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The Go Zone


This episode is about the Go Zone. Join Bonnie and Lily to define what a Go Zone is, how to set one up in your home, and why every home needs one. If getting out the door on time is a mission in your house, the go zone is a game changer.





Episode Transcript

Hello and welcome I am Bonnie and I am Lily and this is Little Home Organised the PodCast dedicated to helping you declutter, get organised and reclaim time for the things you love.
BONNIE: Come on over baby….

LILY: Like if I say to him, go put your crocks on, which are shoes

BONNIE: Which are shoes, which I don’t know what they are

LILY: We don’t wear crocodiles in Australia

BONNIE: They are not literally crocodiles on his feet. You know I have got a de-fluffer, what are those things called that you

LILY: Lint roller

BONNIE: Lint roller

LILY: De-fluffer


BONNIE: Hello and welcome, this week we are talking about the go-zone, we will chat about what a go-zone is, what furniture you need and why every house needs one

LILY: TO be fair hadn’t heard of the go-zone until a couple of years ago, absolutely hands down life changing cannot wait for this episode. But before we dive in Bonnie and absolutely you know obsess over everything about the go-zone we have to talk about something a bit more Christmassy.

BONNIE: Ding, ding ding, I don’t actually know which Christmas song that it, maybe it should be carol of the bells or something

LILY: Da, da, da, da…..da, da, da, da, literally we are doing the 12 days of decluttering


LILY: That is the 12 days of Christmas.

BONNIE: That was terrible

LILY: Oh should we do it again, Da, da, da, da, da…..da, da, da, da

BONNIE: That’s better, yes

LILY: All right so Christmas fever is in the air, we are all getting towards the end of the year, we want to get a little bit more organised so that when we have our festivities our life at home is not feeling too chaotic, so what we are doing if you head over to our Facebook group, Little Home Organised Community on Facebook, we are going to do the 12 days of decluttering starting on December 1st, 12 minutes everyday to help you get your house a little bit more organised.

BONNIE: Yes so come on over, come on over baby…. I feel that we sing a lot, sorry

LILY: A lot more off mike than we do on mike believe it or not people, but we would love to see you, come on over and join us, so that starts on December 1st.

BONNIE: Okay so we are talking about the go-zone today which is, it is probably my most favourite system to set up in the house because it is so life changing. Everyone who has ever heard about the go-zone and implemented it say how amazing and life changing it is.

LILY: That is not an exaggeration, it literally is such a simple concept but it really changes the flow of things moving in and out of your house.

BONNIE: Oh it so does and I remember years ago I did a 1 minute motivational minute on the go-zone for a local radio station and one of our friends heard it and constantly when I see him every couple of months now he says the go-zone I have got a go-zone going, it is working well thank you and like that would have been 5 years ago that he first heard about it but that is something that I get constantly reminded about how, yeah how life impacting it is.
LILY: So for people who don’t know Bonnie what is a go-zone?

BONNIE: So a go-zone is basically where you put everything you need to go. So on a daily basis what are the things that you use, car keys, wallet, and glasses

LILY: Handbag

BONNIE: Handbag, if you have got kids, there will be school bags or day care bags or nappy bags, library bags
LILY: Maybe their shoes, maybe their hats

BONNIE: Yeah so maybe a good example is talking about what I have got in mine. So we are a family of 5, our kids are 6, 4 & 2 so we have got one in school, one in kindergarten and one just a toddler, so what we have got is we have got a cube unit, it has got 8 squares and we have basically decided okay every child has got a spot for their bag, so preppie has his school bag. So he has a school bag in it and it has got his library bag in it and then underneath he has got another cube that has all of his shoes in there and like we are not a big shoe family so my kids have got like maybe 4 pairs of shoes each kind of thing and so it really easily fits in, and then the kindergartener has that same thing, she has got a box that has got her kindy bag in it and her kindy sheets bag in it and then her shoes are underneath. Same thing for Mr 2, he has got a daycare bag and a nappy bag in box and then a shoe box underneath. Now because it is an 8 cube unit we have got 2 cubes left over

LILY: One of the cubes has two draws right?

