on a friend who is more practiced at it, and who is really you know are really comfortable making decisions with, maybe you upskill by doing an online course, you know like we have got one, like the Essentials Guide, which helps people go through all the rooms in their house, maybe you encounter a professional organiser to come into your home and maybe that makes the goal more achievable for you, so have a think about those things as well

BONNIE: You said encounter, it makes us sound like aliens, do do.  I mean you said it not me right

LILY: So are you saying if I peeled off your um skin you would have like alien flesh underneath

BONNIE: I am totally ET under here baby, ET phone home………..  That is like one of my favourite childhood movies

LILY: Is it, we should watch that, you know the other one I really love is Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

BONNIE:  Oh yes

LILY: Chitty bang bang, Chitty chitty bang bang ……. I don’t remember all the words but clearly

BONNIE: You know what the first time I got my kids to watch it on our weekly movie night they were like so not interested and I was like come on guys I mean I look back at it now and I think they were like 2 & 3 or 3 & 4 so it was probably not really

LILY: So that movie is really long

BONNIE: Oh yeah it is actually, it is and there are some bits that are probably not as bright and colourful as what they were expecting and it is a little bit scary I suppose with the whole child snatching thing

LILY: That whole thing, creepy castle


LILY: I haven’t watched Chitty chitty bang bang for anyone listening, oh my gosh

BONNIE: Love it

LILY: Please do, please do watch it. 

BONNIE: Life changing

LILY: So the next letter in the acronym is relevant

BONNIE: No that is not a letter that is a word

LILY: Is R sorry,

BONNIE: R for relevant, I am totally relevant what are you trying to say

LILY: You are you work, so is this goal worthwhile, is it the right time, am I even the right person for the job, is this a priority

BONNIE: Yes like what we talking about before if you need a breather, because there are other things that are a priority have a breather, like it is okay

LILY: Or you know I think of productive procrastination here it is like oh I have got a cluttered house and it is really overwhelming and like this year I am going to sort my house out and then you go out the back and you start sorting your children’s cubby house instead

BONNIE: Yes it is like every time

LILY: Like that’s not relevant to the goal

BONNIE: Every time I have to um right a workshop and deliver it, I all of a sudden need to declutter something

LILY: I have noticed this about you

BONNIE: Oh have you

LILY: Yeah, I can always tell when you have got something pressing on

BONNIE: Yes because I am like in this mad frenzy of decluttering and like it is stuff that needs to be done it is not like you know I have left my children without any clothes to wear of anything like that but it is like yeah, I don’t know it is just avoid doing the thing that I should be doing because I want to do something I want to do instead

LILY: So think about your bigger picture for 2021 and where this goal is going to fit in that big picture, does it align and then the last letter is T for Time bound

BONNIE: Yes it is all about the Time base

LILY: This is so key with any goal if we don’t have boundaries of time, markers of time to work towards, to meet milestones by, this goal becomes airy fairy again because it can be achieved whenever. 

BONNIE:  Yes and that is why even if you have a really good goal that is specific, that is measureable, that is achievable and realistic or relevant, if you don’t have a time frame on it you could be working towards this goal for the next 50 years.   

LILY: And that’s it, and you know maybe it is something where you are like oh I would like to get it done eventually but it is not a huge priority for me right now so I don’t really want to bound it by time well that choice means that it is highly likely it is not going to get done within the time frame that you actually even think it is going to get done in. 

BONNIE: Some of us really need deadlines as well because we are last minute Larry’s and we will stop and think oh I have got all this time, I am going to prepare you know I am just going dawdle over here and dawdle over there and this is me by the way, I am not pointing fingers at anyone um and then all of a sudden it gets to like the night before or the week before the deadline and it is like oh my goodness, that’s right I said I was going to do this and it is this mad flurry of getting stuff done and you know what if you didn’t have that deadline you wouldn’t have that pressure, that stress to actually get into it and get something done. 

LILY: Can you image if you went to Uni and they were like

BONNIE: I did go to Uni, yes

LILY: Can you image if you got there and they were like here are all your assignments,

BONNIE: They are due in 4 years

LILY: they are like, and there were just no due dates, and it was like to achieve your degree you just need to complete these assignments at some point, you would be like, what…. We need those things to help keep us moving, keep us on track, so when would I want my garage to be completed by?

BONNIE: And make it that realistic thing has got to be really important here, like yes it has to be a time deadline but it has got to be realistic, don’t put in place okay I am going to organise my garage today

LILY: This weekend

BONNIE: In two hours

LILY: Oh yes exactly,

BONNIE: Not going to happen

LILY: Especially if it is big garage with a lot of stuff to be done, you know what would be more realistic would be to have a time boundary that is like okay in 6 weeks I am going to focus my energy um on this garage and have it is achieved in 6 weeks and every weekend I am dedicating 3-4 hours to it. 

