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Wardrobe Woes


This episode covers the causes of wardrobe clutter and some simple solutions to make getting dressed easier. Bonnie and Lily chat about maternity clothes, what to do with that pair of jeans you’re dying to get back into, and Bonnie has a little wardrobe confession of her own… If you’ve got a cupboard full of clothing but have nothing to wear, you won’t want to miss this episode!




BONNIE: Hello and welcome, this week’s episode we are going to be talking about the wardrobe.  What are the causes of clutter in your wardrobe and what are some solutions to overcome the clutter? Now Lily what’s your wardrobe look like these days?

LILY: I am actually pretty happy with my wardrobe, I think obviously I will always have that dream wardrobe that you want where everything has a place and it is absolutely beautiful and perfect but I have got some pretty good systems in there at the moment. I have a lot of clothes hanging because I prefer to hang as many clothes as I can. I have also got the storage hanging cubes in there to have some of my folded clothing and then we are a little bit tight on space. So my husband has, we have like a buffet unit in our bedroom and he has like stuffed a bunch of his clothes in there and the rest of his clothes kind of go in the draws under the bed.  So my stuff does dominate the wardrobe space so I guess I am pretty happy with it.  Maybe the question is about how he feels about his wardrobe?

BONNIE But that’s like I think how it goes in a lot of peoples houses. There is one person who dominates the wardrobe more than the other and I remember someone’s house I help to declutter a few months ago and it was a huge walk in robe, like I am talking 6 metres of hanging space.

LILY: The dream.

BONNIE:  The dream and he the partner did not get any wardrobe space and I helped her declutter a bit to make a little bit of space for him and we gave him this one little section and you should have seen his face when he came home, he was like “I get my own hanging space, oh thank you” and I just thought oh you poor bloke, that’s a bit unfair.

LILY: But it is funny how we like to have our things a certain way and I think it comes down to who cares more.  I think it really means a lot to me that my stuff is in a certain way that I can access and for him no necessarily as much, and so he is willing to be like that’s important to you I don’t necessarily care. At least that is what I have told myself.

BONNIE: What ever helps you sleep at night, that’s fine.

LILY: What about you?

BONNIE: So I actually have a confession to make during this week’s episode and I will get into that a little bit later but I designed our wardrobe and at the time when I designed it we didn’t have a lot of cash to put towards it so the solution that we ended up putting in I am not super happy with but I have made it work for me.  So I am very much a minimalist and so I have kind of risen to the challenge of having a smaller wardrobe space to work with and have started over the last few years doing a really big cull and repeatedly culling. So now that I have obviously stopped having kids I don’t have to keep the pregnancy clothes and things like that and that’s really what I wanted to get into and talk about today. What are some of the causes of clutter in our wardrobes? And for me over the last 6 years that has been the biggest cause of clutter in the maternity clothes and also the not knowing are we having another child?  Are we not having another child? So were do I store those clothes and what do I do with them when I am finished having babies?

LILY: It is hard to make a decision about what to do with those clothes when you haven’t necessarily made a decision about what you are doing as like a family, is this family going to continue to grow? So that is  going to be one of our clutter points I think that we will talk about today and we are also going to of course talk about some solutions, what can we do to alleviate those wardrobe woes because we all have them.  So I can certainly attest to the to and fro of maternity clothes I have just had a baby, he is 4 months old and when I finished with the maternity clothes I realised some good quality stuff in here I am just not going to declutter it and donate it or chuck it, but some of it was also cheap rubbish so that stuff is going to go. But then I realised this doesn’t live in my wardrobe anymore, this is taking up good space so I was pulling everything out and it was this question of where is everything going to go now? Then I decided I would just put it in vacuum sealed bags and put it down into our storage room of doom.

BONNIE: The room of doom, I love it.  How do you find those vacuum sealed bags?

LILY: It is hard isn’t it, because  I remember the infomercials and you just I don’t know if I am just buying poor quality ones but I really find it is hit and miss with the vacuum sealed bags as far as them actually sucking everything in. But I do find they are good space saver.  As I did say, I have this storage room and I do put a lot of my vacuum sealed stuff down in their so I don’t have to actually look at it my cupboard because I don’t necessarily find it very pretty, but it is super practical the amount of bags I have filled with children’s hand me down clothes in them, the amount of space that would really take up I do like the vacuum sealed bags.

