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Tips For Moving House

In this episode Bonnie and Lily talk about moving house; how to make it simple, easy and stress-free! Learn how to move interstate without too much fuss, how to pack your home for an international move, and what are the key elements to make moving smooth and simple.

Episode Transcript

BONNIE: Hello and welcome! I am Bonnie

LILY: and I am Lily, and this is Little Home Organised, the podcast dedicated to helping you declutter, get organised and reclaim time for the things you love.


BONNIE: Hello and welcome! In this week’s episode we are going to talk about moving to a new house, we will chat about what items you will need, when you should start packing and how to prepare whether you are moving down the road or overseas.

LILY: But before we get into days episode we of course have a very exciting announcement and that is the release, the launch, the beginning, the birthing of our

BONNIE: Calm down there

LILY: Of our first online course and it is the first of a series of online courses that are coming, spoiler alert and this one is called The Essentials Guide.

BONNIE: Yes and I am so excited about the Essentials Guide cause not only have I kind of being working on it and pouring blood sweat and tears into it for a couple of years now but it is a great precursor to todays topic because the Essentials Guide is the only guide you will need to declutter and organise every space in your home and if you are thinking about moving house now is the perfect time to declutter.

LILY: And the other thing I wanted to add about the course before we jump into today’s topic is that what I love about it so much is that there is specifications for each room, so for the purpose of a room, so like lets say um you want to do your whole house but you really want to know how to do the toy room and what considerations you need to make in the toy room when you are organising it or in the kitchen specifically or in the shed, it is literally broken down into that kind of detail.

BONNIE: Yes and it is a step by step process for each room, so it really breaks the zones down and the purpose of the room and all of that kind of thing, so it is really simple, I am all about things being made easy because we have already got enough stuff on our plates and even when we are doing courses like this we want them to be quick and simple and this course the Essentials Guide was developed with the time poor parent in mind.

LILY: If you would like to check it out head to www.littlehomeorganised.com.au/online-courses/the-essentials-guide/ or just head to our website and you can find out more about the upcoming courses we have in store.

BONNIE: So today we are talking all about moving house and even though I am only 33 years young I have moved house a few times now, I have done a couple of down the road type moves, we did a year of house sitting when we first got married, we did an interstate move and more recently we have done a backwards move to the parents house.

LILY: You have regressed.

BONNIE: Totally regressed, but thankfully you know we are a couple of months in now and we are all still alive

LILY: Well done

BONNIE: Hooray

LILY: I told you it wouldn’t be so bad, I mean I have been living with my in-laws for over a year now and you have been living with mum and dad for a little while now and it is interesting in times like these, “in times like these, these unprecedented times” a lot of people have done things like this, like they have moved in with family.

BONNIE: I have actually noticed in mum and dad’s street, they are in a cul-de-sac there is at least 1 or 2 other houses that now appear to have 3 generations living in them and I think oh yeah cool it is not just us who has made this move and it is not a forever move it is temporary while we search for our dream property on the sunshine coast but it was an interesting move because there was quite a few different logistics to have to consider before we moved.

LILY: And I think I should make a little disclaimer here for people out there who are listening and who are like oh I have no plans to move house anytime soon, some of the stuff we are going to be talking about today will actually still apply to you and the considerations you should be making in your home regardless of whether you are moving house or not.

BONNIE: Yes if you decide I am going to sell my house and I am going to move somewhere obviously well it is kind of too late by then if you want to do it all immediately to start the decluttering process, you have to start the process now and go through and do it at an easy pace because when you set it as a deadline it just gets stressful and there is a lot of pressure and you make silly decisions and everybody has got stuff that you should get rid of

LILY: Oh yeah and life is overwhelming enough as it is without adding more to our plate, I think there is honestly so much going on when you are moving house that one of the big things that does get forgotten is even the idea of decluttering coming up, it is like I am so focused on getting from A to B, hiring movers, packing boxes blah blah blah that I haven’t even taken a huge step back to think I don’t actually

BONNIE: I don’t actually need to move all this stuff, because I don’t need it.

LILY: 100% of this stuff does not need to go.

