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The Family Calendar

This episode we talk about the family calendar. We chat about the pros and cons of digital versus paper, why having a family calendar is important and how to set up your own digital family calendar.



BONNIE: Hello and welcome, this week’s episode we are going to be talking about the family calendar.  We are going to talk about the different options available, why knowing who is picking up the kids is kind of important and if you are wanting to go digital we will share how to set up your own digital family diary.

LILY: I love the way you introduce the show then Bon, because it made me feel like you have got a story to tell with picking up children.

BONNIE: I certainly do and I think we should start with that.

LILY: OH go on

BONNIE: It will really set the tone for why having a family calendar or a dairy and communication is very important.  Ah so Miss 4 is at kindy and a few months ago I had taken Mr 5 who has an eye condition.   I had taken him to the eye clinic in the city for a check up, his yearly check up and I had taken Mr 2 year old with me too.  So I had the boys and Miss 4 was at kindy and of course the appointment was right around pick up time, so I had arranged someone else um, someone else in our support network to pick up our daughter and while I was sitting in the waiting room at this clinic um I got a couple of phone calls I think from, I found out I had some missed phone calls from you, some missed phone calls from our mum and then I realised that there was a messenger chat from one of the teachers from kindy who we are also friends with and I thought, oh why are all these people trying to get in touch with me? And because I have do not disturb on when I am driving in the car um text messages and alerts and stuff don’t come through while I am driving to avoid the temptation of obviously looking at it and for some reasons the phone calls hadn’t come through, maybe the car park being underground had a bit of an issue.  Anyway so I found out okay no-one has picked up Miss 4 and I thought oh goodness because the message that I actually got was an hour earlier, saying no one had picked her up.

LILY: Oh no

BONNIE:  And so I was like really freaking out that my kid was still at kindy waiting for me and it is like that whole do you remember the Simpson’s episode where like Homer forgets to pick up Bart and Bart is waiting after soccer practice and Homer comes to pick him and it is pouring down rain and Bart is just sitting there with this really I am ticked off with you look on his face and then I think Homer has brought him an ice cream because he feels bad for him that he has been late or something and as they are  driving home the ice cream that he puts in his sons lap which he is not even talking to him at this point, he has to break suddenly and then the ice cream goes all over Bart and so Bart is like even more cross.  So I am just having this imagination of like oh my goodness my daughter is going to be traumatised for ever because no one has picked her up and anyway long story short, when the kindy teacher didn’t get onto me, she got onto Mum because she knew that Mum picked up our daughter from kindy a couple a days a week when I work and my mum was free and she said yep, great I will go and pick her up.  Anyway it turned out that it had just been a big communication error that the person who I have asked to pick them up had kind of thought I meant something else and it was like the beginning of the year so it was all  you know starting one in prep, starting the next one in kindy, so it was just that getting use to the routine of a new school year but as a parent I just felt horrified that my poor daughter had been left behind.  And so she got picked up probably I don’t know probably 20-25 minutes after all the other kids but did she have clue that she had been left behind.

LILY:.  Oh, no nope she had the best time

BONNIE: She had the best time, because my darling daughter who is now ADHD diagnosed loves one on one time so she got all the kindy teachers to herself.  So she thought it was fantastic

LILY: The moral of the story is…. Leave your kids at kindy

BONNIE: Only if it is not going to traumatise them.

LILY: But you raise a good point and that is why the family calendar is so important because often we can have set routines in place for what happens on certain days of the week and us all being on the same page is important but a family calendar is important for the instances where something changes, where there is change to the routine and we need to make sure everyone is one the same page, miss communications happen ever day with everybody so if you have a calendar that connects everyone then that can help eliminate the likelihood of something like that happening

BONNIE: Yes that’s exactly right and I think if you are a busy family ah and you have got lots of different people going in lots of different directions and if you have got other people in your support network helping out as well it is even more important to all be on the same page and that’s why when people have like triplets or quadruplets or whatever often you will find extra family members really stepping in and stepping up and people have to get organised because you have got to know who is taking care of who


BONNIE: At what time and this is why I think you will find people in larger families actually seem more organised than people who have only got a couple of kids

LILY: Because they have to be

BONNIE:  Because they have to be

LILY:.  That mover cheaper by the dozen,


LILY: You know you look at how everything runs and it has to have all those systems in place to ensure things run smoothly because it, no one could survive that kind of chaos.


