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Turn Your Clutter Into Cash

This episode is all about turning your clutter into cash. Learn how to decide which decluttered items are worth selling, the five common mistakes to avoid, and how to achieve the best price. If you want to declutter and make some extra cash in the process, don’t miss this episode!



  1. Market research – find the right priced for it.
  2. Take lots of good photos
  3. Write a great description
  4. And then have your transaction with a buyer



BONNIE: Hello and welcome! I am Bonnie.

LILY: And I am Lily and this is Little Home Organised, the podcast dedicated to helping you declutter, get organised and reclaim time for the things you love.


BONNIE: Hello and welcome.  This week we are talking about turning your clutter into cash.  We will chat about how much your clutter is worth, how to list your items online and how decluttering could cut your mortgage in half.

LILY: Money, money, money, must be funny, do we have to pay licence to sing to sing this song.


LILY: Oh good

BONNIE: because it wasn’t that good anyway.  Our version not their version

LILY: Oh right

BONNIE: There version is a great song

LILY: It is a classic but um it is true that you know that when you declutter one of the biggest perks is of course making some money.

BONNIE: Yes and I have to admit I love selling stuff second hand and like seeing the cash build up and I have done it for 2 reasons over the last few years and one of those is to sell stuff from work, so stuff that gets donated and raise money for a charity that we are really passionate about and the clients know that I am going to do this.  Like I have got in the garage at the moment 3 bags of antique books and I am talking like of some of them are super old and it is really cool actually looking back through them and seeing how old they are and seeing the little inscriptions and one of them is an autograph book which has got Dame Quintin Bryce’s signature in it from 1957 I think it is with her little friendship circle and they have called it like the daisy chain of friends or something like that, like it is really cute and I am going to take these into an antique book dealer in the city in Brisbane and they usually give us a bit of money for them and I donate that to the orphanage so that is one reason why I do selling and then the other reason of course is to make some extra cash.

LILY: Oh yeah a little bit of side hustle baby.

BONNIE: Yeah and you know it is actually interesting how much we have got around the house that we can actually turn into cash and there was this great report that came out in Australia last year, the 2nd hand economy report and it actually says that depending on which generation you are in you have got somewhere between $2,700 and over $5,000 worth of clutter just lying around your house unused.

LILY: Oh my goodness, so basically I am sitting, when I am sitting on the couch I am sitting on a pile of money.

BONNIE: You sure are.  This couch is going would you like it? I am preparing to downsize and sell our stuff because we are moving house and we are taking a lot less with us so I was serious the couch is for sale.  Let me know

LILY: The other thing that this report touches on is that Australians in general have a whole bunch of extra stuff in their house, a whole lot of unwanted stuff.  89% of Aussies actually have unwanted stuff in their house.

BONNIE: Yes and when you think about it I think we have all got stuff that we think, yeah I could probably get rid of it and another really cool stat that came out from UCLA is they did this big anthropological study of a bunch of families in LA and they worked out that of the area of a home we only actually go into and use about 40% of our home.  So imagine if you could cut down your stuff and then cut down your house size and reduce  your mortgage by that kind of up to 60% like imagine, imagine that like

LILY: It would change like your quality of life.  You would be able to you know if you consider the amount of money you would be saving on your mortgage and where that money could be going instead.

BONNIE: Oh holidays, baby. Life just wouldn’t be that tough and I think we can get really stuck on the whole, we have got to have the big house with the white picket fence and this amount of room, and this many rooms, um to be happy and I think there is a real societal shift of every kid needs their own room and all that sort of stuff.  So if we actually stopped and downsized our stuff and then downsized our space, because when we have bigger spaces we fill it with more stuff.

LILY: Oh year

BONNIE: And this is why moving house is actually a great thing because it helps us to declutter and get rid of stuff that we don’t want to pay to transport, but when you think about it every square metre or every square foot in your home actually costs you money and so do you want to be paying the mortgage you are paying for the ugly vase that you don’t even like.