BONNIE: No and that is the thing, when you are stressed and you have got a deadline and you know the move is happening next weekend and the settlement is happening right after that, decluttering is not a priority you just want to pack everything up and take it over and then you will deal with it on the other end.

LILY: I will deal with it later

BONNIE: Yeah it is that whole delayed decisions and it is being very cruel to your future self because then you get to the other end and all of a sudden you have got boxes that you have taken to seven different house over 35 years and you have never actually opened them.

LILY: Because you are waiting until you have more time, oh when I have more time I will sit down and I will address those and you know having the forward thought and the pre planning in place now before you end up getting to the point of moving is key to stopping yourself from ending up in that situation.

BONNIE: Yes and that is why I love that whole Swedish death cleaning thing –

LILY: I’m sorry what?

BONNIE: Yeah I know it is like so cool.  So last year maybe or the year before a book came out by Margareta Magnusson and it is called Swedish Death Cleaning and it is basically the idea of in your 40’s, 50’s 60’s 70’s start getting rid of the lifetime of possessions and give them away to people when they come over to dinner and oh I love this, if it is not something that you are going to love or need or want when you are in your one bedroom bedsit

LILY: That’s interesting.

BONNIE: It is like here you go, please have this and remember me.

LILY: I am going to move on in 40 years here take it.

BONNIE: Yeah maybe not like quite 40 years but the whole forward planning side of things, which I think is cool

LILY: I like the idea of you taking it so extreme like that I give you a birthday present and you go oh thank you would you like this.  I am decluttering

BONNIE: I won’t need this in my one bedroom apartment in the retirement village

LILY: In 60 years.

BONNIE: Yeah well, I have got that as an excuse now don’t I

LILY: So yeah obviously take that into consideration but that is a cool concept isn’t it, it is like this idea that you are preparing and not to be like pessimistic or like morbid but just to be like I have loved this and I am going to pass that joy onto you.

BONNIE: Yeah and realistically we can’t take everything with us, we can’t take anything with us and the whole idea of downsizing as you get older is to kind of get rid of things that maybe use to mean something to you and they no longer do,  I find that when I look back on  a lot of the things I collected in my twenties especially travelling a lot of those don’t seem to have as much significance for me anymore now that I am a mother and I have got all my kids stuff, which takes over everything.

LILY: Well it does change doesn’t it, and like you have touched on a key point there Bon that like life stages happen


LILY: Things change and

BONNIE: Your priorities change

LILY: Your priorities change and also before we know it we have accumulated a lot of things over the years so when it does come crunch time to having to move you are suddenly like wow like there is actually just so much stuff and I think visually we don’t necessarily understand how much stuff we actually have when it comes to putting it in boxes.


LILY: Because you for example like I helped you with your move, I know sister of the year everybody,

BONNIE: Until you rang me, and I was like I have to go, I can’t be back …. Okay I am coming

LILY: What happened

BONNIE: Oh it was just, it got to the point about half way through the day where someone was like you need to be here now so that because I have been waiting for you to drop off some stuff and I was like ok I am coming, I will drop everything and I am coming, and so I did that and I was not quite finished sorting that out and then you rang me and you are like I have to go and feed my baby and I was like eehh,  yep I am coming, baby is hungry, can’t make him go hungry so I ended up being like a bit of a chasing my tail kind of day in the end, um it was good and like the amount of help we had on the day was just awesome.

LILY: Yeah the whole moral of this story is that I am the best sister right, that was the point you were getting to

BONNIE: You are the best sister

LILY: Thank you

BONNIE: You are also the only sister

LILY: Thank you, they don’t know that

BONNIE: Yes they do

LILY: But the thing about your move was that you are like more of a minimalist person and I watched you do a lot of decluttering leading up and one of the things I am sure you are going to jump into was and the amount you actually sold leading up as well but even on the day


LILY: There was still

BONNIE: it was a frenzy

LILY: There was still so much to do and you were prepared, like I watched you through that process and there is still just like so much to do