LILY: And so that’s why a family calendar is really important and there are few different types of family calendars that we can use to help us keep everybody’s schedules and routines in place

BONNIE:  Yeah, there are a few different types and so I am very pro digital because I am digital with all of my paperwork.  I am digital with the dairy and the calendar but there are lot of physical options for people who still need that visual reminder, so whether you are someone who has got a month by month calendar on the wall

LILY: Or the old school physical diary that you have in your handbag that you always pull out and flip through.

BONNIE: Yes and there is such a variety of those and you can do the one day per page or you can do like a month at a glance

LILY: Or you can do the customised one like a bullet journal.  I was a big bullet journaller for a while there

BONNIE: That whole concept just blows my mind

LILY: We might need to go an episode on it

BONNIE:  It is so like confusing for me

LILY:.  It is completely customisable to the person which is what is good about it and it is designed, you know people get really pretty and if you put bullet journal on Pinterest you will think what the hey but you know you can do them, it is actually designed to be super simple but that is another physical diary that you can make and again it’s something that you pop in your handbag.


LILY: You always have to have it with you to know what’s going on

BONNIE: And some people really like a huge visual so they might have like chalk board or a white board and they have maybe got things organised so that each person has their own column or their own row and so you can write you know days of the week at the top or on the side and you can look at it and see what kind of unusual stuff and those kind of visuals are great if you know Thursday is sports day, Tuesday is library day, so this particular person and you can see at a glance what everybody is doing

LILY: And it is not just families with like young kids or kids in school that need a family calendar, even if you are a single person, even if your partner, your married being on the same page or having a clear place to know what is going on in your day, in your week, in the months to come, scheduling things ahead of time is really important.  Like think about those appointments like I see a dermatologist and when I go to book an appointment I have to book at least 9-12 months in advanced, that’s when I can get my next appointment

BONNIE: Mine’s like 18 months in advanced and I am like mmm what am I doing in 18 months

LILY: mmmm what am I doing in 18 months.

BONNIE: Ummm let me get back to you on that

LILY: Yeah and that is another reason why you have these diaries, we have these calendars is so that we can have a plan and plot everything somewhere, you know we talk about the mental load all the time, you can’t keep all that kind of information in your head, you have to free up that space for the other stuff that really does matter.  So the family calendar is important no matter where you are in your life.

BONNIE:  You know there are those people who actually still operate off a mental diary, like I can’t think who it was I spoke to the other day and I said oh we are thinking about doing this on that day are you free? And they like checked their head, you know when your eyes kind of roll to one side because you are thinking really hard and they are like Ah yep I am free, and I think how

LILY:.  How did you do that?

BONNIE: How do you know that like I mean they were a single person so

LILY: Maybe

BONNIE: Maybe that’s what makes it easier, maybe my brain would be less full because I have less people in my life

LILY: But I feel like every since having a baby I have become a little bit more of a potato and so you are a bit brain dead

BONNIE:  Yep yep

LILY: I just feel like I can’t mentally hold onto as many things as I use to and like maybe I need to change my mentality around that to actually open myself up to be able to you know think more positively, bring in more positive change but yeah like I don’t want to keep all that information in my head as well

BONNIE: No not when there are all these systems around us that can actually store it for us and I find it interesting the whole concept of um executive functioning and your brain planning things that you need to do and I know that there are people in my life who are not all that great at planning things and there not all that great at saying okay I need to do this on this day lets book it in but it is more of a vague oh yep I will get to that.  I need to that and then it just never kind of gets planned and put in a dairy or calendar it just is like this idea that is kind of floating out there somewhere.

LILY: Oh gosh, isn’t that like what we do with all our friends when it comes to catching up.  Oh we should so catch up


LILY: Oh wouldn’t that be so nice.  It’s like if it is so nice let’s do it.