LILY: No thanks Mam

BONNIE: No so getting rid of the clutter is a really great way to make a bit of extra cash and then potentially even be able to downsize your home if you want to.

LILY: Now there are many reasons why we sell, the first one that comes to mind for me of course with like a young baby is think about when they grow out of stuff

BONNIE:  Yeah and they grow so darn quickly.

LILY: So quickly and so you might have a child who is in a cot and maybe it is the last baby that you are going to have and then they move into a different bed that cot needs to then go and doesn’t serve you anymore.

BONNIE: Yeah and some people choose to store that stuff and that is fine but if you are wanting to make some extra cash as soon as things are no longer needed in your home, your kids have outgrown them, or you have outgrown them, like maybe you use to do kayaking but you can’t kayak anymore so that is something sitting there that could make you some extra cash pretty quickly.

LILY: I think the other thing that happens is as we get older the things that we like changes a little bit, like I think about the things I loved to have in my room as a teenager and the colours and the things that I liked, they are not necessarily the things that I like now, so that is another reason we sell is, you know maybe we want to freshen up our house, change the décor, we want to get rid of that bed.

BONNIE: The what

LILY: Décor

BONNIE: décor

LILY: It is décor

BONNIE: It is not décor

LILY: Are we going to fight on every episode?

BONNIE: I think we are, it is not décor.  You can like deviate and you can detour but it is décor.  That is why it has got that little um

LILY: The little café flick

BONNIE: The café flick

LILY: Yeah you know how café, the word café has the flick, that is how I always remember it.

BONNIE: That is totally the formal word for it.  It is totally a café flick

LILY: De….

BONNIE: décor


BONNIE: café, décor. Well anyway. There is your English lesson for this week.

LILY: Thanks teacher Bonnie. So like maybe you have got a bedspread that you know that you really liked and you are like and bedspreads are one of those things that I feel like it really freshens up your bedroom.

BONNIE: Oh it so do

LILY: It is like declutter, sell the old bedspread, which was in fine condition, and get a new one, it gives you like a whole new vibe to your bedroom.  Like maybe that is a reason you want to declutter as well

BONNIE: Yeah and I literally did that about 18 months ago and it just changed to whole thing of the bedroom.  Like the whole feeling was just like oh this is so fresh and so nice and now I love coming in here rather than you know it was getting a bit old and tired.

LILY: Yeah it is like when you buy a new top, just like you add it into your rotation it can just feel like a huge freshen up.

BONNIE: Yeah it certainly can.  I think the other thing, the other reason that we sell stuff is when we are having a location change, so like right now we are preparing to move, so um we are downsizing and decluttering left, right and centre and it is great because there is stuff that we might have used but we are not going to use because we are changing locations and that is a really good reason to get rid of it because we know that it has had a part in our past but we know that is not actually going to play a role in our future.

LILY: Another thing that we sell but can be a bit hard to get our heads around at first is unwanted gifts. I know it is controversial but

BONNIE: It is so controversial

LILY: You know we feel so obligated to hold onto things that we are not actually going to use but when we do decided to sell those things you can sell things that are in perfectly new condition and make some money back on them.

BONNIE: Yeah the only thing that someone said to me the other day was make sure that you are not selling stuff on Facebook market place that someone who is on your friends list is going to get upset about


BONNIE: Because everybody in your friends list can see when you post something on line.

LILY: Oh yeah so you have got to be super strategic about it, don’t you.