BONNIE: Yes, so one is for me and one is for my husband, and this is where we put things like our keys, our wallets, you know like I have got a de-fluffer, what are those things called that you

LILY: Lint roller

BONNIE: Lint roller

LILY: De-fluffer

BONNIE: Everybody knew what I was talking about. Um I have got a couple of things like that, some spare tissues and like lip gloss and stuff that I might

LILY: Not to be mistaken for a junk draw

BONNIE: No. no it is not although I am sure people look at it from time to time and go like what is in here, this is random stuff, but I know what is in there and everything has a purpose and a place, so that is my draw. My husband’s draw on the other hand you can barely get it open at times because it is so full of random stuff

LILY: As long as you can close it and don’t have to look at it

BONNIE: Ahhh yeah

LILY: Yeah

BONNIE: He has got a draw and this is so great because I just find that blocks really need a spot to be able to just dump stuff and that is where the whole key bowl comes in really handy

LILY: Yeah absolutely

BONNIE: You just empty your pockets out and that is why pens and random screws and nuts and bolts and change ends up in the key bowl as well because that is the sort of stuff that is in your pocket when you are a block, you know they jingle as they walk

LILY: I have screws in my pockets for when I want to go do handy dandy stuff to Bon

BONNIE: That’s true you are a very handy woman. Power to you sister, um

LILY: And what is in the 8th cube

BONNIE: So the 8th cube is our go box and the go box is also a completely life changing system because everything that is in there is stuff that needs to go, so we put donations that we no longer want that need to go to a charity in there, the lasagna dish that someone has given us a lasagna in goes in there to be returned, there is also stuff in there for you and your cutie purtutie because I give our hand me downs to use

LILY: Hand me downs

BONNIE: So yeah that’s what the go box is, so that is our go-zone set up

LILY: But if you have got a bigger family maybe you will need more cubes or you will need to adjust the system a little bit to accommodate the space, so lets say maybe you are someone who has the children in high school with really big high school back packs filled with books and things like that, so maybe you end up having some hooks on the wall where the big bags go and then the smaller things go in your cube unit or in another piece of furniture so there are ways of course that, it doesn’t have to be cube unit that you can set up your go-zone but the principles are that the key things that we need to go in and out the house should be in our go-zone and it is fundamental and it will make a huge difference for the flow of things going in and out of the house. For some people they might be like oh yeah this sounds like my school station that I kind of have set up

BONNIE: Yeah, yes

LILY: Are there other names that you have come across that people mention that come to mind

BONNIE: Sometimes people will call it like a command centre because they will put all the family calendar and dairy stuff above it as well and you know there is lots of different names and they kind of all look a little bit different

LILY: The flow and go, I just made that one up, was it good

BONNIE: Oh go and flow probably would be okay but the flow and go sounds a bit too plumbing for me.

LILY: Oh does it

BONNIE: Yeah um, but the most important thing about placement is that you have to put the go-zone near where you enter and exit the house because if you got it down the other end and you have got to send your kids back to go and get their school bag, or their pair of school shoes or whatever they have gone for half an hour, like

LILY: Oh there is so much stimulus along the way


LILY: So think about those like chaotic mornings when you are trying to get out the door, if you know where your keys and wallet are, every day because the system is in place right perfect, so think of it for the same way for your kids if the last thing that they do before they walk out the door is put their shoes on, obviously you want to make sure that their shoes are near the door, they are near the exit and same for when they come in, like if the first thing they do when they come in with their pack packs on is take their back packs off, having a go-zone near the entry to your home is perfect it is exactly what we need to try and do, it is the perfect location.

BONNIE: Mmm it just really helps with that magnetic problem that we have got with horizontal spaces

LILY: With flat surfaces

BONNIE: Yes, so if you have a go-zone you can all stand there off load pretty much 90% of the stuff you bring into the house straight away, you don’t have to then take it over to a dinning table or a kitchen bench, dump it and then deal with it, so it just makes it much easier for storage.

LILY: I remember how hot sweaty, gross, heavy everything feels when like I would walk home from school from high school because we absolutely were jammed packed with text books, those bags are huge and they are really heavy. I get home and the first thing I want to do is literally as I open the door

BONNIE: Take it off

LILY: Is just chuck that off my back


LILY: So if I have to talk all the way to the other side of the house or upstairs and go put it in the spot in my bedroom

BONNIE: Yes, yes

LILY: I am not going to do, I am literally just going to wriggle it off my back

BONNIE: You are just want to dump it.

