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What you need know in Wardrobe Woes

Sometimes, a problematic area in the home is not the problem itself – it is indicative of a wider issue. Take the laundry for example. If it’s causing you a headache, it may actually be a sign that you have wardrobe woes. see if any of these scenarios sound familiar:

  • Your dirty clothes pile continues to expand. What once fit within the laundry hamper, now spills out onto the floor. You know it’ll take a solid day (or week!) of washing to reduce it. 
  • When you do try and put clean clothes away there simply isn’t enough space. It’s easier to leave them out to wear next time than fish through your overflowing drawers. 
  • Every time you walk into the shops, you buy another pair of black pants. You’re sure you own a few pairs already but you can just never seem to find them.

For a Professional Organiser, these are solid clues that a bit of wardrobe decluttering and organising is needed!

But isn’t this just a laundry issue?

It is, and it isn’t. Strategies to keep on top of the laundry will certainly help (read more here). But without fixing the root cause, then there’ll still be battles. 

Take the first scenario for instance. If the number of clothes you own has got out of hand, you can go for weeks without washing and still have something to wear. Until you literally run out of clothes, that is. By then, it’s a mammoth task. Reduce the number of clothes, and you’ll be able to maintain a healthy washing schedule. 

Here are some wardrobe hints:

Before you start, envisage how you want your wardrobe to look and how you want to feel in your clothes. Keep coming back to this vision and it will help you in the decision-making process. reading the article about layer of clutter can provide you with the inspiration and motivation you need to get started.

KEEP what you love, use, and need

Remember the 80/20 Rule? It says you wear 20% of your clothing 80% of the time. Ask yourself more than just“does this spark joy?” Do you wear it? Does it have a purpose? Can you mend it? Can you live without it?

DONATE what doesn’t fit, flatter, or feel good

Clearing out your closet can be emotionally challenging. Clothes may bring up memories of a time when you felt thinner, prettier, or more stylish. Perhaps they trigger hopes for the future in terms of working again, travelling, or losing weight. Ultimately, if these are discouraging reminders of where you’re at, then you should consider letting go of these items. 

This also goes for expensive items that you don’t wear! Don’t simply keep them around because you paid a lot. There’s no benefit in being reminded of an expensive mistake. List it on Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree, or consider it a generous donation.

Create a MAYBE pile

Sometimes we are unsure whether to keep or donate an item. Creating a “Maybe” pile allows you to revisit these items at the end. Ask yourself:

  • Would I buy this again if I saw it today?
  • Have I worn it in the last 6-12 months?
  • Will I wear it in the next 6-12 months?
  • Why am I keeping it?
  • Do I have something better that does the same job?
  • Does it hold fond memories? If so, can it become more of a positive art-piece or feature? Alternatively, can you display a framed photo wearing the item? 

BIN what’s stretched, stained, and beyond repair

We’re advocates of giving items a second life, but sometimes, items simply need to be binned. If they are stretched, stained, and can’t be used for rags, then it’s time to thank them for their service and say goodbye. 

MAINTAIN your pretty new space

The bedroom is a place for rest and relaxation. This flows through to your wardrobe which should be a positive space. Whilst the hard slog may be over, this area still requires maintenance! A great trick is to turn your coat hanger around when you rehang your clothes. The next time you wear an item, turn the hanger back around. After 6 months, you’ll be able to easily see which items weren’t worn by the direction of the hanger. 

We hope that these tips not only help your wardrobe woes, but enable you to better manage the higher-level laundry issue. If you’d like a hand through this process, give us a call today.

Say hello to more space in your wardrobe and goodbye to “Mt Washmore” (credit: flylady). 




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