BONNIE: Very, very strategic.  The other reason that we might be selling stuff, is that it might be something that is a product that is highly sought after and maybe you are not giving it the value and attention it deserves.  So I am talking more like collectables here.  So maybe you have got like vintage barbies brand new in the box and

LILY: Don’t want to put those in the bin

BONNIE: Dad, poor dad.  He will never live that down.   Um refer back to last weeks episodes if you are not sure what we are talking about.  No I am thinking of yeah like collectables that people may have stored up of gathered over years that other people would fine value in, like if you think about Lee and Beck Shuer who we spoke with on the Podcast just a few weeks ago about hoarding and space invasion and stuff like that. Lee is a really big gamer so his big thing is like collecting 1980’s gaming stuff like Atari and whatever. SO there is always a market out there for the really cool collectable stuff as well.

LILY: Yeah and that can be a good reason to sell.  You might actually make some reasonable amount of money on that stuff as well and like different items that we do sell when we do go to sell them, there are certain things that are going to bring in different amounts of money.  Like there are

BONNIE: best sellers

LILY: There are best sellers.

BONNIE: Yes definitely.  I would say electronics are a really good seller.


BONNIE: As well as anything to do with kids or babies.

LILY: Yes, there is

BONNIE: A high rotation.

LILY: Because kids they age so quickly and the toys that they start with changes so quickly and the clothing changes so quickly it is one of those things where you do need to sell and buy quite often unless you have got you know a lot of hand me downs like this girl, then you are sorted for like 5 years.

BONNIE: Yeah that’s right.

LILY: It is and like also I love that, I love that I can just jump on Facebook market place and I could literally search boy’s clothing um 1 year old or you know unisex clothing 1 year old or girls clothing you know and there will be bundles and there will be onesie sets and there are all different kinds of things, all different kinds of prices that people have valued it at and I can like sweet I just need onesies and so I you know bought.

BONNIE: Are you on the Bond’s Facebook group.  Like there is a whole bunch of them but I find it really hilarious that their

LILY: Is it culty.

BONNIE: It is so culty.

LILY: I am on a page like that at moment for open-ended toys

BONNIE: Ohhh what’s an open ended toy?

LILY: Oh have you heard of Grimms.

BONNIE: The fairy tales

LILY: Well yes, um no it is like um German, total tangent, it is German made colourful blocks and shapes that children can do imaginary play with.  It is like Montessori style play.

BONNIE: Ok sure

LILY: They are very bourgeois.  You can get, buy like a set, a rainbow set that is like 6 different semi circles out of wood from Germany, it would be like nearly $200.


LILY: Yeah, yeah anyway it is, it is super bourgeois.

BONNIE: So it is a best seller.

LILY: Oh the resale value on it is really

BONNIE: Yeah and that is what I find so interesting is we go through these phases where like something is really popular and there will be like this huge mass

LILY: High demand for it

BONNIE: Mass following for it.  So like people on save the Bond’s website, which are just onesies, that use to be made in Australia, no longer, but they have got really cute patterns and stuff, people will actually buy them brand new and then hold onto them and then when that print is no longer available

LILY: Sell them for a profit

BONNIE: They will sell them for quite a tidy profit and there is this whole market around it. So there are items that are really big best sellers, but there are also some items that can be hard to sell, that maybe some people thought would be a really easy sell

LILY: And they are not.  I think antiques, and I think it is like generational in a way because many people our age aren’t interested in older furniture with history, like I don’t think that is commonplace.  I do think some people do but it is much more common to go for the affordable Ikea option or you know the beautiful on trend Scandinavian look.  You know


LILY: As opposed to going for something that is a bit more dated and old fashioned.

BONNIE: Yes and so I think the antiques market has had a bit of a hit in recent years and like we sell a lot of stuff for our clients and we have had to sell a bit of antique stuff in the last couple of weeks actually and yeah for pieces that you would kind of think would go for like $1500ish a piece, you are looking like maybe $1500 for like 6 or 8 pieces.  So there is just not the market there so of course the value is not there anymore.