BONNIE: Yeah I still go overwhelmed and so that is the key takeaway here is even if you are kind of a minimalist and you have gotten rid of a whole lot of stuff moving day is still really stressful and that is why they put it up there as one of the you know 5 top stresses in life, moving, death, divorce, new baby, new job.  So moving house is super stressful, why not make it easier on yourself and get rid of the things that you actually don’t want anymore, that you don’t need anymore, that you know the side tables that you think I don’t actually need this I have another one but I will just take it and see if I can make it fit

LILY: Oh if I can make it work at the new place because I have always had it and it always makes sense to do it that way

BONNIE: Yeah but go through and be pretty ruthless and do the cull first because you actually still do a cull on the other end and like now that we have been at mum and dads for a couple of months I have still probably done like maybe a boot full over the last couple of months of more stuff that I have declutter since we have moved in.  So it is an ongoing process but you save yourself a lot money and a lot of hassle by decluttering before you move.

LILY: You know we talk about being kind to your future self, you really are creating extra work for yourself and potentially extra cost when you don’t make decisions in the now,

BONNIE: When you delay them

LILY: Yeah when you delay them because the decision it is inevitable whether it is now or it is later

BONNIE:  Or whether someone else has to make it for you and that is kind of the saddest thing I think about people who had got seriously cluttered homes and can’t face making those decisions once they pass away it is then up to their family or their friends or even the council or the state to then make those decision about what is important, what’s valuable and what’s not and lets face it, what we think is valuable is not what other people think

LILY: Yeah exactly right, and I mean we talk about that even basically in our clutter confession segments where we talk about something that is wonderful to you, is actually like weird or wacky to somebody else.  Speaking of which let’s take a break and listen to one.


ANONYMOUS CALLER: Hi Bonnie and Lil our clutter confession is wedding gifts, so we had some champagne flutes given to us 9 years ago and we didn’t through them out because we thought they were engraved.  It wasn’t until we used you Bonnie when we were clearing out our cupboards that we eventually pulled these wedding flutes down, opened them up to find there was no engraving so for almost a decade we had had these um very sentimental so we thought flutes hidden in the cupboard stowed at the back just taking up space.

BONNIE: So full disclosure this one is not quite that anonymous but

LILY: We won’t name names anyway

BONNIE: No when I was actually at this client’s house after we had started the Podcast both the couple were like oh my gosh we just really love your podcast and I said oh I would love you to do a clutter confession for me and they were like oh what do we choose and I said well you remember those wedding flutes that you were absolutely adamant were engraved and personalised and they were like yeah and I said I think that would be a really good one.  So it is funny isn’t it like the attachment that we put to things because they have got our names on them.

LILY: Yes isn’t that interesting finding something with your name buying it feeling really excited about it and then holding onto it for you know significantly longer than you would hold onto the same item without your name on it, is such an interesting part of psychology but it is like when you throw out that photo or that sentimental item it is like you are throwing away like a piece of you.


LILY: Part of your identity, literally just your name guys

BONNIE:  Yeah it is so funny because this couple were so adamant that their names were engraved on them even though they had never used them in nearly 10 years of marriage and so then to get the box down and just to have a look at them and to find out that they are just generic champagne flutes was hilarious.

LILY: Love it, well if you have got a clutter confession we would love to hear it, head to the Little Home Organised Facebook page and send it in.  Anything weird, wacky or wonderful that you have held onto let us know.


LILY: So Bonnie you moved suburb to suburb

BONNIE: 5 minutes away, love it

LILY: But you still had to do a bunch of prep so what are some of the things that you did to make it easier for you.

BONNIE: So I decluttered over the months before we left and I mean I declutter pretty regularly anyway but when I knew that we were going to sell the house and get photos done for the real estate and all that kind of stuff I started decluttering even way back then.  So I sold some stuff, like some extra mattresses and things like that, that had never really being used and we weren’t going to need and I just started selling a few things, decluttering and donating a few other things and I just did that slowly over the time and then I started accumulating a few boxes, cause I knew we were going to do the move ourselves cause we were not taking that much stuff with us.  We weren’t keeping any of the beds, we weren’t keeping the washing machine, the fridge, we had no dining table

LILY: because it was like the kitchen bench, the counter top that was a dining table

BONNIE: We had this awesome 2 x 2 metre kitchen bench that had amazing hidden storage underneath that I designed and I just miss so  much, I loved that bench and all we were really going to take furniture wise was like a couple of couches and an outdoor lounge setting, like it was really minimal furniture wise and so I was like yep you’ve got a ute, we have got friends that have got utes lets just do you know do it ourselves, save some bucks, probably the stuff I didn’t really count on taking up so much time was like my husbands weight set and all like his garage stuff but that was stuff that was kind of not in my control.