LILY: It is like you know when you unhook your bra at the end of day, and you are just like whoooo we are free, you know like you really want to do that, so for those of you out there who happen to wear one

BONNIE: Or need one

LILY: So it is similar for the kids, you know whether they are little or older they want to get that off their back, so like if you can make the zone that they do that right near the door and there is a system where it is like hey you can get that thing of your back, you just literally need to chuck it under there in that box or hook it up there it is going to make the house look less chaotic in an afternoon when all the kids have come home, they are hungry and there are suddenly just books, bags, hats

LILY: Shoes, everywhere, the go-zone is amazing.

BONNIE: It is because honestly as a mother I do feel like I am a bit of packhorse at times and like coming in from the car I just feel like I am just so heavily burdened so being able to open the door, walk a couple of steps and then offload 90% of that burden straight away is really quite liberating.

LILY: Is huge, and you have reminded me now that in primary school, I use to walk home with my backpack and my saxophone

LILY: Which was a huge walk


LILY: But I think when I had my saxophone maybe mum and dad picked us up or maybe they didn’t, it was hard I use to

BONNIE: Sometimes you do see kids walking home with,

LILY: hike for miles and miles

BONNIE: in the snow barefoot

LILY: Yeah up hill to school, up hill back from school, but yeah when you get in the door if you are carrying all that stuff oh course you just want to like get it off so like the go-zone is great for that.

BONNIE: And why I feel like every house needs one is because it does relieve that burden straight away of when you do come in the house to offload but it is like such a simple organisational system that is so easy for your kids to learn and so often we have got parents that as saying to us, look I am really disorganised, I have really disorganised childhood and adult life and I don’t want the same for my kids I want them to learn to be organised, I want them to learn those skills and the go-zone is the perfect way to start

LILY: It is a great tool

BONNIE: To start that

LILY: Yeah absolutely. I love the saying and I think we have said it before and I am sure we will say it again, a place for everything and everything in its a place and the go-zone is a really great example of that, your children come home, they know that my shoes go here, my hat goes here, my bag goes here, you come home, I know that’s where my keys go, so that if they’re some kind of communication break down I need to race off somewhere and I need to leave a certain set of keys here and my husband needs to grab them or he needs access to this, he knows I can’t find the person to ask them, I am going to go straight to the go-zone and what I need I know is going to be there.

BONNIE: Yeah and especially if you have got kids that are older and maybe private schools with funny hats like my high school we had a felt hat

LILY: Oh and you cant squash them like

BONNIE: No you cannot squash them and they are ridiculously expensive and like I think there was a lot of threats involved if I was ever to damage my beautiful felt hat

LILY: Didn’t you damage one of them?

BONNIE: Not intentionally, I am pretty sure I had the same one the whole way through

LILY: Maybe I am confusing you with our brother

BONNIE: Yeah well that sounds far more likely

LILY: I am trying to think of the material of our hat because we had like of course a fancy high school hat as well because it is Australia and the sun is like


LILY: You walk outside it is like sizzzz, you know it does that to your skin

BONNIE: It is not that bad, come to Australia it is beautiful

LILY: If you are fair skin like me just cover up, oh I can’t even think of the material of the hat but yeah it is the same concept like it could easily be crushed

BONNIE: This is the impracticality of high school uniforms, private school uniforms in general, being made out of felt, they can’t get wet so what do you do when it pours down with rain, oh well you put a hat condom on of course

LILY: I am sorry, a what?

BONNIE: A hat condom

LILY: What do you put that in like your pocket in case it rains

BONNIE: I don’t know you are supposed to keep it in your school bag I suppose but they literally the uniform shop sold these little plastic, it is like a shower cap for your hat and you put it on your hat to protect it

LILY: That is so impractical

BONNIE: It is so impractical and I think I did it maybe once or twice in grade 8 before I realised like of my gosh that is not the cool thing to do and I never used it again

LILY: And we never did it again


LILY: All right we are going to talk more about the go-zone after the break.


LILY: We interrupt your usual programming to bring you an important message

BONNIE: From our sponsors

LILY: Us, we are bringing back our free webinar

BONNIE: Yeah we have had so many people email us and request us to bring this back so we are listening and on December 9th, 8 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time, declutter your home in 7 days will be back

LILY: But registrations are limited, we have a limited number of spaces so if you would like to come along and you missed out last time, bring a friend we would love to see you head to the website to register, it is littlehomeorganised.com.au/webinar

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LILY: Oh I love your radio voice.
WACKY CONFESSIONS ANONYMOUS CALLER 1: My clutter confession is that I have a handmade beautiful crocheted cardigan that was made by my grandmother who was very very special to me, so although I will never ever wear it I just can’t bear to part with it, that is my clutter confession.