LILY: Yeah

BONNIE:  So it is something to be really wary of when you are wanting to sell antiques.  Don’t expect that that item, that silky oak dresser is going to get $3000.  It is just not

LILY: Yes, yep and I think other things like when you are selling, you will find it is harder to sell things that are cheaper, even if you buy like cheap things from like you know Kmart or what other version of department store you have, like that were you can get cheap things to furnish your homes and a lot of us have Kmart looking homes now because it is so cheap to furnish things with like nice décor. Eh… eh…

BONNIE: Well done

LILY: See what I did there

BONNIE: You said the word correctly

LILY: Correctly.

BONNIE: Well done

LILY: Thank Bon Bon.  Um it might look pretty but don’t necessarily expect that you are going to get the income back on that.  Like because it is like a cheaper made item.

BONNIE: Yeah and the same thing can be said about stuff that is really well loved, like don’t expect that just because you have got Sheridan towels you are going to get lots of money for them if they are well loved it is just a towel. Like it doesn’t matter what the brand name is on it.  If it is in really poor condition don’t expect to get huge money for it.

LILY: Yeah and I would say on that note like if you have got towels and they are not even in great condition, consider giving them to something like donating them instead

BONNIE: To the pet shelter, they love towels.

LILY: Do an animal shelter or cut them up and make them into rags and then drop them off at your local mechanic.

BONNIE: Or you can cut them up and use them for rags to wipe your babies bottoms

LILY: Oohhh

BONNIE:  Lots of repurposing ideas for old towels.

LILY: Oh so many

BONNIE: But I think now it is time for a clutter confession



Hey Bonnie, Lily my clutter confession is I collect all of my programs from every theatre performance every music artist I do to see.  I have kept them all. I have no idea what to do with them but yeah that is my clutter confession is just my music programs.

LILY:  Ooh what to do with them?  You could definitely put them in a memory box but if like going to the theatre and going to see performers is like a really big thing for you and it is a part of your identity, why not find a cool way to put that kind of stuff on display.

BONNIE: It sounds like more of a collection rather than just memorabilia.

LILY: Yeah

BONNIE: So I think absolutely find a way to honour it and display it and you know when you go to people’s houses and they have like a really cool beer can collection, or they have got like a really retro diner style rumpus room or bar area or something like that.  That sort of décor fits perfectly in there.  So if this person has like a really small flat and they cant fit this stuff in and they are kind of looking at thinking why have I still got it, then maybe it is time to find someone who is a bit of a collector, who is a bit of a music fanatic, who would appreciate it in their place but I think it really needs to be honoured and displayed in someway so that when people come over they can be like oh cool, and have a look through.

LILY: Look at all the play you have seen. Look at all the, you know the artists you have seen. I think depending, this caller sound pretty, fairly young to me and you know maybe they are in a position as well where you know they are in that age where they can hang photos with like

BONNIE:  Like a peg string

LILY: Like with the mini pegs and things like that.  Like what’s to say you couldn’t make a feature out of it.

BONNIE: Yeah definitely

LILY: Um potentially does this person have photos of themselves going to the theatre, you know out the front of the theatre and like have those in between or something like that.

BONNIE: There are lots of options

LILY: If it is something that is like really special to you I think it is, you can display it, a cool collection like that, that would be a good way to do it.

BONNIE: Even if you turned it into sort of like a coffee table book, I mean sometimes the programs can be really crazy sizes

LILY: Yeah that’s true

BONNIE: But if they are not too bad, like put it into you know a display folder with plastic sheets or even just like a box or have a really pretty basket  as your centre piece on your table, on your coffee table and have them just horizontally stacked in there and so people can come and riffle through them.

LILY: Yeah sit down and find out who was the leading actress on that show on Broadway or in West End or where ever.

BONNIE: I always find those playbills and the programs really interesting to read back through, like my husband and I when we went to Europe in 2011 I think it was, we saw um a show at the Moulin Rouge and that was always a big bucket list thing for me. We bought the program for that and brought it back and like I look at it, I actually did get rid of it last year. I looked at it last year and just laughed because you know it is Moulin Rouge so that everybody is very scantily dressed and I thought I don’t really want my kids to symbolize this so I might just pass this on but it was cool, like it evoked some great memories and stuff because otherwise yeah you have got photos and you have got memories in your head obviously to remember but there is something sometimes about that physicalness of holding the playbill or the program.