LILY: Yeah

BONNIE: So I just had to suck that up and it is really ironic because since then he has actually sold some of that weight stuff even though we have moved it he has since decided oh I really don’t need it, it is going to go so that is what I mean when I say you do continue to declutter afterwards.  So yeah before we moved I just did lots of prep time, you know I gathered the boxes up and because we were moving stuff to two different locations one to storage and one to the house that we are living in, my our parents house I was kind of dividing boxes up into that and so I was very clear with the labelling, I had a bit of a labelling system going on but very simple, you know I just put our surname on it and then put what room it went in and then like a brief description of what was in the box and I would write it in the same spot on every box, same colour pen all that kind of stuff just to make it a bit uniform and I just would pack a few boxes that were to go to storage that we didn’t really need that we could get by with for the next few weeks or the next few months or whatever and I just did that slowly and then in the days before we actually moved like maybe 3 days before we moved, 2 days before we moved I did the kitchen but like I had already moved you know the spare clothing for the kids, the stuff that they need to grow into I had already moved that over to our parents house and that is probably the key factor in making our move a bit more easy is that I took stuff over very slowly over about a month.

LILY: You had that advantage didn’t you because some people don’t, its like you  have one day to move and that is like all the more reason to have less stuff but to also be like fully prepared for that moving day and like that’s the other thing two is with the amount of stuff that you have you were able to use other peoples resources, friends and family utes, things like that to get your stuff from A to B but if you have got a sizeable house your potentially going to need other resources and maybe that is professional movers coming in

BONNIE: Or packers honestly I think if I had a huge amount of stuff I would never pack myself it is just I really don’t enjoy it.

LILY: Well it is a big job right and it comes down, and we talk about this all the time there are some things that we are just willing to do ourselves and there are other things were it is like no I want someone who is a professional to come in and take off this burden I am going to budget for it, I am going to save up and that will be money well spent.

BONNIE: Yeah and look we have packed for plenty of clients before and we still do but for myself it is kind of like once you have gone and done it for someone else you don’t really want to do it

LILY: For yourself

BONNIE: Yeah at home, but the one thing that I think is probably a little bit of a disadvantage for our move that other people might not have to worry about is where we were moving stuff into, in to live you know our parents house there were things that I had to shuffle around there to make space for us there because that was our family home before you and I have gotten married and our brother moved out, you know they have been there for nearly 20 years, they have got a lifetime of stuff in there and my kids, our kids have been babysat there a couple of days a week for a few years now and so there is a kids room set up, there is a guest room, there is inherited stuff that has come from a couple of our grandparents passing away a few years ago, so there was things that I had to kind of move out of the way or edit with our parents to kind of make room for us to move in and that was a process that was a bit tricky at time because I knew that we were the intruders coming in to our parents house and I didn’t want our parents to feel like we were taking over but I tend to have that personality anyway I am told.  Sorry

LILY: I’m glad I didn’t have to jump in there, so

BONNIE: I am fully aware of it there is just nothing I can do about it,

LILY: I’m helpless.  I have to organise, I have to declutter

BONNIE: I have to have it functional

LILY: You open a draw and you are like when did you last use this wooden spoon, on your bottom 15 years ago, declutter it we shall

BONNIE: Oh yep

LILY: So of course you did your move, it was local but I also did my move right, and so I have lived overseas for a couple of years, the first 4 years or so basically all our worldly possessions were kept in storage at my in-laws house and they had like a space for it

BONNIE: The storage room of doom

LILY: The storage room of doom and that point it wasn’t really in doom status yet it was still kind of like a reasonable storage room so it worked well for us because we hadn’t really accumulated much stuff because we hadn’t had a house to ourselves here first before we started doing, going on those adventures so we only had a little bit of stuff to be stored and you know the biggest thing that we could then do for ourselves was pack really light and anything that we bought over there to set up any kind of living arrangement was sold off or donated or left when we came back,  like we didn’t you live minimally.