LILY: That is the perfect encapsulation I think of where someone has received something that is so beautiful and so sentimental but it is an article of clothing that they will never wear.

BONNIE: It is so different to nowadays to where we just buy everything, stuff we just don’t really make stuff anymore like that and you know when we go through linen cupboards at people’s houses and there is all this beautifully crocheted napkin and linen wear and yeah like the whole cardigans

LILY: So much time and energy goes into them

BONNIE: So much time

LILY: So it is the gift that literally someone has invested hours in making to give specifically to you

BONNIE: Yeah and it is not a money thing, the time is so much more precious than the money that you know someone would have been able to spend on an item for you and yeah I think that that is really beautiful because that is obviously a really big a really strong representation for this person of their relationship with that person

LILY: Yeah and I am sure there are people some of you out there who are hearing this and thinking oh yes I can totally relate I have got that item, I personally have some knitted slippers from our grandma and she liked reinforces the souls with like a piece of leather so you can wear them around the house they are hideous but I love them

BONNIE: They are super comfy

LILY: They are so comfy

BONNIE: It is like you walking on clouds

LILY: They are so comfy but it is that fact that they are from her as well that I love to wear, I will wear them until they are absolutely ratty so I totally get it.

BONNIE: Yeah, yeah totally do

LILY: If you have a clutter confession send it in, head to the Facebook page we would love to hear it.


BONNIE: Okay so we are talking about the go-zone today one of my most favourite systems in the house to set up um let’s know talk about the how-to, what do we need to use and where do we get it.

LILY: Yes how can we set up our go-zone in our house if we don’t currently have one

BONNIE: So what I have already mentioned earlier is we use a cube unit and you can buy these cube units from multiple department stores, um places like Bunnings, Ikea, Kmart even the reject shop, the $2 shops have got them so cube units are pretty much everywhere. The most important thing is you need to actually look at what is going to work for your family. What size family do you have, sit down and kind of draw a little plan of how many cubes you feel like people everybody needs, um the other thing that you can do especially if you get like a really large cube unit, so say you get like a 4 x 4 or a 5 x 5 is if you have got those really big school bags that don’t quite fit into the cube box when you are building that unit remove or don’t even put in the top shelves and so that way the bag can stand up and it can take up 2 cube sections or maybe it only takes up one and a bit and there is space for you to put a hook to put the hat next to it.


BONNIE: Like that are so many options if you are not sure go to Pinterest check it out school stations or go-zone or command centre and get some ideas about how to set yours up perfectly because right now my kids are in primary school they have got floppy doppy hats they do not need to be perfectly preserved, their bags are not big so I don’t need to have that extra space for them to hang that stuff up and the other thing is if you want to use those cube units and install like a small rail you can even hang their uniforms there so it is like a real school station and everything is there ready to go.

LILY: You can make it really functional and practical but you can make it pretty as well so with the cubes if you want to do like the baskets, that slide in and out so that kids know or you know my stuff goes in here but I don’t to visually see it from the outside, there is a variety of options that you can chose from if you want to do um more of the canvasey type bags or if you want to do baskets or whatever it might be and maybe you are in a position where your entry in and out of the house is like your kids come through the garage or they come through like a mud room or a laundry room and so you probably have different ways that you want to set up your go-zone and there may be to how you want it to look in your living area you have got options, it doesn’t have to be a cube, just a piece of furniture that compartmentalises things to make it easy for you to know where your stuff is and to make it easy for your kids, because like you know Bonnie has used the example of hers which happens to be a cube and the cube has worked well for her especially because she has 3 small children and the youngest like if I say to him, go put your crocs on, put your shoes on

BONNIE: Put your shoes on, which they don’t know what they are

LILY: We don’t wear crocodiles in Australia

BONNIE: They are not literally crocodiles on his feet

LILY: We ride kangaroos and we wear crocodiles, um

BONNIE: We do ride in the pouch of a kangaroo to go to school though, so

LILY: Yeah it is a common mode of transport and if I say go put your crocs on, this little sweet beautiful 2 year old toddles on over and pulls out his basket and pulls his crocs out because he knows that is my basket, that is where my shoes are so you know it is a system that can work not only for big people like us but also for the little people too

BONNIE: And I love the basket side of things because sometimes life is busy and we like to get a bit lazy and who wants to have to perfectly line up your shoes every time you put them away, a child certainly doesn’t so a basket or a tub where the mess is contained and hidden is so much easier for them

LILY: And it is still organised

BONNIE: It is still organised, they can pull it out, find what they need and they can close it up again and you don’t have to see what is going on.