LILY: Yeah.  Alright and if you haven’t sent us in a clutter confession please do, we love to hear them, just send it to the Facebook page as a audio message and we will play it and keep it anonymous.  So think of something in your house that someone else might find unusual an item or a collection.

BONNIE: Now lets talk about some items that you need to be really wary about when you are looking to sell.  So the first one I think is stuff that is in very poor condition.  So we touched on this briefly with the towels but if you are trying to sell and item that has got mould or rust or even if you think it is surface rust, be really wary about whether it is actually a safe item for someone else to be buying, things like car seats, and booster seats and high chairs and cots, they all have safety ratings on them.

LILY: Absolutely and in fact I would highly discourage you from trying to sell your old car seats because the standards especially for Australia the standards are so high, basically from everything I read as a first time mum, as far as the regulations went, basically said to me, do not buy second hand, you don’t know the condition of the car seat for example.

BONNIE: You don’t know if it has been in a car accident and someone has just lied about it.

LILY: Yeah and your child’s safety is of upmost importance so you need to buy new and there is a varied prices in new ones but they also come with guarantees and warranties and the appropriate safety rating, so that is something that I would be very vary about trying to sell.

BONNIE: And especially with all the safety stuff.  Car seats in particular, they say after 10 years that they just need to be rubbished because the safety standards have changed and improved so that is another thing to really take into consideration as well.

LILY:  I think it definitely goes without saying that you probably shouldn’t be using an online forum to sell your illegal goods as well.

BONNIE:  This is true.

LILY: There are regulations to what you can sell.  I looked up the other day to see if you could see alcohol on line on Facebook market place and it is not, it is against the rules. So make sure that when you do go to sell be mindful in wary of those grey area items because you may find that there are terms and conditions which are explicit in saying no you cannot sell this and you don’t want to get band from a website for not checking out knowing everything you needed to know first for something simple like that.

BONNIE: That is very true.  But now that we have talked about what you shouldn’t sell or what you should be wary of selling, what are the things that we should be selling.  How do we chose?

LILY: Um, I guess how desperate you are for cash? Who needs a couch?

BONNIE: Look the other thing I think is important to remember is it takes time and effort to list an item.  You have got to make sure you pricing it right.  You have got to make sure that you have got photos.  You have written a description and then you have got the problem of actually doing the transaction, communicating with potential buyers and completing the transaction at the end, and like to be honest there is a bit of a no show policy happening at times from people which can be super frustrating um but you have to take all that into consideration so all that time and effort you know it is probably going to be 30 minutes of your time to sell that one item when you take all of that into account.  Is it worth it for $5 is it worth it for $10.  What is the minimum value that you would be happy to receive to make that effort worthwhile?

LILY: Yeah and we talk about your time being your most valuable resource, right


LILY: So you have to weight it up, is it worth trying to sell and item for $5 for some people, yes because those $5 items add up.


LILY: And if it is not worth it, then maybe you need to be considering that the item is something that needs to be donated instead.  So be selective about what you do choose to sell

BONNIE: The other thing to consider is make sure you have a deadline, so often we will list stuff and Facebook market place or whatever website will just say, do you want to relist? Do you want to relist? And you look at stuff and you go oh that has been for sale for 39 weeks and kind of think is it still available, did they forget about the listing, like there is this mentality of if something hasn’t sold quickly

LILY: There must be something wrong with it.

