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Organise Your Life Regain control of your space and time with our professional home organising services for busy Australians. Get tailored support to declutter your home, streamline your routines and achieve work-life balance.

Decluttering and Home Organisation


Skills and advice to organise your life

Practical Sessions

Hands-on help decluttering and organising your space

Clutter Buster

Transform your home in days with two organisers


  • Less Mess: Strategies for Decluttering
  • The Truth About Minimalism
  • Reclaiming Your Life: Why Being Busy is Not Better
  • Navigating the Downsizing Journey
  • Tackling Hoarding and Squalor
  • Wellbeing at Work

Tired of feeling stressed and overwhelmed and simply would like to reclaim your time?

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About Your Organiser

Bonnie is a dynamic home organisation expert featured on ‘A Current Affair’. With a passion for hoarding disorder, Bonnie trained under leading experts to help catalyse lasting change. 

Tailored For You

Whether you’re busy parents, retirees downsizing or professionals seeking work-life balance, we offer flexible services tailored to your needs. Discover the dedicated team devoted to enhancing your home in our about us brochure

Take a look at some of the ways we can assist


We help you achieve domestic bliss by sorting, decluttering, and organising your home and lives.  

“Little Miss Organised changed my house and life for the better. All the clutter is now gone and my mood is better without such a mess.” 
– Michael, Indooroopilly

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Home Office

We implement systems and identify strategies to keep your home office space functional and your business productive.

“Having moved from a large office area to a small desk, I now have a workable, professional desk area that channels calmness to all who visit, including me! I now know where everything is and can work more efficiently and confidently.” 
– Sally, Runcorn


We work with you to organise kids’ bedrooms, daily routines, and study schedules so that you are free to enjoy family time.

“Little Miss Organised entered into our life at a time when my daughter was inundated with homework, assignments, and exams. She has helped her to organise her time effectively and has helped her to break down her assignments into bite-sized pieces. She has been a wonderful mentor to my daughter.”
– Jenny, Wakerley

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We assist you (or your loved ones) as you prepare to downsize and move into a new space. 

“When my mum’s health started rapidly declining we knew we needed help to get her moved to High Care. Little Miss Organised helped us form a plan of attack to empty her unit, set up her newbedsit, and disburse her bequeathed possessions amongst our family. What could have been an emotionally overwhelming and stressful time was made easier by her methodical approach. Her patience and kindness as she helped my mother decide which items to take with her was so comforting.”
– Henry, Birkdale


We assist those with hoarding behaviours or tendencies to understand their attachment to stuff and work to create a safe environment. 

“I can highly recommend Little Miss Organised to any person who needs a compassionate, professional, gentle push to de-clutter and organise their home and life. Her approach beautifully compliments my work as a psychologist, supporting clients through difficult life transitions and difficulty letting go of the emotional attachment to physical items that no longer serves them.” 
– Dr Ilze Grobler, Clinical Psychologist, Zest Infusion

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We gently work with self-managed or third-party managed clients funded by the NDIA through programs like NDIS and Partners in Recovery.

“Sue was fantastic! I was a total mess and as much as she helped me with practical things around my apartment, she is also so genuinely supportive, and went above and beyond the kind of service I expected. Thank you so much for everything your team does.”

– NDIS Client

Tired of feeling stressed and overwhelmed and simply would like to reclaim your time?

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Love your work Little Home Organised! I love my kitchen and it is now a beautiful space and everything is much more organised. Looking forward to when you come back again.

We Help The Time Poor And Overwhelmed To Live Stress-Free By Creating A Relaxed And Organised Home