BONNIE:  Yeah like lets make a date now

LILY:.  Lets make it happen. Otherwise it will become 6 months again and then we will get back to this conversation oh my gosh I haven’t spoken to you in ages, lets do that thing

BONNIE: Yeah and that’s why with our calendars at work when I am finishing up with client for the day and we are looking at booking their next one, they sometimes they will say to me, oh do I just need to ring the office? No let’s book this baby now, you’ve got your diary, I have got my dairy lets look at what works

LILY: Lets commit, lets me a plan

BONNIE: Yeah lets commit and I think that that is a really key factor in filling your diary is when you make a decision about attending an event or hosting an event, just make it, book it in and do it.

LILY: It is all about being intentional when we keep coming back to that.  So there are plenty or reasons why having a family diary or family calendar is important, you know we are talking about freeing up that mental space so that we can focus on other things that are important to us as well, but another great advantage of it, especially if you are going digital is we know what other people are up, we know what other people are doing, when and where

BONNIE: Yes and that makes it so easy for you to plan your husbands life, and say I would like you to do these 3 jobs because I know you have  a day off.

LILY: Oh see I was going to say it makes it easier to stalk a person because you know where they are going to be.

BONNIE: DO you know what, we so are.  Our mother has that find my friends app on her phone and so she will constantly say to our kids when it is around that 5 o’clock pick up time in the afternoon oh mummy is just coming in the estate and so yesterday my daughter who is 4 said to me, oh can you look on your phone and see where daddy is?  And I said I don’t stalk daddy like that honey, I am sorry.  Grandma’s a little strange

LILY: I um I said to mum that I didn’t want to do the find my friend thing for a while because I don’t want you to see what I am up to, and then I was wait I have got nothing to hide.  She can see what I am up to that’s fine.  And then I thought what if it really was an emergency and she did want to see where, you know they tracked my phone to find out where I last was, and they could see that I you know I had taken a flight to the Bahamas to have a holiday, at least they would know that I was at the airport, probably not at the moment though

BONNIE: Well   no not at the moment, no one is travelling sadly.  Um but that story about my daughter being left behind at kindy, my mum she actually did check, find my friends and saw that I was at the hospital and she is like oh that’s right that is what she is doing, because I don’t give her access to all of my calendars I just invite her to events that are specific for her.

LILY:.  Yep

BONNIE: But she could see where I was and so she knew yep I have got to go and pick this poor kid up.

LILY: And that brings me to my next point, like a good advantage of having a calendar is that when things crop up you know who is going to be able to help when and where, because we know what is going on with each other, especially in a digital situation like that.  Like her being able to you know jump on a different app um and see what you are up too is pretty cool but to be able to open the calendar and go ah this is where they are maybe that’s why she hasn’t been pick up there has been a break down in communication of what have you somewhere else.

BONNIE: Yeah and in terms of work, because I have obviously got a few staff with Little Miss Organised we all have shared calendars so we can see what anybody is up to at any given point of the day and it is great because I might be working in the office with my assistant and I will say I need to talk to one of the girls about this client and I will go to ring her and I will go oh hang on I have just got to check the calendar, oh she is actually out with a client right now so I am not going to bother her now, I will ring her later when I know she has finished.

LILY: Yes and that is important respecting other peoples time

BONNIE: Yeah boundaries baby

LILY: So you and I are both pro digital and there is no lie about it, so obviously your and I feel quite strongly that a digital calendar is a really good way to go and so there is a lot of pros to being digital but there is also some cons as well and so I think we should flesh those out um before we hit up our clutter confessions.

BONNIE: So pros for digital um is that my brain doesn’t have to work the smart phone does it for me.  So I can put an alert in for an event and like at the moment we are preparing to move house so I was picking up some boxes from someone this morning and I put that in a calendar event and so that way it reminded me and I could put in where I was picking up the boxes, what time I was picking up the boxes, I could add some notes in about what picking up the boxes meant or whatever and it just reminded me.