LILY: And you know we constantly talk about Pinterest perfect doing a cube system can look Pinterest perfect because you can’t see the chaos that is behind it but it is also not chaos it is organised chaos.
BONNIE: It is very aesthetically pleasing I have to admit a cube unit like it just is something that I look at and I visually find it very attractive.

LILY: Potentially you have got furniture that is more traditional it has been handed down and so you know it is not set up in the functional aesthetic of the cube system, it totally can work with that too, you just have to find a way to make that system work for

BONNIE: You just need to get a little bit more creative I think and the whole point of the go-zone is the little segments, so the categories, the zones, so whatever older furniture you might be using whether it is the pine stuff or the beautiful silky oak type stuff, actually go and work out some kind of zones for each person and where you use bag, hooks or baskets or draws or whatever it is just create those zones and designate a category for each of those zones and then you have your go-zone all set up.

LILY: So you pick your furniture, you choose where in the house you want to put it and then you need to make a decision what are the things that go in the go-zone and of course that means what doesn’t go in the go-zone because like any space in our house if it becomes a free for all it is no longer organised and then we have made our lives a little bit harder a little bit more chaotic. So what are the things that I want to put in my go-zone that are going to make my go-zone flow. So I am excited because in the next couple of weeks, a couple of months my husband and I our living situation is going to change a little bit and we are actually going to set up our go-zone and so I will definitely document this um and throw it up on our social media and probably put something up on youtube as well, for those that don’t know we do have a youtube channel so feel free to check it out, we have got some of our behind the scenes footage and interviews with our recent episode with Dr Russell Barcley on ADHD so feel free to head over and check those out so I will probably put a video up and I am so excited because I am going to have this designated space and where I am going to get to choose okay and I am now at that point, what is going to go in here, am I going to put our shoes out here, is it just going to be his shoes out here, probably not his shoes, he is still so little that putting shoes on him is easier to do on a change table


LILY: But these are the questions you have to ask yourself when you go to do your setup what is important to me and my family right now because what is important right now maybe won’t apply in 5 years time so looking at your neighbour’s go-zone if they have one it could be really great inspiration but it doesn’t have to be the same you do what is right for you and your family.

BONNIE: Now I think it is time for us to move onto this week’s tidy task so the tidy task for this week is we would like you to set up your go-zone so whatever that looks like for you whether it is cube units, other bookshelves that are not utilized properly um where is it going to go, what is going to go in it, have a family meeting if you need to to talk about what are the items that we each need on a daily basis, then once you have set up the unit and you have invested in the right baskets, the right labels, the right hooks, whatever it is that you need, teach your family the system

LILY: Absolutely and that is the key step because once everybody is on board with the system everyone learns it, practices it, that is what makes it work.

BONNIE: Yes and if you set up a go-zone and you have never had one before please head over to our Facebook group Little Home Organised group, inspire others and share a photo of your go-zone
LILY: And on that note don’t forget we are going to be doing the 12 days of decluttering starting on the December 1st, so it is 12 minutes each day, we are going to tackle different spaces in the home together so we would love you to come and join us but that is it for this weeks episode even though Bonnie and I could talk about go-zones all-day

BONNIE: And sometimes we do

LILY: So thanks to everyone for listening, for tuning in, for lending us your ears it is a busy time of year and we really appreciate it.


LILY: See you later


Hey, we’d love to keep the conversation going; head over to the Little Home Organised Community group on Facebook, ask questions, find motivation and share your before and afters, and if you enjoyed the show, please help us keep it going by hitting subscribe on Apple Podcast, Spotify or wherever you listen. It is free and ensures you do not miss an episode, but if you really want to share the love, leave us a rating and review. Trust me, it makes all the difference in the world.




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