BONNIE: Did you find that hard like if you would buy pretty little things to make it feel like home for a few months, did you find that having to donate them and not bring them back was difficult

LILY: That’s a great question, I think no when you can sell something on and someone else gets that joy or if I know that other people would come into that housing situation and get the joy from it.

BONNIE: So if it was like a really practical item that maybe someone else had not thought about it and you left it there for like scissors

LILY: I accidentally, this wasn’t intentional left my zoodler there

BONNIE: Oh that’s sad

LILY: Yeah a zoodler is, yeah because I had been through different types and I had finally found the one that works, a zoodler is just like a device in the kitchen I would say it is a

BONNIE: Is it a uni-tasker

LILY: It is a uni-tasker but I actually use

BONNIE: But it is for multiple vegetables

LILY: It is true it is for multiple vegetables not just a melon baller

BONNIE: That’s right

LILY: I am sure people will argue that case but no I am still anti melon baller, but I accidentally left it there but it was an awesome functional piece of kitchen equipment and the thing that like helped me come to terms with it, oh I hope the people that moved in there really like zoodling.

BONNIE: You can just image them zoodling away with Frank Sinatra in the background a bit of red wine on the side

LILY: Come fly with me

BONNIE:  That’s Michael Bublé I think

LILY: No it is not


LILY: Didn’t he do a version of that.

BONNIE: They probably both did, lets be honest

LILY: I mean Frank Sinatra he is the OG.

BONNIE: He is the original

LILY: So anyway totally digressing but um no I would say goodbye to things pretty readily because the things that were truly meaningful for me would come back with me.  We ended up developing a system where we would bring one extra suitcase back with us and that was not to buy excess but it was so we that we didn’t have to have ours the ones that we were carrying up at the absolute limit, again like that buffer room.

BONNIE: Yeah sure

LILY: Anyway that was like the first couple of years but as far as the fact of us actually moving overseas for those last 2 of the 6 years where we actually moved overseas and set up a home, now there were different considerations that needed to made then because we shipped all of our belongings internationally over, so they were on a boat and then we set up a house and then we had to send them all back.  Now for anyone out there who has done that or thinking of doing that it is a process but there are companies out there that you kind of have to go through for the whole shipping process and it is definitely worth the money investing in a good company to make sure that your goods are taken care of and that they help you through with all the paperwork but one of the things that we did that I think that you did is totally essential when you are packing, it doesn’t matter if you are just moving suburbs or you are going internationally is have a detailed list of what is going into boxes.  SO your detailed system of this is box 1, box 2, box 3 whatever, this goes in this room and it contains these items,  the thing that we did differently to you is that you would have had a general idea of what’s in a box because you get into the other end and you are going to be opening it, it doesn’t really matter for us we had to have detailed documented for quarantine purposes

BONNIE: Ah yes

LILY: So the advantage was then when we brought everything back and it continued to live in storage is we now have detailed information of what’s in each box

BONNIE: It is like they are forcing you to be more organised.

LILY: Yes because you have to be able to declare everything that is inside right, so definitely when you are doing a move labelling those kinds of things because sometimes things happen and lets say stuff ends up in a box and you don’t end up opening it next week and it ends up being a few months down the track you think you are going to remember these things but you wont, life happens, we are busy people and if 9 months down the track you are looking through your boxes and you are thinking oh I need my zoodler or I need you know I need that beautiful pendant that I knew was in this jewellery box and I can’t remember which part of the wardrobe boxes it is in or whatever the reason is, having the detailed system in place is really important.