BONNIE: What’s wrong with it? And it is why when houses are on the market for so long it is like um what’s wrong with this house.  Why has no one bought it?  So set yourself a deadline/

LILY: Because we all want to think we have gotten the best deal and a good bargain and like


LILY: And when it is listed for awhile it doesn’t send that message

BONNIE: No, that’s right it is like oh it is still here and so set yourself a deadline, two weeks, four weeks, 2 months whatever it is, if it hasn’t sold by that deadline then you donate it, or you give it away for free in an on line listing.

LILY: Now I have gotten rid of a few things for my in-laws who are about to move house and there are some things that they didn’t want to take with them and it is interesting I have noticed every time I have listed something and I have put it up as free, it has had, “snorted” the stuff that I have

BONNIE: You just sounded like a horse

LILY: I just realised that wasn’t a great thing to do with my lips on a audio medium.  Um sorry everybody

BONNIE: That is definitely your microphone from now on.  Did you have lots of interest when you put stuff up for free, cause I do

LILY: Yes, I did because as soon as it said free, everyone was like free, free, free and you know that might be because someone wants to do it up and resell it,  it might be that they literally have been waiting on an item like that and it is free, you know it might be that someone has a sale mentality and they think oh it’s a bargain, I have to have it.  You know I am enabling someone else’s clutter

BONNIE: I was going to say, the collectors

LILY: Oh well….

BONNIE: That’s your problem not mine. Here you go

LILY: But it is interesting because as soon as you do put something up as free you will find that that item ends up just being taken off your hands and you don’t have to worry about trying to take it somewhere, so if that is like a road block for you, decluttering

BONNIE: Oh yes

LILY: I don’t know where to take this but I know this is going to bring value to someone, do it.  One of the women who ended up picking this like weird cabinet thing that we got rid of, oh my goodness she could not express enough gratitude for this item for free.

BONNIE: Oh that’s nice.

LILY: It was so lovely and she took it away and it was going in her girls room and she had been looking for something like that and she like drove from quite a way to get it and even when she got home she like again like was saying thank you so much, and like what better result could you have from that.

BONNIE: Yeah well you know what even this morning I picked up a bunch of moving boxes from someone who was just giving them away for free.  Got a roll of butchers paper, a couple of Styrofoam boxes and I just said like thanks this is awesome, like I so appreciated it.

LILY: Butcha not boo-cha

BONNIE: We are not having that discussion again.

LILY: All right so when it comes to selling, how do we do it.  How do we sell stuff on line and sell it well.

BONNIE: So there are 4 steps that you should consider and the first of these, which we will put on our show notes by the way, is market research.  What’s the right price? So if you are going to be selling your kitchen aid for example in your kitchen.  You need to have a look and have a look in your local area or the wider area if there is no one selling one nearby and see what the others are priced for.  Look at the condition of theirs, look at the photo, the description and then price yours accordingly.  If you want your item to go fast, price it lower.

LILY: Yeah and then again it depends, so like if you need a quick sale, then you need to adjust what you are expecting to bring in for it.

BONNIE: Yeah exactly and if you are happy for that item to sit there for you know 3 months, while it sells then okay maybe you are going to go a little bit higher, but make sure that you do that market research first and you price it accordingly.

LILY: The next important thing to consider when you are selling is photos.  Photos, photos, photos, people are wanting to know the ins and outs of your item and you might know that it is in reasonably good condition or it is in perfect condition, but if you only post 1 photo to someone that doesn’t show them, it doesn’t help them have confidence that they can see the whole picture of what they are agreeing to purchase so it is really important to make sure you get lots of good photos.  Clean the items first, clear the area around it so it doesn’t look like it is surrounded by lots of stuff, you know

BONNIE: Or an animal, I hate photos that have like animals or children in them when they are trying to sell a couch.  It is like just get that kid, get that dog out of the photo, like it is in the way.

LILY: I don’t want to buy your child.

BONNIE: We are not into that

LILY: Make sure you have got lighting, you know your photo isn’t blurry, that you haven’t got anything unhygienic around it, because even if it is unrelated to that item it sets an impression.