BONNIE:  Yeah that’s true.  I think they have a place depending on what your situation at home, so people ask me all the time should I just buy some vacuum sealed bags and my first step for anybody is always to declutter, so get rid of what you don’t actually need, use, or love and if have a space storage issue those vacuum sealed bags are great for putting as you said the hand me down clothes and I know that I am contributing to your clutter with your hand me down clothes

LILY: You heard it here first folks

BONNIE: Sorry about that.

LILY: But its great because you are passing on things are still in great quality good nick but I am not going to need them for a year to two.

BONNIE: I know I am handing you some girls stuff as well and you have a boy so you’re keeping some girls stuff for that

LILY: Just in case.

BONNIE What if you only have boys?

LILY: I know, I do think about that.

BONNIE:  This is the question, like what if we don’t have another child, what if we only have boys or all of these questions and that’s were we end up really cluttered because we have these kind of delayed decisions or these transitions in life that we haven’t gotten to yet, its like we don’t know the future so how am I going to know if I actually need that down the track?

LILY: Its not just pregnancy that affects your body, weight gain, weight loss does as well. There are many reasons why we gain and lose weight and maybe you’re on a certain medication or you are maybe on a health kick so you end up having over time this more and more different sized clothing in your cupboard but then it stays in there because again of that mentality of just in case or once I have lost that weight I am going to fit back into those.

BONNIE: You know I find it really interesting people are really quick to get rid of the fat clothes once you have had a health kick and you have lost weight. People really love that feeling of, “Yes that’s huge for me. Now I can get rid of that”. And then in the reverse there was someone a few years ago who actually wanted to keep all of their clothing that was two sizes too large just in case, and I thought that’s really interesting because it is almost like your perpetuating the idea that I am going to go back to that size. This health kick or this new diet or lifestyle is not going to stay and I just think one of the biggest causes of clutter in our wardrobe is holding those clothes in the prime real estate.

LILY: And I would say like to give perspective of thinking of the psychology behind that decision you are making on that one. If you are on a weight loss journey and you are keeping clothes in your cupboard that are bigger in case you put on weight, unless it is a thing where, you have got like a thyroid condition and your weight does fluctuate and it is really hard to manage… If you’re on like a specific weight loss journey where you intend to lose weight and stay a lower weight for whatever reason, this doesn’t have to be because of how you look or anything like that, keeping the clothes that a larger are providing mental room in your space for not achieving that goal.

BONNIE: That’s very true

LILY: When you make a goal, you want to achieve that goal

BONNIE: You want to commit to it 100%

LILY: Yeah and it is almost giving you that fallback but it can also give you that it is all right I will try again next time.  Of course you should always try again if that is something you really want to do but I would say my advice would be if you can let go of that clothing that’s a bit bigger.

BONNIE:  It’s a back up strategy, and I see this a lot where people will keep a back up of something, because what if something happens to the first one and this is a great tip.  In our society today too often think what if that goes and I have got nothing else to use, and I will use bedsheets as an example.  So in our house, my husband and I have only got one set of bed sheets

LILY: That is crazy

BONNIE: It is controversial I know.

LILY: That is controversial Bonnie.

BONNIE: I know it is controversial.

LILY: I am guessing you wash your sheets a lot.

BONNIE: Well we wash them weekly and we just wash them and put them back on the bed in the same day, and if it happens to be one of those wet rainy days we use the dryer but we have got these lovely bamboo sheets that we invested quite a bit of money into and they are nice and soft and when there has been times where for whatever reason we haven’t been able to get them fully clean and back on the bed by that night like maybe we are just too tired to bother, so lets be honest I can be lazy at times and I am fine with that.  There are times like well we haven’t made the bed what are we going to do? And so we will just grab the doona and we will sleep under the doona and that mattress protector or something.

LILY: That is wild.

BONNIE:  Not on the mattress.

LILY: You know what would solve that Bonnie? A second set of sheets.

BONNIE: No because it is actually the laziness factor that is the cause of not making the bed usually

LILY: Not because they are on the line or whatever?

BONNIE: Not because the sheets aren’t dry I tell a lie I haven’t actually sleep on the mattress protector we always get a doona or

LILY: Something between you


LILY: There is something about a bed where I cringe at the idea of lying under a doona that doesn’t have like a cover on it and then lying with my back on the actual mattress itself.  Like to me that just feels yuck.