LILY: And that’s it you can fully customise stuff digitally when you go into your calendar you can put those notes in, you can add the address, you know you can make that calendar entry work for you.  You can also do repeating events, which I like, so if you need to pay someone on a certain date or you need to

BONNIE: To give a dog a tablet once a month


BONNIE: Or fertilize the yard every 3 months

LILY:.  You can put it in and you can customise it and you can take that responsibility off yourself.  Think about how quickly time flies, like can you believe that we are in July already for 2020 and you know when we think about maintaining our house oh what’s that job that you do once or twice a year, when do you do that, oh I just get around to it.  Why not take that mental responsibility out of your brain, put it into something digital and then when it gets to that month, its like oh some point this month now I have remembered that I need to change that, do that, um I need to check my oil in my car, I need to do whatever and or I know that my rego payment is coming up soon, like it is a way to keep on top of everything.

BONNIE: You can just put everything into your diary on your phone

LILY: Like birthdays

BONNIE: Oh I love the birthday’s function, so I set it up so that it is a whole day event; I get reminded either a week before or the day before depending on who it is.  So like usually there are people in your circle, like you don’t forget your kids birthdays or if you do, I can’t help you there but you use those alerts to

LILY: You’re on your own

BONNIE: You’re on your own.  This is not the podcast for you.  You use those alerts to remind you, oh hey your son’s best friends birthday is in a week so lets go and buy a present together and then I set it to repeat every year and I just put in the event blah blah blah’s birthday and I usually put the year that they were born so that it doesn’t matter which year the birthday is, it is not going to say it is his 6th birthday when actually he is turning 15.

LILY: Yes, yeah and it is just a great and easy example of why a digital calendar and having that automated setting set up is awesome, like you said you can have the reminder two weeks out which goes oh I haven’t brought a present yet.  I am going to go buy that present and it is just you know lets make our lives easier, we talk about reclaiming time for the things that we love.  So free yourself of these mental burdens.  The other thing that I really like about a digital calendar is you can invite people to specific events, so like you can create an entry, put it in and then you can send it out to someone via their email and that person can then accept your invitation to join your calendar and then they will have the information on their end as well and it helps everybody be integrated so the other thing that then happens is lets say I make the time 9am and then I realise an hour after I have made the event and sent it out, oh actually it should have been 10 am, I go in there and I edit it and then that person gets notified that it has actually being changed to 10.

BONNIE: Yes and this is something I do with our mum because she looks after the kids a couple of days a week, I will actually, she has invited, it is repeating events because it is the same days every week but on individual events if I have to, if I am going to be later say I am working up or down the coast um and I know I am going to be getting back later I will actually put in there, I will change the end time and I will put a note I am working down the Gold Coast or something like that and that really helps her, if I drop my kids off in a real rush on that Monday morning and I haven’t actually said to her oh by the way I am working down the coast all day and I am going to be late, it is in the calendar so that she can check it just in case I have failed to communicate.

LILY: And that’s it.  That’s what we talked about earlier it helps like foolproof things for you.

BONNIE:  It does

LILY:.  And the other thing we should mention with a digital calendar, it is not that it is just your phone depending on what kind of devices you use, whether you are apple or android, you can sink it across all your devices, so I can look on my phone and see my calendar, I can look on my iPad and see my calendar,  I can look on my Mac and see my calendar or you know whatever you use for android if it is through your emails or what have you and it means that no matter what device you have got everything is always up to date, so when one thing changes on my phone, it changes everywhere and that is like a true advantage of being digital and then of course the other advantage of having it on my phone is, it is always with me.

BONNIE: Yes you don’t have to worry about oh I can’t commit to that because I have to check my diary and my diary is at home because my dairy is too big for me to carry around everywhere so it is at home and I will have to check it later.

LILY: And reliably most of us have our phones on us.

BONNIE: Yes we do.

LILY: It is sad but it is true

BONNIE: Yeah I mean it is.

LILY: Yeah but like why not make that convenient.  You know we think of all the devices that we use to have that has now being compacted into the phone.  Yes, those things are are now redundant are all on this one device.