BONNIE: And it might be in 6 weeks time I will be able to get my car back in here. 

LILY: And it may not be the whole thing, so we have just got to make sure that we have the time based factor considered you know maybe for you it is like I am going to go through my linen cupboard and I am going to do it before the kids go back to school, you know


LILY: You have a date; you know what date they go back to school and that will help you achieve it.  So, a SMART goal, S M A R T specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time bound.  Make sure your goal fits and is a SMART goal.

BONNIE:  I don’t know if it was the Simpsons but I seem to remember this pop culture reference “I am so smart”


LILY: Yeah

BONNIE: Is that the Simpsons

LILY: Yes it is Simpsons yeah. 

BONNIE: I can’t even remember who said it. 

LILY: Kids have grown up no even being allowed to watch that show, man we can quote it. 

BONNIE: I know it is probably because we were just like so intensely binging it once we were allowed to watch it. 

LILY: That’s it.  All right so 2021 please be a better than last year. 

BONNIE: The year of hope

LILY: It will be fabulous, you can make any year what you want it to be with some intentionality and some SMART goals, so whatever it is that you are wanting to achieve, one thing that Bonnie and I like to do at the start of the year is to help us kind of, this is kind of a level back from setting a SMART goal, because the SMART goal is specific but we kind of have like a word and a vibe that we try to apply to the year. 

BONNIE: It’s the vibe, it’s marbo

LILY: It is the approach that we want to take and so we do a word of the year, so Bonnie what is your word of the year for 2021. 

BONNIE: Well my word last year was simplify because I was all about simplifying my life, like getting rid of the things that were time sucks and trying to move towards this transition to the Sunshine Coast, so we still haven’t done that, still here

LILY: You are working on it

BONNIE: We are working on it, but my word for 2021 is intentional, so I want to be intentional about every purchase I make, I want to be intentional about the things I spend my time on, I am actually going for a clutter free gift giving year, so giving only consumables and experience gifts this year so um we will see how I go with that. 

LILY: See how I go when I receive it. 

BONNIE: Yeah, don’t worry you were one that flashed through my mind oh I wonder what I am going to give her?  Um yes to intentional baby I would like to be far more intentional about stuff this year and not just focus on surviving. 

LILY: Yeah, my word this year is going to be courage because I think there is a lot of new for me coming up this year in 2021

BONNIE: Why what is happening for you. 

LILY:  I am enrolled to return to Uni

BONNIE: Oh big step

LILY: I know to do honours in psychology and it is pretty intense, there is a lot of statistical information that I need to remember from like 8 years ago so I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all but I am also really excited by it and so I am really trying to encourage myself to be courageous.  One of the things that my husband and I would talk about with children and with our staff when we were training them is the idea of trying to keep things in the growth zone, so you imagine like 3 circles and in the very centre circle is your comfort zone, that is where we all kind of sit and the circle that goes on the outside of that a little bit bigger is the growth zone and then the circle on the outside of that again is the panic zone, and so in life sometimes when we are getting really anxious we feel like we are going into the panic zone and we are worried that a decision or something is going to put us in the panic zone and so we hide in the comfort zone

BONNIE: Yeah okay

LILY: So my word of the year is courage because I want to be feeling courageous enough to stay in the growth zone and do what I can to stay in the growth zone and not go into the panic zone either

BONNIE: Oh I totally feel you, that is a great analogy and for those people who don’t know Lily does not have hordes of children and staff at home she is referring to all of her years working at summer camps and other camps both in the States, Canada and New Zealand. 

LILY: Thank you. 

BONNIE: Just a bit of context there.  You are like

LILY: What does her house look like

BONNIE: It is like Old Mother Hubbard, no no what is the shoe one, you know the old lady who lived in a shoe she had so many children she didn’t know what to do.  You just sounded like that

LILY: That’s me

BONNIE: That’s you

LILY: Well can be jump into this weeks Tidy Task Bon. 

BONNIE: So this one should be fairly obvious, it is a New Year it is time for a new you. What is your SMART goal for the year?  So I want you to think about what ever your New Years resolution is for this year and I want you to pick one goal, it doesn’t matter whether it is decluttering, getting a new car, um learning how to budget, um working out health issues whatever it is I want you to write down and I want you to go through each of those letters of the acronym.  Is it specific, is it measurable, is it achievable, is it realistic or relevant and it is timed and if it is not tweak the goal so that it is covering all of those things and then write that goal down somewhere where you can see it all the time, like above your bathroom mirror, that is a really good spot

LILY: And if you are ready to get started but you are not quite sure what to do, make sure to download our free organising cheat sheet you just head to our website littlehomeorganised.com.au/organisingcheatsheet. And that’s it for this weeks episode, we are so glad to be back in your ears and thank you for tuning in. 


LILY: See you later


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