BONNIE:  Yeah, no that’s not something I could do. I mean like the doona is in the cover.  We don’t usually do doona cover washes

LILY: Is this a confession that you don’t wash your doona cover

BONNIE: Not every week, do you wash yours ever week?

LILY: Pretty well yeah

BONNIE: Really do you use a top sheet?

LILY: Yeah

BONNIE: Yeah okay that’s interesting

LILY: See I drool in my sleep so maybe that’s why

BONNIE:  I think that’s probably why

LILY: Hey I have to wear a splint, it’s not glamorous

BONNIE: Do you snore as well? Lets get is all out?

LILY: No, that’s my husband’s trick, he is a snorer and my teeth just go grrr grrr all night

BONNIE: You do grind your teeth a lot don’t you?


BONNIE: Anyway we are totally digressing

LILY: We are.

BONNIE:  Let’s go back.

LILY: But the whole point is that a big cause of clutter in wardrobe is the fluctuating, you’re fluctuating in your weight, or pregnant or what have you and you end up just keeping extra things in there but also just having too much stuff. So maybe you’re a person who loves t-shirts and instead of having a few essential t-shirts that you love to wear, you somehow have ended up with a collection of 20, 30, 40, 50+ t-shirts, that excess is obviously going to take up room in your wardrobe and it is going to be cluttered.

BONNIE: That’s right and another cause for clutter in the wardrobes is all about storage and hangers in particular so if you have got multiple types of hangers that actually makes it difficult to store your clothes really nice and neatly.  When you have got one type of hanger for all of your tops you can actually look out over the sea of hangers and all of the shoulders are at the same height and it is a lot easier for you to actually see your clothes and I have to admit my favourite type of hanger is probably the velvet flocked because they are nice and thin

LILY: Are they like the ones from Kmart?

BONNIE: You can get them from multiple places now.

LILY: I think that’s the ones that I have got now and it stops the shoulders slipping off


LILY: But they are still thinner than the wooden hanger

BONNIE: So I like the wooden hangers for your thicker things like your winter coats and your blazers and things like that, they really help keep the shape but for your t-shirts and like especially your strappy items the velvet flocked are plastic so making sure you only have 1-2 types of hangers is really important and also if you have pants or skirts that you are hanging up make sure you have actually got pants hangers to hang them.  It is amazing how many people don’t invest in proper hangers for their pants.

LILY: I am one of those people, I would just hang them over a normal hanger

BONNIE: And that’s okay if that’s what you want to choose to do but I think the point I am trying to make is you need to be intentional about it, it is not I don’t really know, or cant be bothered, or I don’t have time.  It has got to be I have decided to do it this way and I am going to make it work

LILY: So the other thing that I think majorly contributes to the causing of clutter in our wardrobe is lets be real, you’re a shopaholic and you really love a good sale and we are all guilty of this. I have certainly gone into shops and looked at something purely because there is a big sign above it that says 40% off and it may not have been something I even needed.  When we buy things like that we are often spending money that we didn’t need to spend and then it is just filling up space in our wardrobe and I have bought things on sale as like the lesser version of the thing I actually want, to explain that better, say I want a really nice crisp white long sleeve top,

BONNIE: A good quality top

LILY: Yes and I will be walking passed a cheaper shop and they will have a sale on and it is a white long sleeve top and I know the quality of that within a few washes is going to warp and it is not going to fit my body how a different top of higher quality would I will still buy that top

BONNIE: We get sucked in don’t we?

LILY: Yes because it is cheaper and then like I end up wearing it a few times and not even really loving it knowing that surely there is something better out there to fit them and then you know donating it, chucking it, or it becomes clutter in my wardrobe

BONNIE: I did that only just this week.  I had to buy some long sleeved tops for Miss 4 and we went and we couldn’t find  in the usual places and finally found a couple and she found this one and it was white and made with glitter or something like that and she loved it because it had rainbow colours all over it and I knew I was really hesitant to buy it because I looked at it and it was that really thin sort of material that is not really all one colour and I just thought oh I really felt that gut feeling of no you shouldn’t buy it and you know what I did buy it and then the next day I picked her up from kindy and her teacher’s like she has a hole in her shirt and she has been poking her finger through it all day.  So now it’s a huge hole and I brought the shirt and there were all these other little holes that had started to form too and I just thought yeah you’re silly why did you buy that shirt?