BONNIE: A master list if actually a really great idea for a lot of things when you are looking at moving because you can consult the list and go oh that is in box no blah blah blah and I have to admit I was far more relaxed about this move than I would be when we do like a client move but I knew that I was doing it and so there wasn’t necessarily all that need and look lets be honest sometimes I am just a little bit lazy and I can’t be bothered doing that and my husband likes me to relax every once in a while so there you go darling, I relaxed and I did not number our boxes or have  a master list

LILY: OH the chaos you have brought into your home Bonnie.

BONNIE: AH it is just the compromises I make.

LILY: So like I think there are considerations to make around moving internationally as well with storage.  So like if you are going overseas just for a little bit and you are putting things into boxes considering where you are going to be storing them.  Are you going to be paying for a mega storage room, because you haven’t taken the time to declutter and make decisions today that is going to cost you lots of money and then ultimately when you finally unpack those boxes you are going to pull things out and go I am not actually going to use this anyway and that is actually one of the coolest perks about moving is you put things into boxes and it is 1 it is like Christmas when you open it up again, oh cool look at this stuff

BONNIE: I forgot I had that

LILY: But the flip side of that is you actually open these boxes up and you look inside and you think I have survived for x number of months without that and I have not missed it and it is a great opportunity to then open this up and go oh maybe I can see that, or maybe I can donate it or give that away because I am looking at this and like I didn’t actually

BONNIE: Maybe I really don’t need it after all

LILY: Yeah

BONNIE: And it is so funny because I will have a lot of people say to me as an excuse oh yeah but now that I have found I know I can’t live without it and it is like well you actually just proved that you could live without it for 6 months so why not try a bit longer.

LILY: Our psychology around our attachment to stuff is so interesting

BONNIE: It really it isn’t it.  Um there is one other move I wanted to talk about and we moved oh how old were we, it think we were about 23

LILY: Insert thinking music ding ding ding

BONNIE:  At least it is not like the symmetrical episode a few weeks ago

LILY: Symmetrical was the answer everybody

BONNIE: Yes, symmetrical was the answer thank you for those people who DM’d me, yep you got it.  Sorry that you yelled at me.  Sorry brain.  So we moved to Townsville early on in our marriage and we were getting moved by my husbands company so they were paying for everything, they paid for packers, I don’t even remember the whole process it was so quick and maybe I was at work the day that they packed I don’t know but yeah unpacking up there was a lot like Christmas because we had had all these wedding gifts that we had never use because we had been house sitting and they all got packed up and all this stuff got packed up and transferred up there and I think even my car got shipped up there, anyway it was like this really weird everything was done for us and I wasn’t really use to it and then on the other end when we decided to come back because you know it just wasn’t right for us up there, well of course we were paying for it to come back then and so things had to be done a little bit differently and we just hired like a car box trailer and filled it with stuff and the local church  was really happy because we donated so much good stuff and actually really funny story

LILY: I will be the judge of that

BONNIE: You know how the 3 of us had identical beds as kids

LILY: Did we

BONNIE: Yeah there were all these wooden slats single beds

LILY: OH yeah

BONNIE: Well I don’t know how I ended up with the one that I did but I thought it was mine and I swear it had like Bonnie written on the inside of it somewhere because when we all kind of started getting married and moving out and whatever I don’t know it is just something that dad must have done to keep the beds in order anyway I unpacked the single bed that was going to be our guest bed up there and do you know what was scratched into the side of one of the um side bits of the bed

LILY: Lily is queen

BONNIE: Our brother’s name and it was like he was here sort of thing, and I was just like you little turd you scratched my bed and then it was like oh whatever it doesn’t matter and so I just laughed when I ended up donating it to this church because I was like I am really sorry about the scratches I think my brother did it when he was like 10 you know nothing I can do about it but yeah I had to hide that side of the bed it was very inconvenient for the set up of the room, thanks very much

LILY: Thank you to our brother for his generous donation.

BONNIE: Yes thank you very  much, but yeah when we moved back from Townsville we did things very differently it was kind of similar to this move in that we just really culled down to the bare essentials, got rid of stuff that wasn’t all that awesome, donated mums convection microwave which apparently she is very sad about, we talked about this the other day

LILY: Oh really

BONNIE: Yeah and I was like well why did you give it to me in

LILY: the really weird creamy coloured one

BONNIE: Yes the yellowy one and I said well why did

LILY: Interesting object to get attached to

BONNIE: Well why did you give it to me in the first place then

LILY: Don’t you know that I am unhinged?