BONNIE: Like the pager

LILY: The calculator

BONNIE: I still use my calculated every time I do wages.

LILY: Do you. I think there is something

BONNIE:  I love punching those buttons

LILY:.  Buttons it is tactile.

BONNIE: Yeah it’s the buttons.

LILY: Yeah

BONNIE: The other thing that is really good about being digital is say we have got a lot of parties happening this year because it is prep, when we get the invitation for the party I take a photo of it and I actually attach it to the party event itself, so I don’t have to worry about oh where is that invitation because I like a clutter free fridge, so I know now oh that’s right I am going to this kids birthday party on Sunday, I will go into the event, look at the attachments and double check you know the time, the RSVP all of that stuff, it is just like, it is amazing, it is life changing.

LILY: Yeah and in our previous episode in paper flow we talked about the short term paperwork system where you can have that draw with things like invitations and stuff would go

BONNIE: Up coming events

LILY: Yeah but if you have taken a photo of it and you have attached it, you have also given yourself another back up which is a good thing to because lets say in the chaos of the day, for some reason you do not grab the invitation out and then you hope in the car and you are on the way and you think oh hang on, was I suppose to bring this? Or you know something else, flick open your phone, check the attachment, oh I have got the visual copy there and what’s better yet is you have got it visually saved already on your phone you don’t even need it in that paper draw.

BONNIE: No, how many of us, like I use to have a paper diary, how many of us have put concert tickets or events, invitations into our physical diary and carried it around with us and then stuff falls out and I remember a time with mum a while ago where something fell out and it was actually marking a particular date but she hadn’t written it on whatever it was that had fallen out and so when it fell out she was really distressed because she was like I don’t know where this has fallen out and I need to get it back in that spot and I just think that when you are digital you don’t have to worry about that stuff so much.

LILY: No, but there are cons and so we definitely need to mention them as well because

BONNIE:  No we don’t, I am sure we don’t.  Pros all the way

LILY:. Alright so if you are not text savvy,

BONNIE: Yes, yes that’s true

LILY: Going digital is super challenging, because it is just like people who are not text savvy and aren’t willing to be engaging with technology more in their day to day life, it is an unnecessary stress to add into their day.


LILY: To try and figure out something new

BONNIE: And I think of our parents who never wanted to go to an iPhone and wanted to stick with their old bricks and once we convinced them, yeah it is better to do it, now they love it and they would never go back from their iPad and their iPhone.

LILY: I think also that around the time that that was happening is phones were getting better, and like able to provide more so that was something to consider as well, but you know you might even be in a situation where your really tech savvy but your partner isn’t


LILY: So trying to be, we talk about trying to streamline things, having too many systems in your house ends up becoming chaotic and you can’t commit to them all, you need to like pick a system and everybody needs to be on the same page so if you are all about being digital and on your phone but your partner isn’t then that may not be the best option for you.

BONNIE: So one of my staff actually does the digital thing but also does a visual thing cause it is easier for her family.  So she admits she has to double up with writing some stuff on that family calendar on the wall but that is a sacrifice she is willing to make because it makes it easier for the rest of her family who are younger and don’t have devices


BONNIE:  To be able to see what is going on.  So it is about picking the system you want to work with and sticking with it.

LILY:.  I think as well on along those lines another con is if you are a visual person, so if for you, you have to be able to see it, touch it

BONNIE: Up on a wall

LILY: Touch those pages of your dairy

BONNIE: Be able to write it down, there is something about the actual physicality of writing something down, it is like that whole a goal that you set only you become 97% more likely to fulfil a goal when you have actually physically written it down.


BONNIE: So that might be a thing for people who are visual as well.  Obviously with technology side of things there is also the you know sometimes likelihood of technology  malfunctions, or the whole android versus apple thing.

LILY: Yes and so and I will talk about this a little bit later on but I can definitely attest to the fact that there are apps out there that can help you streamline your communication between an apple device and an android device at least the ones that I have encountered are not completely smooth, and so that can be a real challenging thing if you are not on the same type of device.