LILY: And then we spend this money, it becomes clutter in our wardrobe and we then thing I have just paid for that I can’t now throw it or donate it, that’s a waste of money and so then the cycle is perpetuating in your wardrobe is just filling with stuff

BONNIE: Yes I think if you look in terms of the brain side of things in what’s going in your brains we do have this huge dump of endorphins when we buy something new or when we are about to go shopping our brain gets really excited about what we are about to do and what we are about to purchase.  So we go and we buy something and then we come down the other side of that hill and we get this buyers remorse and thing oh why did I spend that money I probably shouldn’t have spent that money, I feel really bad about spending that money, how do I make myself feel better again.  Oh I will just have a look at the sales.

LILY: And the cycle continues.  Now one of the solutions that I have sort of implement, as I mentioned I have a storage room of doom with too much of my stuff that overflows.  Originally the excess was down in vacuum sealed bags and sports bags downstairs in this room, and then as the seasons changed now I have actually done a cull and things fit, except for ski gear because obviously I don’t wear that stuff everyday.  That’s one of the things that people do is we end up with too much stuff and so we start finding other places to store it, like I said I have got it in this buffet unit, it is under our bed and in the wardrobe and if you have got other closets in your house suddenly you are putting your clothes in other closets and it is spreading and spreading and spreading and that is definitely a major wardrobe woe.

BONNIE: So you are saying basically you need to contain it to one space, to one wardrobe.

LILY: Yeah like a zone, so you just keep everything in that one spot and then if things start to fill out beyond that, that’s time to do a cull

BONNIE: That’s a great tip because when we allow our boundaries to be relaxed and to start putting things into other wardrobes then there is no limit, or we just keep buying because we just keep using other peoples spaces, and so if you are someone who is using other peoples wardrobes to store your clothes, maybe its time to bring it back to your wardrobe.

LILY: What are you doing with your face?

BONNIE: I know, I am just really really not wanting to say this next bit …… So I have a clutter confession relating to the wardrobe and I mentioned before that I don’t love the design of our wardrobe in our house

LILY: There’s the disclaimer, or right go on

BONNIE: There’s the disclaimer, there is always a justification. So my kids they have each got a room of their own and I designed their wardrobes maybe two years after I had done mine because we have renovated our house in stages and so I really like their wardrobes, they have got a long hanging section and then a double hanging section so even though they are small they can reach everything at their height which is awesome but because they don’t actually need all the hanging space that they had got because they are only 5, 4 and 2 and my husband and I have got these relatively small walk in robe spaces I have kind of commandeered a couple of spaces in my boys bedrooms so not just one but two

LILY: Confessions of a professional organisers

BONNIE: So I have in my 5 year olds bedroom, in his long hanging are all our leather jackets and our rain jackets.

LILY: Oh okay

BONNIE: And because we travelled to Europe and we spent a lot of money on these beautiful leather jackets  some which fit and some which do not anymore, that’s where those live and I air them out every couple of months and we wear them during the winter but obviously being in Brisbane we don’t need them all year round

LILY: That’s it you just highlighted a few things.  1: it is not a year round item for you, so it is kind of like you can justify putting it in there because you still want to keep it for the occasion you do need it.  2: it is sentimental, it is from a time you were overseas. 3: you spent big coin on it, and they are like some of the reasons that it is really hard to like let go of stuff.

BONNIE: Does that mean I can keep them

LILY: I am going to go with yes, but I think it is still working for you so it is about what works for you for sure, but on the note of clutter confessions I think we should go ahead and listen to this weeks clutter confession.


Anonymous caller:  Bonnie and Lil I have a bit of a clutter confession, um I keep my own children’s umbilical cords which I thought all mums did but I guess they don’t, um so they just kept in little sterilised urine containers in my cupboard and I can’t bring myself to get rid of them.  Actually I also have a little box that has a bunch of other stuff in it and lets me go through it, it has locks of my children’s hair, it has some blood stained steri strips from my sons operation when he was 4 weeks old. It has a bunch of other hospital things from when my kids were babies so I guess that makes me a little strange and that is my clutter confession.


LILY: Weird wacky and wonderful yes, yes it was

BONNIE: I love that. You know heaps of people have kept things from hospital stays and I actually think what I kept from my children from their hospital stays was, it is going to sound so funny um my daughter had a sleep study and it came with this big sleep mask that you had to put over the top of all of the leads and stuff and it may her look like something out of an apocalyptic movie, it was a bit scary looking but it was really cool and the kids loved to dress up in it, so we kept that.