BONNIE: Yes and do you know we went to buy something the other day, I think it was a chest of draws, and the item looked alright and then I sent my husband to get it and he rocked up at the house and he goes I am not going into that house.  That is a scary looking house and he rang me and I had to message and ring the chick and say I am really sorry we can’t come because we was just like there is no way we I am going in there.  And this is from a grown man, so you what you put in your photos people are not just buying an item they are buying it from a particular home.  So is it really dirty around the item, is it really cluttered, like I will choose not to buy stuff from homes that look really cluttered and really unkempt because I think you didn’t take care of the space around it, so maybe you haven’t taking care of that item.

LILY: And you know what a shame for that person if they have taken care of it, but they have taken a photo with all that stuff and it doesn’t do it justice.

BONNIE: Yeah, yeah that is exactly right so that is why it is important to make sure you are taking a good photo that accurately represents what is going on.

LILY: Absolutely.  So then next after your photos the most important thing is your description.  Be descriptive.  Give someone all the information that they need to know that this is the right purchase for them.

BONNIE:  And keep it simple.  There is that whole KISS acronym, keep it simple stupid or silly as my teacher use to say at our lovely Lutheran school.  So make sure that in your description you write what’s the condition of the item, the age, include the measurements, how many book cases do not have measurements.

LILY: Yes, yes, I know it takes effort.  If I am feeling particularly lazy I take a photo of something with a ruler in the photo.  So that people can at least get an idea.  You know what I mean because it is better


LILY: But I mean the amount of effort you have gone to for that, but if I can’t find a tape measure then I may as well do that, but I don’t do that with things that had a dimensions

BONNIE: But if you can’t find a tape measure you need to get decluttered

LILY: Decluttered.  No but I don’t do that with like things that you are describing like furniture because people need such specific measurements for there home.

BONNIE: They need to know if it will fit

LILY: So make sure that you do put dimensions and any photos like that and the other thing that you want to do is you want a note of any damages and these should be in your photos as well so like if you have got a chip off the end of a table, take a photo of it,  you know you are being honest, you are saying hey this is actually in perfect condition except for this chip and here is a photo of it so you know exactly what I am talking about.

BONNIE: The other thing is if it is a really heavy item, put in the description that it will require 2 people to lift because otherwise people, like I had this lady who came with a van, she was like a student and she um she came with this van to pick up this massive office desk and it was just her and her boyfriend lent her his van but didn’t even bother coming so there is 2 chicks trying to

LILY: Hey sisters are doing it for themselves Bonnie

BONNIE: Oh totally but like I am not you know a super strong person and we are both trying to get this huge L shaped desk into this van and she was like taking seats out and moving stuff here, there and everywhere.  It took us half an hour.

LILY: Yeah so make sure in those adds that you definitely put, heavy needs two people, I wont be one of the two people.

BONNIE: Exactly

LILY: Or you know or whatever it might be and you must put down, pick up only or delivery being an option as well, Just make sure it is really clear and most importantly with anything that you advertise, take the 10 seconds it takes to use proper grammar and punctuation.

BONNIE: Oh yes. Absolutely

LILY: That’s really important because everything is an impression and you want to be clear in what you are describing so just take the time and make sure that, you know even if you are just putting short notes down.  Use full stops so that you don’t have like 5 different points running into one sentence.

BONNIE: And make sure you list where the location pick up is.

LILY: Yeah

BONNIE: Be specific use the post code

LILY: Yeah and you may think that someone knows where your superb is, but if you throw the post code on there it definitely does help.

BONNIE: Yeah because there is you know a Redlands in Queensland and there is a Redlands in California so where are you?

LILY: California baby.

BONNIE:  We wish

LILY: So the next thing I would say is just make sure that your transactions with people are always safe.  You need to be comfortable with whoever you are communicating with.  I encourage you not to give out your address if someone is buying from you until the morning of when you have confirmed that they are definitely coming

BONNIE: And not your full address, this is the other thing that people forget, give your street name and your superb and then when they are nearby or on the way, get them to phone you and ask for the house number because it just stops you feeling vulnerable about giving your address out to 5 different people, none of whom have shown up.