BONNIE: Yes that is true.  Now before we get into our clutter confession for this week I would like to encourage you to head over to our Little Home Organised community group because we have got a great debate going on this week, paper versus digital.  Which do you prefer a paper diary or a digital diary.  Head on over to Little Home Organised community on Facebook to voice your opinion.


Anonymous caller:  My clutter confession is I use to collect all of my snake sheds from when he was a baby right through to a grown up.


LILY:.  To be fair that is actually really cool, like I remember being a kid and looking at snakeskins

BONNIE: They are cool

LILY: and thinking how interesting.

BONNIE: But is that like the snaky equivalent of toenails.

LILY: Maybe

BONNIE: Mmmhmm we should ask the group that one I think

LILY: Yeah isn’t that interesting, but like we talk about as well I think on  a previous episode how with your babies as they get older you want to like hold onto certain things so do maybe want to hold onto that hospital band, maybe you do hold onto their umbilical cord, it like it shows that growth, and so for this person, maybe their snake like is their

BONNIE: Baby instead of it being a fur baby, it’s a snake baby

LILY: It’s a vinyl baby, a slithery baby

BONNIE: I don’t think vinyl is the right word

LILY: What’s the word

BONNIE:  That sounds too much like

LILY:.  I guess a snakeskin, scaly baby

BONNIE: I think scaly baby is probably a little bit more appropriate.  It makes me wonder especially when people do keep like their umbilical cords because the blood that inside it can be used for stem cell research.  Do you think you could do the same thing with a snakeskin.

LILY: Oh interesting

BONNIE: Mmm might have to research that one

LILY:  Got a clutter confession, we would love you to send it in, head to our Facebook page, send an audio file of something kooky, weird, wacky, wonderful an item, a collection you might have.  Leave us an audio recording and we will make sure it stays anonymous and play it on an upcoming episode.


BONNIE: But now to continue our discussion about family calendars, Lily lets talk about what we do.  You go first

LILY: Okay so simply for me, I am digital and I have all the calendar information on my phone,  I have an iPhone,  my husband has an android,

BONNIE: Bom-bowwww

LILY: Bom-bowww so I mean I use to have android and


LILY:.  Know I quite enjoyed it, it is super customisable, but yeah long story short, they don’t communicate very well with calendars

BONNIE: No and that is what frustrates me so much about all these big tech companies, is like please play nice, lets teach our kids that playing nice is good.  Please play nice with each other.

LILY: Well they are just totally different ways of doing things and like yeah I actually keep all the calendar information on my phone. He doesn’t have it on his phone so we don’t sink calendars per say I just invite him to stuff.  Is that more mental load than I want to take on, Yes could our calendar situation be better, absolutely but the one thing that we do that works really well as far as digital like dairy and calendar is our digital shopping list.

BONNIE: Oh yes what do you use.

LILY: Yeah so it use to be called wonder list but now it has changed the name to Microsoft to do list.

BONNIE: Yes, yes

LILY: Love this

BONNIE: We use it to

LILY: So this app is for anyone who hasn’t heard of it, it is just you can sink lists basically between

BONNIE: it’s a free app

LILY: Yeah its free, it is between devices and we use it for shopping and presents.  So we have a list on there and it says things I might like for  a present because when ever it comes up to a birthday and someone is like what do you want, you think I don’t know and then every time it is not coming up to anything you can think of things.

BONNIE:  I know isn’t that weird.

LILY:.  So when we think of things we add them to our lists be it for our birthdays or Christmas and then it just helps the other person get an idea of what we are like liking at the moment


LILY: But the more important thing is we do it for groceries.  So anytime you know open the fridge and I am like oh the milk is out, I will write milk on the list or if I am out and about and I think of something I just add it to the list and it means that if he is coming home from work, he doesn’t have to call me and be like what do we need.


LILY: He just swings by the shops and goes oh I just brought whatever was on the list and so are both actually, you have to be committed to it and we both actually make sure that as we need stuff it gets written in there and it means that when he goes to the shop he looks at the list and goes oh we need apples, milk and eggs and what happens is while he has got the app open if I coincidentally at the same time  add things to the list it turns up on his.