LILY: Okay I have kept, I think I have kept his little wrist band

BONNIE: From hospital when he was born?

LILY: Yeah

BONNIE: Yeah I have those too.  And you know I found the other day in my memory box my hospital tag from when I was a baby.

LILY: I think we certainly as people like to hold onto those special memories around children when they are born and enter the world because it is such a beautiful time.

BONNIE: And you go through so much pain to bring them out

LILY: That is true too.  So to send us your Clutter Confessions search Little Home Organise podcast on Facebook.  There are instructions on how to send an audio message on the page and don’t worry we keep it anonymous.  So we have talked about the reasons why our wardrobe tends to get cluttered Bon, what are some of the solutions that we can put in place to help us alleviate our wardrobe woes?

BONNIE: So the most important thing is that you only keep your current size clothing in your current wardrobe and in your primary real estate.  So if you have got a really large walk-in-robe and you have got a couple of sections at the back of the robe where you can store some off season or out of size clothing, great do that, but if you don’t maybe use a space saver bag or a spare duffel or something like that, that goes in the top of a cupboard somewhere or under your bed and make sure that the stuff that you have got easy access to is the stuff that you actually fit into, because there is nothing worse than looking through all your clothes for something to wear today and seeing that pair of jeans that are two sizes too small and thinking aww I haven’t don’t that yet, oh I feel bad about myself.

LILY: I have a pair of little shorts in my wardrobe that I refuse to get rid of, I love them, they cost a decent amount of money and they are these little bike shorts for working out and it was at a time when I was really fit but even when arrived, when I had ordered them I was so cheap they didn’t fit properly when I was even like really fit and strong at the time and I should have sent them back and gotten a size that actually fit me comfortably but I was so ambitious that I was going to become this lean, mean fitting machine that I refused to do that and of course spend the money on the postage to return them back, and so I have now got these pair of shorts in my cupboard that probably will never fit and I get it, I just cannot let them go.

BONNIE: So maybe that’s your homework for this week, your tidy tasks it so rethink your bike short.

LILY:  Oh they have never being worn, they are so nice.

BONNIE: I know it is really sad and you know what I say to people, is what is the point, what is the purpose of that piece of clothing.  Is it to sit in a draw or is it to be worn? And if it is not being worn by you can it be worn by someone else?

LILY: Yes and when I think about it like that, the idea of someone else getting joy out of it does help me feel like it is something I could let go of.  I am not making any commitments today

BONNIE: No that’s fine.  I am not forcing you to get rid of anything you are not ready to get rid of but I definitely know after my clutter confession of using my boys wardrobes to store some of our extra stuff I have actually thought yeah I am going to have another pass over the stuff that is in those wardrobes and see if I can cull it down even further because I think when you give yourself a challenge like that you often rise to the occasion a lot better than you think you will.

LILY: And the pass over is a great strategy that anyone can implement to remove excess from their wardrobe so the idea is that you kind of do, like in stages.

BONNIE: Yes, yes so it is a bit like the whole onion analogy from Shrek, “Ogre’s are like, like onion layer…”

LILY: Oh no please do go on

BONNIE: I got that wrong, “Ogres are like onions, they have layers.” I know my accent was amazing, sorry about that… So when you are decluttering your wardrobe, you do a first pass, so it doesn’t matter where everything is, if it is all in a bit of shemozzle just do a keep, go, keep, go first pass over everything and then once you have removed all of the stuff that’s to go, then you pull everything out and you actually categorize it and you put all your gym stuff together and you put all your work stuff together and then you do a second pass, because it is only when you have 10 pairs of black work pants in one spot that you can realise oh I don’t actually need 10 pairs of black work pants, I can cut it down.

LILY: Mmmm.

BONNIE: Then the last thing that you do, is once you have organised your wardrobe and put everything back is you do this great little trick with your hangers where you turn them around the wrong way.

LILY: I love this because it is in your face then, you cannot deny what you do and do not wear because we all feel like we wear things more than we actually do

BONNIE: Yes and the amount of people that have justified, I wear that all the time and I think you must look like the guy from ‘Cool Runnings’ with all of his clothes on at one time if you wear all of these things all of the time, but what the reverse hangers thing does is after that season is ended, so maybe 3-6 months later you look back over that section whether it is winter, summer, autumn whatever and you go I didn’t wear that, oh I didn’t wear that, I thought oh I didn’t wear that because those hangers are still turned around the wrong way, whereas the ones that you have worn you have put them back in the correct way.