BONNIE: Don’t you know that nothing stays in my life for that long.  Oh my husband and my children do.  Yeah I mean they are the essentials right


BONNIE: But yeah it was a really interesting move back and it was done over Christmas and it was done pretty last minute as well and we had a puppy by then so she had to come and we had to drug the poor thing so that she could survive the 18 hour journey, we did it over 2-3 days and oh man it was epic it was a big interstate move and I don’t think I would want to do that again, it wasn’t really fun moving 5 minutes down the road is way better.

LILY: Oh absolutely and I think the key message that we have is do declutter, I feel we say this every episode but declutter now and make your life easier going forward for the future and be prepared for the lead up so even if you are someone who is not moving house making decisions today to declutter frees you up so that when you suddenly want to jump on an opportunity to move house you have the space to be and the time to be able to focus on the things that matter and what is important in that time because come down to crunch time like you are going to be spread so thin with everything else that needs to be, that is going on like do yourself a favour be kind to yourself, make those decisions today and make that move a lot easier on yourself.

BONNIE: Something that I didn’t mention which I should have is how the actual moving day worked for us recently.  So, what I did with you I ordered you to stay at my house and finish packing up things which you love

LILY: You cant order me I am a free spirit Bonnie

BONNIE: You so are

LILY: I was there out of love and nothing else.

BONNIE: Nothing else, yeah I was kind of joking about that I could tell you weren’t really paying attention which is why you didn’t jump in and say hey you cant order me around, anyway you were at my house doing like last minute pack up things and dealing with people who are picking up furniture that they had bought and that was the other cool thing is that I had sold stuff online and I had requested people put a deposit down but I wasn’t available until the day we moved because it was things like beds that we were sleeping in and what not and that worked really well because then I knew all this stuff was sold but we could use it right up until the last day when we needed it.  So, on the day we had a few different people helping, there was a few different cars happening, one of our friends had a spare horse float that he

LILY: As you do

BONNIE: As you do and actually that turned out to be really awesome for like our queen bed mattress that we did move so yeah we had a few people that helped us all day, you were there, your husband was there and it was great because at the end everybody had, we had some fish and chips, we had some beers, we just got to chill out in the new space together, someone took my kids for most of the day which meant that I didn’t have to worry about them getting under foot and distracting us so it was really one of those delegate, enlist, help, ask for help because that made the whole process a lot smoother and I mean we still had things to do a few days after that and you know a few little bits and bobs like plants, I am such a plant person now I have collected a lot of plants.

LILY Oh I am so in that boat something about your 30s hey.  So the most important message that we have for you today is to get on top of it now and be prepared leading up to that date so that when the day happens you are all over it and you can focus on all the other stuff that needs to be done and when you get to the other end rather than opening up stuff and trying to find places for things that you cant actually fit it in with stuff that you are not actually potentially going to use you have been really intentional with every single piece, so every time you pick up something from your house and you put that bowl into a box and you put that cup into a box, it is a bowl and it’s a cup that you have chosen, you know you are going to use, you either need it, use it or love it and when you get to the other side you can be really intentional with setting up your space.  You are not having to cram anything into anywhere and if you have got extra space then that’s a great thing because it allows space for you to set things up in an orderly fashion room for your family maybe if you are a young family to grow, you know having extra space can be a really wonderful buffer and a really wonderful gift.

BONNIE: Mmmm space for the kids to roll around and wrestle on the floor or have a dance party, we love discos, discos are really fun.

LILY: Oh bring them back.

BONNIE: Yeah so onto this week’s tidy task now if you are looking at moving whether it is now or in the future we have got a freebie for you this week.  This is our moving guide that we have used with all of our clients it breaks the move down into 4 easy steps to make it smooth and simple and if you would like to download that free guide go to www.littlehomeorganised.com.au/movingguide

LILY: And that’s it for this week’s episode thank you so much for tuning in we know how busy life can be and we really appreciate you lending us your ears.


LILY: See you later


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