BONNIE: Yeah it is instant

LILY: Yeah and when he checks it off it removes it from the list as well.  So it is awesome because then you can literally in live time update the grocery list.

BONNIE: And I love the star function that it has, so you can actually star the items that are an absolute priority and then the ones that are not starred you can say they are just when ever.

LILY: Yeah or if we meet our budget just don’t get them this time.

BONNIE: Yeah yeah

LILY: What do you guys do for your digital calendar

BONNIE: Um so we are on apple and I use the calendars both for work and for personal.  So I mentioned before my staff, so we each have a different coloured calendar and I will just unclick or click their names when I want to see all the work stuff and I will unclick all the calendars that are personal.  So in terms of our person calendars I have got a personal one, I have got a work one, I have got one for the kids at the moment because they are still young but I am probably heading towards in the next 12 months maybe giving them their own just because we are starting to do a few more things but we are still prep, kindy and the youngest is 2 so it is not one shared calendar is working fine for now.   And then we have a birthday’s calendar as well.  Did I mention one for my husband, yeah my husband has a calendar and so like fertilize the lawn for example I would just stick that in his calendar because that is something that he does and he is on android and I am on apple and so we use an app called smooth sink and it is not always a smooth sink lets be honest but um we are committed to making it work and we make it work 99% of the time and that works really well for us because, and he is getting a lot better at it actually, the checking the calendar, in the last couple of weeks he said oh blah blah blah I am doing this today and I will say oh okay did you check the calendar, like how did you know about that and he is like yeah I checked the calendar and I think well looks whose stepping up. So we use that and then we use the Microsoft to do for our groceries, for gifts, so yeah it might be ideas for gifts for people.  We also keep a list of what gifts we have brought, so this year I am trying to keep on budget in terms of what our gift giving budget is because we have gone way over that in recent times and so this year every time we buy a gift for someone I am actually adding that to the list, so at the end of the year it is a bit easier to look back and say this is how much we spent on gifts.  But yeah that works really well for us just being completely digital, being able to be out and about and add stuff in really easily.

LILY: And you share this with mum and dad too right?

BONNIE: I only share with them events that are involving me, so I only invite them to like when they are babysitting and stuff like that,  so that works really well. Yeah for us.

LILY: So if you are at home in you are thinking I it’s all a bit chaotic I want everybody to be one the same page I have meaning to set up a digital calendar but I haven’t gotten to it yet or the one I have got is not quite working we are going to tell you now what you can do at home to get yours set up today.

BONNIE:  We certainly are, and this will actually serve as your tidy task to this week, so if you are someone how is looking to go digital this is your tidy task.  So when you are setting up a digital diary what you want to do is you want to create one calendar per person. So if you have got five people in your family and especially if you have got older kids who may have their own devices this is great because then you can sink it with them,  they can adjust things and it will automatically update on your calendar as well.  So create one calendar per person and um colour code them and if you do work stuff as well as personal stuff you might decide that you yourself need a personal and a work calendar but the most important thing is using that that when you put events in it is important to be descriptive and add notes as much as possible.  So don’t just write Fiona if your doctors name is Fiona write appointment with Dr Fiona for example.  The other thing that you can do with your events once you put them in is you can actually be really descriptive. So you can say your full doctors name, instead of just say one word that reminds you of that person so that way it makes it easier if you need to search back over your events and think where was I on that day or when was the last time I saw my dermatologist for example, you can really easily search back that and find that event.  The other thing that is really great to do when you are setting up your calendars is use your alerts and your reminders function and your repeating events function.  So if you do the same thing every Wednesday at 10 o’clock have that repeat every week at Wednesday at 10 o’clock with no end date and then on the odd days that you are not there because you are going away in 6 months time you go through and delete those individual events and that just makes it easier for your digital diary to work for you rather than against you.

LILY: Absolutely  Awesome well that’s it for this weeks episode so thank you so much for tuning in we know how busy life can be and we really appreciate you lending us your ears.

BONNIE: And remember progress not perfection.

LILY: See you later



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