LILY: Yep and then there is no denying it.  The other thing I would say is with our wardrobes becoming cluttered the first thing you can do to stop the cycle continuing is stopping before you shop.  So stop before you shop.  When you are out and about or you are sitting online at night and you are scrolling through Amazon or Ebay or TradeMe, what are you getting sucked into buying that you don’t actually need, what sales are drawing you in?  On smart marketing thing that websites do, and you may have noticed this and not really known how they have managed to do it, sometimes you will start investigating something on a website and they will actually send you an add to your email that says hey we missed you come back, we want to give you 10% off now if  you come back and finish your order, or it will come up with a pop up when you are on the website and these adds are targeted specifically to get into that mentality that people love a bargain, they love a sale and they don’t want to miss out, so if you can stop the shopping for things that you don’t need, that is also going to stop contributing to the problem of your wardrobe being cluttered.

BONNIE: So along that line I have got a couple of questions that I use with my clients to help them stop and think before they shop.  Okay we call it the stop before you shop questions.  So there are six of them. The first one is what problem does this solve? The second one is do I already have something like it? Am I buying something I genuinely need? Is it good quality?  Where will it live? And can I wait a week and see if I still need it? Because I think we get really sucked into that impulse buy and if we actually just stop, take sometime out, go do something else and revisit it a little bit later, we will actually be ably to make a more informed and logical decision about whether we need to purchase it?

LILY: Yeah make the choice without the emotion behind it and definitely I think the bit thing there is where will this item live? Because everything you bring into your life and into your home has to go somewhere.

BONNIE: And you don’t want it live in a plastic bag on the floor with the receipt in the bag for weeks and months until you actually work out a place for it to go.  It needs to be able to slot straight in otherwise you will never use it.

LILY: Yeah otherwise that system just simply isn’t working for you.  Now I feel like I need to do a little spiel here about bras, because our mother is, she has just retired, she is a lingerie consultant for many many years and one of the things she taught us about storing bras is the correct way to store them and I think that is one thing that I have encountered when I have been in other places and other homes is the different ways that we store bras but there is actually only one proper way to store a bra and that is not folding the cups into each side.  You need to have them laid out like you are looking at them like it was on someone’s body and you need to have the cups, what you can do is like stack them bra in front of bra, bra in front of bra, in front of bra, in front of bra

BONNIE: Nested we call it.

LILY: So the cups nest on top of each other and potentially at the back you could put like, sometimes I put one sock for each cup, you don’t even need to do that, but folding your bras inside the pads on each side is a big big no no for the longevity for the life of your bra.

BONNIE: So just to summarise for today’s episode.  There are a couple of reasons why our wardrobes get cluttered.  It might be that you have got too many clothes, you have had some size changes due to pregnancy or medication or perhaps you like to shop and you love a good bargain or maybe you have got poor storage, wrong hangers, too many different types of hangers, things like that and then we talked about some solutions, so solutions like keeping only your current size and season in your prime real estate.  So moving the other things out.  Also categorising them by functions, so making sure that gym clothes all live together, work clothes live together, casual around the house, I wouldn’t be seen dead in these clothes live together, and then making sure that you actually stop before you shop and ask yourself those 6 questions so that you make sure that the stuff that you are bringing into your home you really need and you are really going to use.

LILY: Absolutely and the big question to ask yourself, when you buy something is where will it live?


LILY: So we have talked about a lot about our wardrobe today and I know some of you will be keen to get into your wardrobes at home and so this week’s tidy task is all about your wardrobe.

BONNIE: So what I would like you do this week is just pick one draw in your wardrobe, we want the tidy tasks to be small and manageable.  So pick a draw, follow the steps that we have outlined and if you are still a little bit uncertain please go and download our organising cheat sheet.  This will give you five steps to declutter and organise any space in your home.  Go to littlehomeorganised.com.au/organisingcheatsheet to claim your copy.

LILY: And if you want to share you fabulous after or you need further inspiration feel free to join our Facebook group as well Little Home Organised Community.

BONNIE: That’s it for this week’s episode. Thank you so much for tuning in, we know life can be busy and we really appreciate you taking the time to lend us your ears and remember progress not perfection.

LILY: See you later


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