LILY: Other things you can do is make sure that your meeting someone potentially in a public space or if it is from your home, on your driveway. Make sure other people are home.  If that is what you need to do to feel comfortable just put some things in place to just protect yourself.  Make sure when your selling to someone that everything is Kosher as far as the payments go, um that they are not doing anything like oh yeah I will pay you later and pick up the item now.  Set yourself up properly to make sure that no one is doing a dodgy on you and it is very very rare that does happen.

BONNIE: I just had one like two weeks ago.  The client who we are selling all the antique stuff for, there was one thing a desk that wasn’t getting purchased and she got contacted by someone who said yeah we will give you the money for the desk but the courier needs to come and pick it up, as soon as someone says to you, you pay me for the money and I will send a courier to pick it up.  Warning bells, warning, warning

LILY: Yeah no don’t do that.  It is dodgy as.

BONNIE: The other thing that I think is important to consider is what do you do if you have reached the deadline of trying to sell something and it maybe something that you can’t actually donate to a local charity.   So maybe it is not the right condition, it is not the right item but you know that someone could actually repurpose it and do something with it.  The example is, a washing machine that maybe is no longer working but someone who is an electrician or someone who is a bit savvy wants to have a muck around with it and get it working again.  Or they want to take that washing machine drum out and turn it into a fire pit in their back yard

LILY: We have one of those.

BONNIE: Do you?

LILY: Yeah

BONNIE: That’s cool.

LILY: Yeah Yeah

BONNIE: So there is lots of options but it may not be something that you can sell, and a local charity doesn’t want it, so what do you with it?

LILY: Mmmm that is the question?

BONNIE: Well you list it for free on whatever your second hand selling site is, Facebook market place, gumtree, craigslist, whatever and you just say free pick up

LILY: And those people who love to refurbish or make projects out of stuff they will find it and they will pick it up.

BONNIE: And it is gone like so quickly

LILY: Yeah

BONNIE: Usually

LILY: And then like worse worse worse case scenario you just need to take it to the tip.

BONNIE: Or to a metal recycler if it is a bunch of metal that you could get recycled

LILY: Like steel you can get money back on that.  So you know it is worthwhile knowing what your local place has available, so we can declutter, we can sell our stuff and make some good money back.  Worse case scenario if we don’t sell it we can off course donate it and give it new life with somebody else.  So on the note of decluttering if you are kind of not sure how to start this process, you are wanting to make some money on the extra stuff around your house but you don’t know how to begin, we go have an organising cheat sheet on our website.  So head to littlehomeorganise.com.au/organisingcheatsheet.  Get started, go from start to finish in decluttering maybe just start with something non sentimental or an easy to tackle space and then maybe you can grab some of those items and you can list them up for sale.

BONNIE: And that will take us onto today’s tidy task, which is all about how to list your items.  So what we would like you to do is choose those 3 items that you would like to sell to start with and follow the list that we have just talked about. We are going to post it in our show notes so that you can go back and refer to it but basically the 4 steps are:

  1. Market research – find the right priced for it.
  2. Take lots of good photos
  3. Write a great description
  4. And then have your transaction with a buyer


And that’s your tidy task for this week.

LILY: Thank you so much for tuning in, we are so glad you chose to have us in your ears.  That is it for this week’s episode.


LILY: See you later


We would love to see the conversation continue, head over to the Little Home Organised Community group on Facebook, ask questions, find motivation and share your before and afters, and if you enjoyed the show please help us going by hitting subscribe on Apple Podcast, Spotify or where ever you listen.  It is free and ensures you do not miss and episode but if you really want to share the love leave us a rating and review.  Trust me it makes all the difference in the world.




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