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Declutter Your Life for Good With Little Home Organised

Little Home Organised

We all strive for our homes to be organised, but in the hustle and bustle of daily life, that can often be a lofty goal. Balancing work, family, and household responsibilities can leave us feeling overwhelmed. Suddenly, what seemed like an insurmountable task becomes a reality, and not in a good way.

At Little Home Organised, we’ve found ways around the problem of “how to organise my home.” Our workshops are designed to bring style and organisation to every corner of your home, ensuring no space is left untouched.

Meet Bonnie, our professional organiser, who not only provides top-tier clutter buster services but also conducts workshops to motivate and inspire others to lead more organised lives. In her workshops, Bonnie imparts practical advice and easy-to-follow steps to decluttering your home and your life.

Getting Organised with Kids, Pets, and Hectic Schedules

Whether you’re a group of busy moms longing to declutter, retirees planning to downsize, or a professional network in search of an engaging speaker, Bonnie’s presentations are guaranteed to ignite a spark and inspire action. Bonnie brings a unique blend of professional expertise, humour, and practical sessions to her workshops, making them not only informative but also enjoyable. You’ll leave with concrete steps on “how to organise my life” and living space.

Little Home Organized

Our Commitment to You:

1. Less Mess

This workshop delves into the impact of clutter on your mood and daily functioning. Drawing from Bonnie’s extensive experience as a professional organiser, we identify key trouble spots in your home, including the kitchen, wardrobes, bedrooms, linen cupboards, garage/sheds, toys, and paperwork. You’ll gain insights into what causes clutter in these areas and, more importantly, learn practical solutions for decluttering your home.

2. The Truth About Minimalism

At Little Home Organised, we’re dedicated to reshaping mindsets about embracing a minimalist lifestyle. Bonnie shares the essential 5 R’s that liberate homeowners from fads and trends: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, and Recycle.

3. Busy Is Not Better

The name says it all – “Busy Is Not Better.” When it comes to decluttering your home, the overwhelming nature of the task often leaves people unsure of where to begin. Bonnie’s focus in this workshop is on time management, offering strategies to help you accomplish more in less time. Improved time management leads to a sense of control and, ultimately, success. Learn how to prioritise what truly matters while preserving your values.

4. The Downsizing Journey

In this workshop, we emphasise that clutter can come in various forms and hinder the life you truly want to live. We explore different types of household clutter, which may directly or indirectly affect your family. The workshop follows the 5 P’s for success: Plan, Pull Out, Purge, Purchase, and Put Back. These steps have helped countless individuals embrace the lifestyle they deserve.

5. Hoarding and Squalor

This workshop is designed specifically for individuals dealing with hoarding or squalor issues in their homes. Learn how to better interact with your loved ones facing hoarding or squalor challenges and gain insight into when intervention might be necessary. Sometimes it’s not just about declutter services; it’s about acquiring the tools to understand when and how to intervene effectively.

6. Wellbeing at Work

This workshop goes beyond organising your workspace. It’s about achieving a work-life balance that fills your life with joy and peace. Whether you’re interested in time management, declutter services, job organisation, paperwork management, digital organisation, or increasing productivity, our Wellbeing at Work classes have something for you.

Tired of feeling stressed and overwhelmed and simply would like to reclaim your time?

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Meet Bonnie - The Driving Force Behind Little Home Organised

Fearless in the face of public speaking, Bonnie brings a raw and genuine approach to her engaging and inspiring talks. Having undertaken a five-year home renovation journey while raising three kids (now four) and supporting a shift-working husband, Bonnie understands the importance of creating work-life balance and thriving.


Bonnie founded Little Home Organised in 2011 and has since earned numerous accolades, including appearances on Channel Nine’s A Current Affair in 2014 and 2015, where she orchestrated hoarder clean-ups and domestic declutter services. Bonnie and her team of Professional Organisers have been serving Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast for nearly a decade. 

Bonnie works one-on-one with families, conducts community workshops, and has shared her expertise on numerous radio programs, including ABC Radio and 96.5 FM. She’s known as The Organising Queen and spreads the message of order through her Organise4Life segments on Brisbane’s 96five FM.

Bonnie’s achievements include winning the Best Young Entrepreneur award at the 2012 Commonwealth Redland Business Awards and the Telstra Business Awards in 2019. She is now an Expert Member of the Australasian Association of Professional Organisers and has been featured in prestigious publications like Bunnings Magazine, Haven for Families Magazine, and more.

Professional Qualifications

Bonnie and her team at Little Home Organised are all accredited Mental Health First Aiders, equipped to handle heightened emotional situations that can arise during the decluttering process.

Little Home Organised is also a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider, with a special interest in Hoarding Disorder. Bonnie has undergone training with leading experts in the field.

Bonnie is passionate about organising and helping people set and achieve realistic goals in their personal and professional lives. Outside of organising, she enjoys reading, watching romantic comedies, and travelling with her spouse.

Tired of feeling stressed and overwhelmed and simply would like to reclaim your time?

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Ready to book a workshop or request a customised presentation with Bonnie? Reach out to us for more information. To stay updated on our upcoming events, please visit our Facebook page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As a member of the Institute of Professional Organisers (IOPO), Bonnie is a professional organiser working closely with trained psychologists and occupational therapists. As such, she provides cutting edge information about how people can organise their busy lives, reduce stress, and create space for the things they love.

First, declutter and detach. Get containers and sort through everything.
Next, Donate, sell, or discard. Get rid of duplicate or unwanted items.
Finally, organise. It’s time to deal with the things you’ve decided to keep.

Start cleaning the floors, then proceed to the surfaces, then clean out the drawers, cabinets, or wardrobes. Kitchens typically take three days to complete, while bedrooms may take two days. Hire a professional organiser for a one-off job if you need assistance for the first time. What you learn can be sufficient to get you through the process of organising the rest of your home.